My Burning Man Film - 2017

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Onyx Champions : Why does this feel lik mad max

RETRAC Videos : i like the old version of you

Spiros graphic designs : really boring! the 2016 was way better man...i can see the structures only cheeks!

RLA Plutos : First one was ten times better

DownHill Alpine : Ok, everyone I know this is annoying to advertise channels. But my channel just started and I really want my channel to grow, btw Jesse I love your channel <3

J : sido in there 4:06?

Omar Elkhaldy : You already know he gave Janna the D

Joel Lachmann : Probably the coolset event on Earth

Casa Del Amo : it's like a venice beach, for rich clean people

Integrafreak1 : I still dont know what its about...

Baller Baller : This is like some fallout shit

Dope CustomsTv : Is this Mad Max?

Rajib Rashid : What kind of bikes were you using? Looks like e-bikes but wanted to know if you had the exact model. Thanks

Jessica Ann Powell : I thoroughly enjoyed this!!!!! Great work!

alex vega : Such A Great VIDEOS

oTragicsnipe subscribe : Did u see logan pual in there

im sweet : Burning man is like a whole different world

Erik Arustamyan : Jana got some that night

Kai Saunder : Who remembers the episode of Malcomb in the middle where the fam goes to burning man💀💀

GFHW : All this video does is inspire inspire inspire inspire INSPIRE me

Ashley Rose : Kids are allowed at burning man? Crazy.

John Chavez : 5:02 that is the biggest sunset I've ever seen

Mayra Reyes : OMG, I really need to go! it look insane!

Nick .R : pure porn

Alex : How did your cameras not get destroyed

Ricardo Mojica : I feel like this video needs more views

Luis Lopez : Thanks Brother Jesse, Loved it. Lucky to have your Dad with you, he looked like a Kool Kat. This was my 1st Much Love See you next Year

Owen Craig : He says he only filmed about 10% of his experience, but i still managed to feel like i was there for the hole time

Köllefornia 4711 : damn this video is more hipster than a beard and tioght jeans


TheCrazyCoutersHD : I’m in awe, those video and adventure was BEAUITFUL

Matthew B : Is this uhhh... the e3 youtube creator whos a youtube creator 😂

Steves YouTube : Please take the grill out then leave it out for the rest of ur life

Robinn Sleebz : What pants are those that he's running around in? I want a pair!!

STAR WARS HISTORY : What the fuck am I watching rn

Olek : I wanna go there, I want to the USA

Undral Suhbaatar : why it has only 1mil views?

SavageMufinn : This dude wore Yeezys in burning man

Viking Plays : i wish i could go to burning man

Hg Hiulh : Such a gift for your dad. 😃

Zyronik TM : This context does not even compare to the simple and basic content Jake does. I cant get in my head and understand how this amazing and well done film only gets this much views compared to all the other context on youtube. I loved this video and the way you film/edit your vids. Keep it up. Also like your clothe style

Project Nightfall : Jesse is such a boss! Love you man! :- )

gustavo bello : for some reason reminds me of mad max lol but bruhhhhh filming is just amaziiinnggggg

hot page : subscribe to my channel for more videos and hot clips please

Aaron Baxter : This looks straight out of Mad Max

xvillian : Miss you my nigga thx for this

Kelin Machuca : What was she doing on 6.08😐

Alfredo Perez : Anyone have any idea what type of bicycle they're riding or where the frame for it is from? I really loved it

Sir : What is even 2160p. Is it like another dimension? Idk anything past 240 p

Mythical Mango : Sooo...a bunch of hippies jamming to strange music, doing drugs, fondaling with swingers, weirdos, and watching a giant wooden constructed man is any of that spiritual really? Seems to me like more of a dopamine fixation fest. But it looks fucking awesome one of these days I will go.