My Burning Man Film - 2017

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CaseyNeistat : Jesse you are a YouTube genius. best production on the platform. also, please put your dad in more videos.

Alan : This is some Mad Max type shit..

Michael Hughes : I feel like being in a relationship with Jenna held back jesse's true passion / talent. This was an absolute masterpiece.


Chaneke pitufo : How do you manage to still look like a douch bag at burning man

Micoola : This just looks unreal. Added to the bucket list

Project Nightfall : Jesse is such a boss! Love you man! :- )

It's Jake : For some reason this video reminds me of Star Wars

Kiarah & Ant : I Honestly Find Myself Coming Back To This Video All The Time , The Creativity And Time That You Put Into This Film Is Amazing ! You Inspire Me ❤️

OmarGoshTV : I don't compliment a lot of youtubers much but man, no one even comes close with the creativity you display. Well done sir.

ajitha201 : Damn bruh this is next level and those color grade,transitions 😍

Pickeledcoconut : *sees model* Welp, I'm never eating again.

Steves YouTube : Please take the grill out then leave it out for the rest of ur life

Frank Nye : Modern day Dothraki's

D E N V R : *Only jesse and his dad could pull Brazilian models! Haha*

Shadowile : All I could think about while watching this was "Mad Max"

Keanu Javier : The girl doing the flips at 2:22 is gorgeous.

Jackisano : Jesse smashed all the Brazilian models

Mike Jones : Damn he looks rugged and sexier. Yes homo

Brian Tobias : The editing is incredible, really stepping your game up here!

zk zk : 9:50/10:10 musics

Ûberlube v3 : Why his right nostril white🤔

Mario Gutierrez : Man, your editing has skyrocketed to new levels. Good work and keep them coming! Also, you deserve way more views, this montage was lit!!

Лёва Пыжов : I will not keep calm until I find out what song is playing from 8:05 to 8:28. Please, the mankind!

Peeks : The level of quality in Jesse’s Burning Man Films is on a whole new level. Good shit, Jesse.

Team Dhiya : I swear I'm always ... ... impressed with the way Jesse films these

Jonas Rafn Kjær : burning man, kindda reminds me of mad max, anyone else?

Georg Sibbel : 3:51 name of the sound?😍

Mike Margraff : Seems like another music fest scam of tribalism and communalism, that's really just another intervention, like lollapalooza, grateful dead,etc.#Just helping folks out to avoid narc fests.

JadeLux : Such an amazing creator. So much respect for your style

Morgan Smith : at 3:24 the lady on the left disappears, and everything else stay normal! WHAT?!?!

RideRecovery : Its so good seeing you two together again even as Good Friends!!! Reminds me of the Dope ass Vlogs

Kotoamatsukami : Outro song?

Marcin Adamowicz : I'm so amazed with this sick editing... damn!

NinjaGamer 443 : Electric bikes and ladies, that's the life 🤙🏼😄

Álvaro Fdz. : You're not doing videos, this is MAGIC

Violetin ankan auton vararengas : Was that on the Simpsons?

Dee Kindled : Didn't someone actually run into the fire and die at this one?

Leo Cannon : Honestly one of the best vloggers out there still ‼️

TheAliLife : Seen a lot of videos about burning man, but this is the first one that's REALLY made me wanna go

Gio King : He should dye his hair white

Eugene Fuller : This video made me reallyy thirsty

JordNEdwardz : I bet they Jesse smashed that girl. Who kissed him on the neck at 6:08. That's probably why he stopped the vlog. Lol 😆

Ketie Esitashvili : something soo wrong about this to me. demonic even. I couldn't help but feel like that was a sacrifice with a real person. nope nope not into this Jesse. Don't like the new Jesse. God bless your soul Jesse, I'm out.

Young Oorah : such amazing cinematography.....

r a l i ' i x a v i e r o : 6:08 WTF! “Don’t mind me, just casually kissing your neck”

Vozilex : You deserve More Likes More Views And More Comments

Bio Ectomy : First one was ten times better

Tony S. : One of the best videos I've ever seen... so pleasant to the eyes

MrMilan : This was so sick Jesse, I really love your filmmaking style, you inspire me so much. The quality of your films is amazing, I hope you continue to inspire many of us because this was simply beautiful.