South Park - here comes the neighborhood ending

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Saku Satola : This epidode was nothing but a 20 minute build up to a single joke. Easily worth the watch tho😂😂

NiqueTheSneak1 : OMGGGG!! I don't normally watch South Park, but I watched this episode tonight and this ending had me crying laughing for like 2 minutes!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 They avoided the racist stuff the entire episode and then ended it like this!! I must say, genius! Haha!

jake ashton : brilliant ending to a brilliant episode

john doe : In the commentary of this episode, Matt & Trey wanted to make this episode a two parter. The 2nd part would start off saying, "gers."

12onomicprotv1 : im black and i loved south park 100% this was 2 funny lol

NoTrespassingCRO : "Lower case t? Time to leave?"- Kobe Bryant :D

Ottis Cool : Best South Park's ending ever

Carlos Chiwowski : My favorite episode (I'm black - just saying) and i especially loved the many jokes this episode had, and this/the ending... stil laughing my ass off! XP

Henry Hammond : My mother always disliked South Park. She just happened to be in the room as I was watching this episode and halfway through she very begrudgingly muttered, "This is really funny..."

Diego Gätjens : Voting for Trump went out really bad after all, but at least we got rid of that damned Obama!

YODA : "Well yeah but at least I got rid of all those damn ni... (South Park Theme)"

Wizardducklett : -gers.

Craig Tucker : Did Garrison almost say the n word

Tony P : personally my favorite south park moment ever probably

LaughinGhost : 3 years later, he still holds his beliefs.

Guy Incognito : Trollt euch endlich

SunnyZ : This town is hainted!

Luke . : If it wasn't for that annoying-ass lion (I get that it was the point, but still), this would probably be in my top three favourite episodes.

Blu3 5Aph1r3 : The ending of this episode had be shook af, brilliant show

FavoriteMusicHQ 2015 : south park producers are geniuses

HasselHoffman1234 : 0:24 you’re welcome

ИВАН пахомов : чернож...

SafariMaceram : This was so funny

Fuckoff : Freakin richers

mcaddicts : He got arid of all those damn naggers.

Taylor : Lol one of the most fucked up episodes ever!🤣

Jake S : Cash chucker

Hi People : What episode was this

xsolent : Gotta do this to Cali's invading the rest of our states.

Pat Gogan : Lmao classic

Tor Guy : Lolzzzz

Cʟօառ PʀᎥռƈɛ Ꭷʄ CʀᎥʍɛ : Wat episode is this

Nico Basualdo : whats the name of this cap?

Conor Mcnagger : why is racism funny? because everyone's a little bit racist.

I am not Dale Gribble : GGGGEEEEEEERRRRRRSSSSSSS was what was supposed to be said at the end credits.

Jimmy Catalina : Damn naggers!

Rozzy Rozz : The ending to this episode is highly offensive to white liberals. 

Bat Boy : ahahaha, Oh Mr.Garrison..., you little racist :P