Weird Guy Nearly Falls Into Sinkhole

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Apocalypse Skum : *i d u n n n o*

Jüdäs : Haley Joel Osment not aging sanely...

Chris -0 : this guy is a troll he does this everywhere lol

Syraku : C H O K E M E D E V I L D A D D Y

zombie cat : He's like a Amish auctioner


Colin Anderson : He's a super geek, super geek, he's super geeky yow.

Bob Sacamano : He's normal. We're all just weird.

G. DeFreest Larner : How deep does that hole *gueooooueeeeeoooooooowwwwwww??!* this guy is a legend.

Matt M : This guy isn't some random. Hes all over YouTube. Doubt this is even a real news clip

James Butterson : Haaa haaa I began to ponder!! 😕

prod.WorthyRem : this guy looks like he's in constant pain

Ben Dover : I want this guy to narrate my life

Splucer : * tips hat * “M’lady”

Benny Duncan : Yeah but whos a bigger moron... the guy who is trolling or the guy who believed it was an act of god he didn't fall into the sinkhole...

Johnnie Walker : I couldn’t find any weird guy but I did notice a cool hole.

MR TRICKY : the world needs more people like him hes a legend lol to many boring people as it is

IBradFrazer : If this were Asia, that sinkhole would have been fixed within 3 hours. But since this is America, the land of the free, it will be there for at least 3 weeks.

Brian Linville : Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame eh? yet this guy's church indoctrination seems to be in full swing, though at least he gets poetic and entertaining with it.

Awesomanous : I really think you should get a cameo in the next Tenacious D movie.

Neon Majora : How deep does that hole gooooooo?

N00B PLAYS : Please tell me this dude is a troll

McLovin : Notice me senpai... notice me

JC Films : 'i dunno, holes are pretty cool'

Mickey Siegel : bob segar really let himself go

Carsen LaPierre : This is the guy that was on the news for being a satanist.


Benjy Zafod : i need to get drunk with this dude

Micheal L : This guys a legend.

Joseph Daurio : how deep does that hole gooooooooo

Claudia C : Wtf

Abby Lowe : 1.5k people were not ready for servitude and to get choked by devil daddy. We shall burn the flesh of their putrid bodies and feast on their eyes.

XxLighting BoltxX7 : How dare you call Mr. Mosby weird?

tdman77 : ChumLee!

edmonton20084 : I wanna be in that guy's dungeons and dragons group.

carpe diem : Weird guy looks like masked Tom Cruise, lol

Patrick Bateman : He seems cool to me.

Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz : Apparently a sinkhole opened up on the White House Lawn

feliox : So happy I found this

Ella Havia : 1:26 lmao 😂😂

DON DNO : This isn't real, it's edited in lol is it Tom Cruise?

MrYigger : For the people that don't actually know bowser vids, this wasn't actually on the news. It is an edit. He is on a completely different street

holyfnshet : that reporter woman...Ive never seen any one blink with there eyes already closed before what sorcery is this.

thePhantomWizard : obvious fakery. no microphone during the interview.

UncutxHardstyle : "666 dislikes" o-o

Joshua Bartlett : This is a reason why you don't do drugs

Kirbee : Lmaooo this guys fkn awesome

Jonathon Russell : I'm gonna go up to a drug dealer, show him a video of this guy and then say " I want what he is on"

char's zaku : Oh no it's him