The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman - I (Amex)

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The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman - comerciais de longa duração da American Express, estrelados pelo comediante Jerry Seinfeld e pela animação de Superman, com a voz de Patrick Warburton. Segundo Celso Figueiredo Neto - que estudou o case -, esta campanha é um híbrido de publicidade tradicional com advertainment; híbrido porque nesses comerciais a função de entretenimento das peças ainda não assumiu o domínio e a maior importância dessa estratégia. Nesta peça vige, ainda, a ideia de que é necessário falar do produto, explicar suas vantagens e diferenciais. Site oficial:


Christopher Caridi : imagine if lex luther teams up with newman

Sam Zheng : Superman retired and became joe from family guy

Richard Thompson : Comic Book Characters in Cars Getting Coffee

Cave Spider10 : Joe Seigel... clever...

Rikard Nilsson : He wouldn't have any of these problems with Batman.

Someonez Mom : who doesn't love Patrick Warburton's voice?

CROSSOVER ANIMATION STUDIOS : Remind me Jerry Seinfeld and Patrick Warburton in Bee Movie

Blizzard1942 : These would've been perfect Cartoon Network commercials back in the 90s.

MajjorTom : Better than Zack Snyder's movies, altogether.

_TheBringerOfRain_ : lol im sure Superman= david puddy!

Jared Garcia : This should be a sitcom. Hell of a lot better than Teen Titans Go!

Lugh Summerson : Superman didn't turn back time by reversing the rotation of the planet. There is no friction in space, so how could he? And if the planet did turn the other direction, why should that affect time? Rather, he flew so fast that he himself went back in time.

Z Damon : 0:56 Antman if he met superman and Seinfeld

milking cow suprise : patrick warburton??

4T1K5O : LOL Patrick Warburton as Superman’s voice that’s too funny

ASimoneau : Jerry Seinfeld trying to run through the streets and alleys is under-ratedly hilarious.

Sommer57 : 4:24--best part!

drixg555 : BROCK SUPERMAN!

Abdul Aden : Greatest superman rendition ever 💯

Phntm27 : Patrick Warburton ftw

CommentPoster10 : Best thing ever. 

Brandon Kohout : If I had a superhero like that, I would have a live-action/animated, action, adventure sitcom called My Roommate the Superhero.


Dick Grayson : The art concept for this Superman, seems to have been modeled after Curt Swan's early Silver Age version.

Ashley Chartrand : LMAO It's Joe Swanson!!! xD

Justin Canillas : pull the lever krunk

David Holzer : because it is

José Day : This is Great!! I just discovered it now, never too late to enjoy!

Inkypencil : He's the best, Jerry. The best!

shadow squidy : Superman sounds like David Puddy lol

Patrick Tedesco : thats because it is joe from family guy....Patrick Warburton

mechamorafa : Superman voice sounds like Joe from Family Guy

MasterChefNinjaForce : Either Lex Luthor or Newman disliked this video

Isaac Hunsinger : 2:47 Is that Simon Pegg who stole the dvd player?

khuntfhais : Only thing that would improve this is getting Archer to voice superman.

paktype : The guy who played "Barry Katz" in the commercial was the guy who made Honda commercials in the 1980's.

3DSismash : @Mrcool210 His thing is to let stuff bounce off him. He could catch it after it bounces. It would still prove how impervious to damage he is.

Mrcool210 : @3DSismash like he said he doesnt do that

3DSismash : Why didn't Superman catch the DVD player after it bounced off his chest?

sdmitch16 : Superman missed some of the play so he could hear a recording?

adamisajoker : ha

maskedbugman : @NoorNE Because its the same guy.

piggygobyebye : Did anyone else rewind to see if the black lady was actually making that face?

Oz Fhav : puddy!

smackyhead : 1 peron didnt get his stolen goods refunded

Sohcahtoa : @megaleo247 yea the voice actor is patrick warburton he does both, he was also david puddy in seinfeld

megaleo247 : Supreman sounds like Joe from Family Guy, or is it the other way around?

Danny Rassa : Who plays the bartender??????

Joshua Redburn : 1:02 Grant from Mythbusters?