Weird Guy Nearly Falls Into Sinkhole

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Apocalypse Skum : *i d u n n n o*

FB I : Notice me senpai notice meeeee

just a guy who likes anime : *"Holes are pretty cool"*

Untaken : How deep does that hole *gOOOooOoo*

Pete : I think he came from the hole

Chris -0 : this guy is a troll he does this everywhere lol

Kannibal På Heltid : 1:26 “CHOKE ME DEVIL DADDY, CHOKE ME” 1:26

Smeg somethingorother : What an annoying voice. No I mean the news reporter

Justus Warner : Get that guy to do the flex seal commercial

Chris Love : was it sinkhole de mayo?

Hungry Santa : His beard and fedora get bigger with every video

nomas chenko : my god this man is my mind at 3am

My logic is a force to be reckoned with. : He's an actor, he's been on "news channels" before.

Mr. E : This is the type of man to suck his own toes.


Im Dronn : *Choke me devil daddy CHOKE ME*

grrrindz : plot twisted : the sink hole wasnt a sink hole. it was where this jolly troll pooped out from.


Wholesome Lad : He dropped his Magic Gathering cards in there

Johnnie Walker : I couldn’t find any weird guy but I did notice a cool hole.

Trevor Hockman : I would’ve loved to be the person interviewing him. I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face.

Evan Hatmaker : Picturing having this guy make your sandwich at Arby’s😂

cbrstunter24 : 1:27 Choke me devil daddy, choke me!

Don Megatron : What? I don't think I've ever seen a comment section this oblivious.

Mr. E : Ladies and gentlemen, we got him

johny broadbelt : Is that the arbies dude ?

Jayson Nielsen : huh uh huh uh he said Orafice huh uh huh uh huh I am Cornholio I need TP for my bunghole

no name : Why did the producers allow this?

1billie 1 : Choke me devil daddy CHOKE ME

Jayden Whitcomb : I need to be his friend

TheCandleWaxGaming : Isn't this that dude that got interviewed at the comic book store

casadilla111 : Tumblr, Tumblr, Come back. You've left one of yours behind.

tyler hurd : Just search weird guy interviews.

edmonton20084 : I wanna be in that guy's dungeons and dragons group.

NBG_dentless : Dude I live in Michigan and I saw this sinkhole

Kshishtof Pendirevskiy : I want this guy to narrate my life

why are u reading my name ? : "how deep does that hole go" "Choke me devel daddy"

Ívarr hinn Beinlausi : holes are pretty cool

Neon Majora : How deep does that hole gooooooo?

Green Germ Gaming : LOL 1:26 😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂 edit: LMAO IM DEAD

Daniel Mason : CHOKE ME DEVIL DADDY ChOKE MeEeEe lol watching this 4 hours

Mark P : He's more normal than 99% of people these days just sounds dumb but makes sense to anyone with a creative mind

Ryan Helm : Love that Nightmare On Elm St reference from the dude!

killmebaby : I swear he just edits himself on to these lol

Adalberto Pedregon : He seems pretty normal to me

The Wild WarCry : That was the best news caster ive ever seen lol

Keksun : this is hilarious

Madd Genome : This dude needs to get back to burning man, he needs to rejuvenate

prod.WorthyRem : this guy looks like he's in constant pain