Marc Summers on the Tonight Show with Burt Reynolds

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Marc Summers on the Tonight Show with Burt Reynolds. Episode 3.186 October 17, 1994

Comments from Youtube

David Philips : hahaah Reynolds was going for a K.O. with that pie. TV Gold.

Andrew Stalnaker : Lmao Burt said" that's the kind of guy I am, I was telling that to your wife the other night 😂😂😂"

きばし板 : Burt really slammed that pie into Marc's soul.

Josh Hamester : RIP this vid will go hands down as my ultimate Burt Reynolds clip.

myscorpions : Marc Summers= Marc Berkowitz just another tribe-member trying to hide his true colors

Thad Leach : The only surprise is that Burt kept his hairpiece in place.

Rieksfier : Lol...How many people can say they've been in a pie fight with Turd Ferguson

B Ready : That escalated quickly...

Mister Sarajevo : Marc finally getting his revenge with the water was hysterical... lol

Michael Williams : I thought this interview went well.

Holy Moses : The audience had to miss out on Carrot Top. What a tragedy. 

Joe Maggi : Looks like Burt wants to take the physical challenge.

Joe O'Rourke : RIP, Turd Ferguson.

Jay Pee : "Don't touch me." DAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!

toscodav : TV gold if you ask me LOL Never boring with Burt.

MrSTAYUP33 : marc summer gotta be the dorkiest dude of all time

Mikeman199988 : RIP Burt Reynolds

Carlos Perez : So long Burt. From The Longest Yard, The Cannonball films and Boogie Nights. We thank you. RIP

The ATTIC DWELLERS : Marc didn't know when to quit. RIP Burt. Tell Dom we said hello.

Nick Narley : Marc hasn't been on the tonight show since

dngl21 : Folks, this is what's called great television.

Kyle Wirth : He's lucky Reynolds didnt clock him into next week....which he got him right in the pie hole anyway...dont mess with Deliverance...

Eraser Fred : When burt 95mph's the pie into Marc's face 😂😂😂

hatter2mad : Burt play no games... rest high burt...

Coreen Kendrick : R.I.P. Burt Reynolds - you are missed!

sküll düggery : burt's got the best laugh ever.

wheelmanstan : Burt had just gotten divorced, Jay made a nasty joke about it the night before and that night Burt had cut Jay's tie. Jay was smashing Burt with a barrage of jokes/insults about his divorce and magazine spread that Burt took maybe a bit too personal...but most men would. So Marc sat down in between two guys that weren't getting along too well to begin with and brought up Burt's failed marriage while tapping him on the shoulder. Now what the hell did you expect would happen? Some guys will laugh it off, but most will get pretty angry about that stuff and throw more than water and pies.

The Triumph of the Thrill : Fun scripted stuff. Gotta love the '90s, you don't see that anymore nowadays.

Moises Sanchez : Damn burt hit him with authority, slow mo and rewind, hit him first with force, I could tell he wanted him bad, other guy hesitated.

FlagDUDE08 : You know you've made it in life when you're having a pie fight with Burt Reynolds.

tony mazzella : Staged? Burt seemed to ready with that first cup of water,but then it seemed real when he blocked Summers.

John Mazza : Turd Ferguson.

DJMichaelAngelo : I just got finished reading Marc Summers' book on OCD and just HAD to look up this clip - thank goodness it's online!  Seeing this was so hilarious - what a crazy experience for Marc :o

MikeMJPMUNCH : Marc Summers looked like Two-Face after he got that pie to the face.

Acer Michael : RIP Mr Reynolds.. loved his style

EQOAnostalgia : I think we're seeing a little bit of bad behavior on both ends. Either way. R.I.P. Burt. Thanks for the childhood movies! Also Marc, Double Dare was my shit back in the day.

SubGrappling 805 : R.I.P. Burt Reynolds...this is such a fantastic and legendary clip.

saintquinn007 : It stopped at one point and dumb Marc kept on restarting it......Burt was a legend and old enough to be Marc's father, Marc should have shut his mouth at one point...It may have been fake because those shaving cream pies were ready so fast......

Myles Coyne : Marc handled it like a champ. To bad there wasn't any slim!

sex6cult9revolution : I don't see why so many comments are taking one guy's side or the other. Look, NO ONE is perfect and that really came out in this episode. But the fact that it culminated in a freaking pie fight on the Tonight Show is awesome. Perhaps a jacket or tie was ruined, but from this moment forth all of these guys and their audience had a story for life. RIP Burt Reynolds

Justin Time : Marc Berkowitz just got thrown some Evening Shade. ;-)

d. Walsh : RIP Burt. 9/6/18

Shawn Fox Firth : one of My childhood hero's . . .I miss Burt he was A Cool Cat . . .

GreenM&M_11 : 1:55 a split second where Marc lost his smile.... maybe was strongly thinking of going ballistic on Burt??? KEPT! IT! TOGETHER! like a boss

andrew jay : Was that staged !....because they had 2 cakes ready to go at end.what would a studio be doing with cakes.

Terrence Morrison : I had forgotten how much I like Jay Leno's closing theme song.

Visual Necromancy : Carrot what a shame to miss that.

Sideshow Bob : This pie’s for you Burt 😢

Valentino Miller : I never understood why some celebs stuck around to play second best while another guest was being interviewed. Talk about 3rd wheel.