Marc Summers on the Tonight Show with Burt Reynolds

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Marlon Davis : 😂 Burt basically punched him dead in the face with the pie

Mister Sarajevo : Marc finally getting his revenge with the water was hysterical... lol

きばし板 : Burt really slammed that pie into Marc's soul.

Andrew Stalnaker : Lmao Burt said" that's the kind of guy I am, I was telling that to your wife the other night 😂😂😂"

memberFU : Good ol' Burt bashed the shit out of him with that pie !! LMAO

MoonlitDevil_ Princess : Burt got offended, because Marc had his back turned toward Burt during the interview, but, Marc went a little too far when he responded by making fun of Burt Reynolds being divorced. That was just in very poor taste for Marc Summers to do. Marc Summers didn't have to kiss Burt Reynold's ass, but, to mention his divorce, just to get a laugh, and emberass Burt, that was low. Burt Reynolds was being a little over sensitive, and even being a little bit of a jerk about it, but, he is a real person, and making fun of something as serious as recent divorce, is not the way Marc Summers should have dealt with it. But, in the end, I think they both settled in a fun way. I'm glad they both had enough of a sense of humor about it to have the pie fight, and you could see, in the end, that neither one of them really wanted any hard feelings about it. (Also, I wish Burt had NAILED Leno with that pie cream, when he threw it at him. :) )

David Philips : hahaah Reynolds was going for a K.O. with that pie. TV Gold.

wheelmanstan : Burt had just gotten divorced, Jay made a nasty joke about it the night before and that night Burt had cut Jay's tie. Jay was smashing Burt with a barrage of jokes/insults about his divorce and magazine spread that Burt took maybe a bit too personal...but most men would. So Marc sat down in between two guys that weren't getting along too well to begin with and brought up Burt's failed marriage while tapping him on the shoulder. Now what the hell did you expect would happen? Some guys will laugh it off, but most will get pretty angry about that stuff and throw more than water and pies.

NOWM - The ATTIC DWELLERS : Marc didn't know when to quit. RIP Burt. Tell Dom we said hello.

Coreen Kendrick : R.I.P. Burt Reynolds - you are missed!

Josh Hamester : RIP this vid will go hands down as my ultimate Burt Reynolds clip.

toscodav : TV gold if you ask me LOL Never boring with Burt.

Joe O'Rourke : RIP, Turd Ferguson.

Rieksfier : Lol...How many people can say they've been in a pie fight with Turd Ferguson

Thad Leach : The only surprise is that Burt kept his hairpiece in place.

MrSTAYUP33 : marc summer gotta be the dorkiest dude of all time

Joe Maggi : Looks like Burt wants to take the physical challenge.

Holy Moses : The audience had to miss out on Carrot Top. What a tragedy. 

SolarEXtract : Wow, didn't realize Burt was such a bully.

Carlos Perez : So long Burt. From The Longest Yard, The Cannonball films and Boogie Nights. We thank you. RIP

B Ready : That escalated quickly...

FlagDUDE08 : You know you've made it in life when you're having a pie fight with Burt Reynolds.

Moises Sanchez : Damn burt hit him with authority, slow mo and rewind, hit him first with force, I could tell he wanted him bad, other guy hesitated.

Edward Terry : As a playful, youthful kid, I would've taken Mark Summers' side on this...But, as a grown-ass man, I gotta go with Burt Reynolds on this one. Let's face it...Marc Summers got owned, and even Marc Summers' knows it. ..You never make stupid jokes about a man's divorce. Marc Summers was trying to win the crowd over, and tryin' to save face. Meanwhile, Burt Reynolds was ready to actually knock that guy out if he needed to. Marc Summers' was "Double Daring" Burt to do something. And Burt gave him a " physical challenge" ( lmaoo....yeah...I went there. :0)

Kyle Wirth : He's lucky Reynolds didnt clock him into next week....which he got him right in the pie hole anyway...dont mess with Deliverance...

tidd bob : Burt is a Real it.

Michael Williams : I thought this interview went well.

sisophous : Surprised to see all the anti Burt Reynolds comments. This little snot nose Marc Summers making insulting comments while smiling would have set me off too. Burt Reynolds has no patience for jerks and is respectful when others show him the same respect.

JeremyFacelift : Burt was an alpha.

Classic80sStuff : That hack Marc Summers doing popular shows on Nickelodeon while Burt Reynolds was doing such masterpieces as Cop and a Half.   Seriously though Burt Reynolds is a major douche.

Evan Bowen : This makes me hate Burt Renalds. I know find comfort that I downloaded his movies illegally.

dennnis2781 : Marc was humiliated, glad he kept his cool and was being a good sport about it. I would've knocked out Reynolds cold.

patluvsvettes : A legend (Burt) vs an absolute nobody (Marc)!

sharkheadism : Marc started the problem with a cheap divorce joke at Burt's expense and didn't know when to quit. Summers kept acting like a child trying to get the last dig in. He comes across as someone with Asperger's more than OCD.

mikecantreed : I don't get why Marc summers made the comment about his divorce. That seemed wayyyyy out of line. Burt was being kind of a dick but that seemed uncalled for.

Jay Pee : "Don't touch me." DAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!

hatter2mad : Burt play no games... rest high burt...

Myles Coyne : Marc handled it like a champ. To bad there wasn't any slim!

Al Testic : Mark was such a jerk to Bert.. he should have knocked him out

sex6cult9revolution : I don't see why so many comments are taking one guy's side or the other. Look, NO ONE is perfect and that really came out in this episode. But the fact that it culminated in a freaking pie fight on the Tonight Show is awesome. Perhaps a jacket or tie was ruined, but from this moment forth all of these guys and their audience had a story for life. RIP Burt Reynolds

Michael Biel : You guys arguing about who insulted who are nuts. This was obviously staged. Why the hell would a studio have pie tins handy and shaving cream to do a pie throwing skit. Mark and Burt probably came up with it in the green room.

torchkit : It seemed that Burt was trying to repeat some of the outlandish slapstick things he so often did with Johnny Carson 20 years before. But he came across as a crotchety old egomaniac who was upset that someone else was in the interview seat.

Hugh Ragsdale : Burt is such a Diva. Marc is a sweet guy.

dngl21 : Folks, this is what's called great television.

John Mazza : Turd Ferguson.

d. Walsh : RIP Burt. 9/6/18

fredfukkinbear kikkinnigass : You people whining about Burt being a bully are apparently a bunch of panty wearing nancy boys. This is nothing more than the slap stick type of humor he did in movies like Cannonball Run. If his interaction with Dom Deluise in that movie doesn't have you close to pissing your pants from laughing, you have no soul.

Mikeman199988 : RIP Burt Reynolds

Michael Davis : RIP Burt. The pie duel was hilarious.

katgirl8012 : Burt had the best comebacks ever of anyone I ever seen. Marc totally deserved the water in the lap and pie in the face after the comment. U could tell by Burt’s face he wasn’t to thrilled by Marc’s comments. Thanks for the many memories Burt gone but never forgotten!!