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MasterTheWill : Facebook: Friendly reminder that on this day 6 years ago, you were still a cringey piece of human garbage.

BringUsTheGirl : I came from a Jimmy Kimmel video to THIS?!

Merlin Merlout : Nice algorithms Phil

Roadblock : The Up Next tab is literally all Jack Stauber, Game Grumps, and Ralph the Moviemake rn. Not a single Phil Jamesson video. YouTube just doesn't want me watching more video about my handsome lil boi.

EphiTV : "This guy watched that one video on competitive laundry folding from reddit, better fill up his suggestions with more of those."

Richard Luzum : Hey Phil, thanks for keeping a consistent upload schedule! Alright, I'm off to watch some more of my boy, Jimmy K! Happy 420eve! #PHILGANGNICEBOYS

richard parker : 2 years of content producing and only 5k subs? He seems worth more than a lot of youtubers with 1M+ subscribers.

Dommoo2 : YouTube is more like I see you don't like those pimple popping videos because you blocked those users that post it.............. but you did go on their channel to block them that means you must like them here's 50 more gross-out YouTube channels and Jimmy Kimmel and if you're lucky I might show you a Ellen DeGeneres video

Byen5 : nice job phil

Exti fail : Still holds up

Lipid : He's looking at the home page to find new stuff, let's show him videos from channels that he's already subscribed to! Maybe even ones that we know for a fact he's ALREADY SEEN!

Common Chris : This is my favorite Jimmy Kimble video!

Static Transit : benevolent video phil

dfffa : funni

Vitiman X : jimmy kimmel