The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman - I (Amex)

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neogigo : Comedians in Cars in Coffee Dave Chapelle episode sent me here

Christopher Caridi : imagine if lex luther teams up with newman

Sam Zheng : Superman retired and became joe from family guy

Mighty Go-Go Guano : The fact that Superman repeatedly saved the universe, yet is surprisingly modest and just like you and me is truly a testament to his perfection.

Richard Thompson : Comic Book Characters in Cars Getting Coffee

Rikard Nilsson : He wouldn't have any of these problems with Batman.

Someonez Mom : who doesn't love Patrick Warburton's voice?

MajjorTom : Better than Zack Snyder's movies, altogether.

CROSSOVER ANIMATION STUDIOS : Remind me Jerry Seinfeld and Patrick Warburton in Bee Movie

Cave Spider10 : Joe Seigel... clever...

Blizzard1942 : These would've been perfect Cartoon Network commercials back in the 90s.

Lugh Summerson : Superman didn't turn back time by reversing the rotation of the planet. There is no friction in space, so how could he? And if the planet did turn the other direction, why should that affect time? Rather, he flew so fast that he himself went back in time.

_TheBringerOfRain_ : lol im sure Superman= david puddy!

Jared Garcia : This should be a sitcom. Hell of a lot better than Teen Titans Go!

milking cow suprise : patrick warburton??

Mike Setzer : Puddy is Superman

ASimoneau : Jerry Seinfeld trying to run through the streets and alleys is under-ratedly hilarious.

Z Damon : 0:56 Antman if he met superman and Seinfeld

Phntm27 : Patrick Warburton ftw

CommentPoster10 : Best thing ever. 

drixg555 : BROCK SUPERMAN!


Sommer57 : 4:24--best part!

Isaac Rodriguez Bay Bay : that Joe Swanson's voice actor?

Knock-Off Steve Jobs : Superman's Pal, Jerry Seinfeld

Sam Mencia : Why is the summary in Portuguese?

Jack Morrison : Yeah that's right

Paul Polpiboon : @2:26 coolest part. This whole thing humiliates bruce timm's the animated series. A COMMERICIAL!! Love these episodes, I could watch a hundred of these

Dantae May : Who else is here from Comedians in Cars getting coffee?

Brandon Kohout : If I had a superhero like that, I would have a live-action/animated, action, adventure sitcom called My Roommate the Superhero.

EpicD0m : I want this to be a full series omg

CrimsonCosmo : that 1 time DC comics got into anime...

Casey Manuel : The look on Jerry’s face at the end at the play makes me cry laughing. 😂😂😂😂

General Heavy : I guess Superman makes spinach puffs

RMC Entertainment : This is gold

Steven Boykin : Wait was the robber Simon Pegg? If so that's f-ing awesome.

Brandon Kohout : American Express card don’t be super without it.

JL : Puddy!

Night Biologist : proof that superman would kick bugs bunnies ass

Ethan Nopah : Berry and Ken before they hated each other.

judy valencia : i'd never seen this.

mryoyoserpico : And by the way, is superman really invulnerable? Or is he just near-invulnerable?

Your mother hoe. : Clark Kentbergstein

Redeamable Grace : this is badawseome.

majinsnake : Hilarious

lopresti101 : When did this come out?!

Nick Crompton : Thanks

Quinn : what

Zindakku : I wonder how this would go if it were Spiderman or Iron Man instead.

Dick Grayson : The art concept for this Superman, seems to have been modeled after Curt Swan's early Silver Age version.