Clara, Shin Soo-ji, and Tae Mi's First Pitches
Gymnasts doing the first pitch at baseball games

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Clara, Shin Soo-ji, and Tae Mi have thrown out memorable pitches for the Doosan Bears during the 2013 season. For more info about the KBO, check out or @MyKBO on Twitter.


Ellie Lee : Clara hadn't done anything comparing with shin sooji and taemi

Trent Garland : All I can say is WOW!!!

Ndrews Eidzban : those two art throws are legend

yikes : Clara was nothing compared to the two others..... XD

Gabriella Oken : All i can say is that rhythmic gymnastics is the best ;) YAAAS SHIN SOOJI!!!

LittleNelly815 : Tae Mi tricking <33

Belle Tan : haha the evolution of baseball pitch!!

Sahasrahla : LOL the look on the 3 guys' faces at the end :p

Ioana Provo : The poor baseball players 0:05 xD

IIsYouAndYouIsMe : Taemi was awesome, representing KTigers :)

baro den : lol can't focus, pitcher make who's the batter will make wild imagination

Bit Buster : South America Memes

Chris C : I can hold that, do my beer

MrHer012345 : Stunning girls

Jack Tournesol : Envy us then bwahahahahaha!!!

Kent Lee : Daaaayyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuummmmmmmm!

Elli : The commentors where such perv when shin soo ji takes her stance lol

Kızıl Bıyık Sam : amk ruslardan vazgeçtim koreli zikcem

Matty Matt : love how they strike that pose with the glove above their head, man is that hot haha.

David Cao : My order: 1) Shin Soo-Ji for throwing it RIGHT after flip 2) Tae-Mi for kool flip, but felt like distraction rather than technique :( 3) Clara for effective use of outfit (AND for having the sense of humor to parody it on SNL Korea)

Sam Raidy : shin soo ji is the best!!!!

MokshaNow : I think Tae-Mi, threw the best pitch, but I think Shin Soo-Ji is the prettiest

Alvin Oetama : you're not alone

Anime Maker : was i the only one that was concetrated on their ass

thedemi78 : Awesomeness!

Il-Sung Kim : Choi Hyun-woo made a nice pitch, too.

TheMoonandMars : Hahaha that's funny, I think especially Koreans are good at everything.

ImmaDeacon : they're not baseball players and were allowed to throw for a special event so they could be allowed to get cards for a special event same way.

blahlahblahlahh : think you're gonna have to iterate. your wording isn't making sense to me.

Brad R : American MLB would be a lot more interesting if first pitches were like this.

Jisoo Choi : next thing u know they're gonna be doing double backflips

MAJU : Thanks man! :)

John Albano : Antidote by Knife Party

MAJU : Hey, what's the name of the song during Clara's throw? Thanks a lot ;)

antifuffa83 : not as impressive as their asses <3

ImmaDeacon : for the same reason they are pitching and not players

blahlahblahlahh : why would they. they're not players

LD247 : i think i'm in love with 3 girls at once.

Kris Żurek : what's that song when Clara Pitch?

joe king : all of them threw better than obama

Jesse Vega : Shin Soo-Ji...i love you

AKATSUKI : i'd tap it

TheCosterisan : YES PLEASE.

Synthiotics : look at that..

Silky Johnston : i just relief pitcher'ed in my pants.

gregis22422 : Probably the only time I'd be entertained, watching a baseball game. :)

SLYDER.SYL81 : I'm half Oriental and American, and don't much care for the looks of oriental woman, but damn these girls are smoking hot.

The Hype Engine : Oh my Goodness. Those Korean Ladies are Immaculate.

MTL713 : Wow