Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra Cover by Naotoshi Maeda

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Naotoshi Maeda : Thanks for spending your time with my video. I really appreciate all of you who watch my video even for just a bit. I'm not famous on YouTube and my video doesn't get noticed as always, so I'm happy to get a bit opportunity to be noticed here. If you think it's worth to share this video with somebody, please don't hesitate to do it and I will be smile on that. If you think this video is boring, I have to say I'm sorry for wasting your time, but please keep in mind I appreciate you gave me a chance that you spend your time to watch my video. Have a good day and god bless you all.

Keith Payne : Had to watch it again, what a difference. Keep it up!

TheRareOne : Well done sir.

macky@piano♪♪(まっきぃ) : めっちゃ素晴らしい‼声の操り方がホント巧み華やかで、ステージ見てる気分です😆。Bravo!!でした。

Nellie K. Adaba : Classic

Clentonium Cir *clentonium is random* : Came here from that comment on that video

Keith Payne : Heh, Kiddo............starting to loosen up a bit.....great, seems like you are thinking about what you are singing! Study more hand movements, move your head more...getting there! KP

Rajeev Chaudhary : Done, if you knwo what I mean

MR. TEXTY : I love it great video man!

ellieishappy : this is really awesome !

axavia : Bravo sir, Bravo!

Desiree White : I will watch it over and over again

Desiree White : Good work I love it👍🏾👍🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️

SkyWolf : I has some potential but it's just really inconsistent

k11014 : 島崎俊郎のやうな容貌から想像も出来ない美声!

茶岩石Allergy Boys : うまい! リズムも音程も雰囲気も! 前田君。

前田勝巳 : いつもうまいな、映像の雰囲気いいぞ。ヘアスタイルもこのスタイルであっている。