Weird Guy Nearly Falls Into Sinkhole

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@InSoxWeTrust : Where is the tiny wine?

King Jalen : O this is new this shit was so. Funny

Dean Morrow : Don't worry little guy, the mothership will come back for you, LOL.

Jack ass H : That one kid in middle school😂

first class junkee : Micro machines Satan worshiping son what it looks like to me

WakeRider π : Think I like the other weird guy skits better, I dunno.


Beats 4 Vidz : Lemme find out that's jack blacks little brother lol

Ben Durcholz : that got old fast

Nikki Roberts : "Gordon Schumway of Melmac" ...isn't that Alf? Lol

theguythatcould : Give us a new character. I've seen your older ones and you are a remarkable actor. Notice me senpai. Notice me!!

Cameron Moon : idk

Kevin Hargett : I want to Bash this POS face with a baseball bat. I don't know.

Pocket Miner : What the hell? 😂

Jason C : This goes beyond WTF

John Shepard : You hit this one a bit fast. What caught us off guard about the other videos was that The Bows looked like a regular (albeit strange) interviewee until he finally he went off the rails. This time it looked like you were insane out the gate.

Nachman Ominsky : Isn't this the same guy as the weird Arby's interview?

Thanh Nguyen : Choke me devil daddy choke me

C. Farther : Hi 2018 i don't know

GatorMacheteJr : These are usually funny because of the buildup to complete hyperbole, but you sort-of just come out of the gate with it this time. Also that wig is trash.

pandavibrations and pandavision TV : Bowser vids should do a parody coachella video

Ky Duarte : This guys suks

hail satan666 : I'll have what he is having

The Lizard King mojo : The best part ...........i dun know......holes are prettty cool.....just priceless.⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

Sack Head : Ok?

Tim Daugherty : Not subtle enough. Old ones were better.

John Do : Weird how?

Too Sweet : undertaker+jack black= that werid dude

bill71183 : 50 to 1 says that guy had a pocket full of tide pods! WTF are you ppl smoking up there?

Marcus kärenen : What a fucking legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BitDancer : The workers do not know how deep the hole is but they are looking into it

David Anders : This is just sad and cringy

Robert Copeland : My mother is not a rock

He Who Judges : That guy can only do one character dressed up differently and with each time, it gets worse and worse. Can that guy just go find a job and avoid cameras already?

I, Chicken Tendies want 100k Subscribers : This dude, is fucking everywhere

Jeff K : This is getting played out. The Arby's none was hysterical, but you overdid in this one.

Hill Raiser : sinkhole de mayo

ChipidyGaming : Fill the hole 😏

Ainsley's Spicey Meat : Just another pathetic actor....

BrendanDaviesNZ : This guy is awesome! He's hurting nobody with his hilarious antics, not to mention has a better grasp of the english language and storytelling than do most!

Ene Eme : The thumb nail looks like he on acid 😅😅

Jesus Christ : Only instagram normie white girls find this cringe worthy shit humor funny

Dancing Spiderman : There's no white people living in Detroit! WTF?!

Stop Footage : Notice me Senpai, Noootice meee!! XD

Louis Marez : I don’t know how much they paid this ‘NUT’ but it was well spent ! Where can i get some of what he’s on dam whatever drug it is i want some ! !

Louis Marez : Please somebody tell me wtf he’s on i want some ! !

cutness of all dogs mills. o : haha, yes

Ted Bundy : Can’t wait to find out this guy got murdered.

Pedakin : I thought this shit was real for a second. I was like why do they keep going back to him?!