We Are Going
We Are Going

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We are going to the Moon, to stay, by 2024. And this is how.   Special thanks to William Shatner for lending his voice to this project. Credit: NASA


Muz!c Vex : Hahah, April Fools! *looks at calender* OH SHI-

I Will Roam : It's kind of an amazing feeling, isn't it? We all feel it. That drive to keep surviving and keep discovering. Good luck, humanity.

lmao : Just when you go back to the moon take a little snap of the 1969 lunar landing to shut the conspiracy theorists up. Also best of luck!

Darth Vader : Finally getting past 0.72 level civilisation

Robotic Egg : I herd about this and it's finally here! Finally kids from my time can witness this greatness espically with good camera quality!

DEBJIT production : Congratulations NASA love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳💜💜💜

Joe Sean A G : It's time to get back to the moon, And do more outer planetary research, im sure it would feel much more, well real than knowing your just In an antigravity room on Earth

MinYeonKookie : Science is so fascinating 🤩 My wish is to work in NASA, I'm currently trying my best to study well in Science,Physics,Math And of course English.

A censored American : In a thousand years humans will be traveling and colonizing planets all over the galaxy. Science is humanities only hope for survival!

Manish Kumar Mishra : I believe that NASA is ready for the challenge of moving forward to the Moon! 🚀

Daniel Hickman : i wish i could go up there. but i'm stuck in England. looking for work.

Retroman : S C I E N C E

Dilek Solmaz : Take me toooooooooo Pls? :(

Stacman : Cant wait for 2024 ! I think going to the moon is good thing as a checkpoint and reshearch planet.

Abnu C Paul : NASA :we are going Me :happy journey ✨

Георгий Шур : Perfect! Thank you!

Black Helios Arisen : *JFK:* “Well, I never said it was going to be easy...”

Nicholas MacNutt : Be good to my moon *sniff* everyone needs friends and you are hers.

SuicideBunny6 : 🎶Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars...🎶 NASA: We got you Frank, don't worry.

No_Life_without_Science ! : Great! It's time... But why the SLS?! Why?

SpadeGhostVampire7777 : Good luck and take care. Hope you guys survive the atmosphere of the moon. Try to make peace with the Lunarians if you can. They are our ancient allies. Also, we will fix everything down here after the polar shift. Hopefully when you come back and visit, the communist have not taken over. Peace and good luck. :) ✌👍

Валентин Комаровский : The Moon is NOT dull gray. It is essentially multicolored, with a predominance of brown

Ojas Deshmukh : May the 2nd Bicentennial space race begin!!!!!!!!!!! May the odds be ever in your favour...

Haris : I will be 21 when we go today is actually my birthday, and it will be some year. This is the first step to actual space colonisation

A.I.rchist : Why does the public version have 0 comments?

Mr.Justin Games : NASA: We Are Going Me: Good Luck NASA God Bless You All!!

J B : May God still give me a breath until 2024 to see human playing in the moon and Mars planet

anthro ponym : That really would be a dream come true. I wish you only the best! Thank you for your outstanding work!

David Curry : Imagine believing somebody who's lied for 50 years

Big Chungus : Although we may not be the generation that sees galaxies explored, we are laying the foundation for that generation.

Rahul Shah : Keep it up N.A.S.A 🌕🌟 Maybe this will be humanity bold step to the FUTURE

Jo Flo : Finaly I can see people go to outer space! I love you nasa!

Illuminati Finder : My dream is to be a Astronaut and going to the Moon/Mars💓💐

Earth Experiments 19 : Yeaaaa! Go To The Moon! NASA! :D

Element Fire000 : For the ksp players at 1:10 you got the mammoth engine I know its based off real life

Savan Kanjariya : Woow I am really aspirant to be a part of this adventure.

Fæz : Nobody: Nasa: We're going to the moon and we're staying there! Congratulations NASA! I wanna go with y'all. Please take me!

Scatyricon : THIS should have millions of upvotes

The Exoplanets Channel : And we are going *with you*

Marsh Jellow : Yes! You guys listened to us! Thank you!!! I am so excited!

AlowellSouthVEVO : Now we talking 🔥🔥 Moon we are coming 🌚

Lingontuva : ...On a trip in our favorite rocket ship

Tat bo : Nobody: Moon:🌚 NASA: this vid Moon:🌑

DangerousDac : ....why does a manned Moon mission announcement feel like a University recruitment video?

UrbanArmy : How can the moon landing be real if it's still in the sky? It obviously hasn't landed yet SMH.

Валентин Комаровский : trump wants to be the President who sent the first man to the moon

Karthik Iyer Nasa Boy : Nasa 😍😍😍!! Love From India!!!

91plm : Ok i'm hyped! XD Well done

Mmm K : I thought that voice was familiar! Excellent video, I'm looking forward to watching NASA's progress :)