Thoroughbreds Trailer Song (A Tribe Called Red Ft. Tanya Tagaq - SILA)
Thoroughbreds Trailer Song A Tribe Called Red Ft Tanya Tagaq SILA

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More about the movie on IMDb: Director - Cory Finley: Musician - A Tribe Called Red Ft. Tanya Tagaq. Download the song here: All rights reserved to: B Story - Big Indie Pictures - June Pictures - Universal Pictures (ZEFR) - Radicalized Records Trailer To Go is about movie trailers, music, theme song, soundtrack, series... Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram:


cranberrywb100 : I never skip the trailer because of this song

A. Sanchez : Fun Fact: This is Throat Singing.

redpandazzz : Just watched the film a few days ago and it completely caught me by surprise. The ending blew me out of proportion and I honestly couldn't sleep at night just thinking about how anxious I was watching through. It's not really a dark comedy, it's more along the lines of a thriller, drama, and character study with maybe a few laughs, but not really enough to be deemed a comedy. There are all around good performances, especially from the two main leads, but I really loved Anton Yelchin's role in this film, and I'm still missing him everyday. It feels a little dragged out at first, but then it starts to get interesting and chilling throughout. It is definitely worth the watch. The film left me thinking: Who's the real villain?

Kayla Fox : Every time I’ve seen the ad for this trailer, I’ve watched the whole thing bc not only does the movie look amazing, but this song is so incredibly mesmerizing

DuskenWillow : Quite fitting to the trailer tho

Elaina Rose : This song scares the hell out of me but in a good way I think haha

Thea Warburton : Some parts of this video are perfectly in sync with moments in the trailer and I. Am. Loving it.

Official Filmilen : I love this trailer music and it fits the movie perfectly

Zo Kocev : The music and the trailer are sooooooo awesome !!!

Rebecca : When I first heard this in the trailer I thought it was a remix of Missy Elliot’s Pass That Dutch... 😂😂

Katie F : I love how electronic music is becoming the mainstream bc now people are finally understanding and accepting and loving it ahaha love these comments and love this song

Lucebelle Beelzebub : Amazing song...

Sarah Havok : This song makes me move I love it

Alexis Halliwill : Reminds me of bjork!

Elizabeth Cabrera : Thank you for uploading so intense!

GoldHayes : I can’t get over how great this edit is, would’ve been perfect if you could’ve somehow found a perfect cutoff point. But otherwise amazing.

Misfit Angela : Sounds like something sevdaliza would make. Not exactly though.

Lowkiisavage 9 : Awesome edit!

Naomi : This song gives me anxiety but unexpectedly in a good way 🤔

Mattress : This hyped the trailer so much so fitting

Erika Rodgers : LITTTTTT!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

ma anne quiambao : its not awesong dont like it

Tony Velasquez : Lmao I ended up looking for this song from the trailer of the movie

tarit choudhury : Friendship between a sociopath and a psychopath ..the psychopath turns out to be a better human

Mak Muzika : #ATribeCalledRed <3