My Burning Man Film - 2017

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Fly With Stella : I love that you only filmed 10%! Live your life! 🖤🌅

Alan Torres : This is some Mad Max type shit..

MrMilan : This was so sick Jesse, I really love your filmmaking style, you inspire me so much. The quality of your films is amazing, I hope you continue to inspire many of us because this was simply beautiful.


Pink Bettas : The drone shots were amazing!! Good work Jesse<33♡♡

Project Nightfall : Jesse is such a boss! Love you man! :- )

Micoola : This just looks unreal. Added to the bucket list

Mr FAD Vlogs : Only YouTuber who cares about content as much as quality besides Casey Neistat is this dude right here ... #goodjobJesse keep up the good work

It's Jake : For some reason this video reminds me of Star Wars

ajitha201 : Damn bruh this is next level and those color grade,transitions 😍

Ur Moms Daddy : If you were smart you would marry that Brazilian girl, she's so fine and that accent makes her sexy asf 😏

Frank Nye : Modern day Dothraki's

Toffy : QUALITY.

Shadowile : All I could think about while watching this was "Mad Max"

Keanu Javier : The girl doing the flips at 2:22 is gorgeous.

Violetin ankan auton vararengas : Was that on the Simpsons?

Big Chimp : Just a Casey Neistat wannabe

JadeLux : Such an amazing creator. So much respect for your style

Marcin Adamowicz : I'm so amazed with this sick editing... damn!

CashKiiiD : who girl at 2:29

Thanatos:D : Song at 0:13 ?

Mario Gutierrez : Man, your editing has skyrocketed to new levels. Good work and keep them coming! Also, you deserve way more views, this montage was lit!!

John Paul : This video should be on the trending page

JAKE PAUL IS A PUSSY : They're obviously dating

Pickeledcoconut : *sees model* Welp, I'm never eating again.

BaboonButt8 : 9:40 what are jesse's shoes someone plz help

Leo Cannon : Honestly one of the best vloggers out there still ‼️

TheVlogTheory : Beautiful and gorgeous editing Jesse! It's something I aspire to reach as a vlogger of 8 years! This is why I'm subbed!

Jack Sak : Jesse, If the point of burning man is (as you say) to burn the "shit" away from last year's life, then life must be sad and set deep in a black hole of nothingness.

Dub Yuh : renting out those electric bikes every year would be a hit jesse, look into it. Not sure how you charge but having a charging station would be lit to. Not sure how it works but you would know if you could work out a affiliate deal and run it down there.

Muhammad Saad : What is the burning man?????

Morgan Smith : at 3:24 the lady on the left disappears, and everything else stay normal! WHAT?!?!

NinjaGamer 443 : Lol he looks so funny after being in the sandstorm 😂👍🏼

Jonas Rafn Kjær : burning man, kindda reminds me of mad max, anyone else?

Team Dhiya : I swear I'm always ... ... impressed with the way Jesse films these

zk zk : 9:50/10:10 musics

Tony S. : One of the best videos I've ever seen... so pleasant to the eyes

Brian Tobias : The editing is incredible, really stepping your game up here!

Mike Bennett : У Поперечного видос круче

Elsie Viola Dupuis : This hit the spot.

BaboonButt8 : This video is giving me major mad max vibs

RLA Plutos : First one was ten times better

ivansebanucci : Love this Jesse, keep it up big brotha!

CK501IPhone : Best Video ever seen

Taqi Mollah : Your DAD IS A PLAYA

Sdot 01 : Jesse's The G.O.A.T. 🔥🐐


Twizz Gamers : Work of ART Jesse !!! 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼 MAD RESPECT keep it up !!!!!

THE MIKEY MIKE CHANNEL : Never heard of this event but (tampa FL has a better one) come here and enjoy the free life!!!

Dmitriy K : Didn't someone actually run into the fire and die at this one?