Thoroughbreds Trailer Song (A Tribe Called Red Ft. Tanya Tagaq - SILA)

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cranberrywb100 : I never skip the trailer because of this song

ingrid richter : remarkably unusual music

Elaina Rose : This song scares the hell out of me but in a good way I think haha

Kayla Fox : Every time I’ve seen the ad for this trailer, I’ve watched the whole thing bc not only does the movie look amazing, but this song is so incredibly mesmerizing

A. Sanchez : Fun Fact: This is Throat Singing.

Redpandaz 18 : Just watched the film a few days ago and it completely caught me by surprise. The ending blew me out of proportion and I honestly couldn't sleep at night just thinking about how anxious I was watching through. It's not really a dark comedy, it's more along the lines of a thriller, drama, and character study with maybe a few laughs, but not really enough to be deemed a comedy. There are all around good performances, especially from the two main leads, but I really loved Anton Yelchin's role in this film, and I'm still missing him everyday. It feels a little dragged out at first, but then it starts to get interesting and chilling throughout. It is definitely worth the watch. The film left me thinking: Who's the real villain?

DuskenWillow : Quite fitting to the trailer tho

Official Filmilen : I love this trailer music and it fits the movie perfectly

Rebecca : When I first heard this in the trailer I thought it was a remix of Missy Elliot’s Pass That Dutch... 😂😂

Thea Warburton : Some parts of this video are perfectly in sync with moments in the trailer and I. Am. Loving it.

Katie F : I love how electronic music is becoming the mainstream bc now people are finally understanding and accepting and loving it ahaha love these comments and love this song

Sarah Byrnes : This song makes me move I love it

Zo Kocev : The music and the trailer are sooooooo awesome !!!

lynn Hidalgo : I played this at work today introduced a bad ads song to everyone😊

Lucebelle Beelzebub : Amazing song...

Alexis Halliwill : Reminds me of bjork!

tarit choudhury : Friendship between a sociopath and a psychopath ..the psychopath turns out to be a better human

Elizabeth Cabrera : Thank you for uploading so intense!

GoldHayes : I can’t get over how great this edit is, would’ve been perfect if you could’ve somehow found a perfect cutoff point. But otherwise amazing.

Lowkiisavage 9 : Awesome edit!

Misfit Angela : Sounds like something sevdaliza would make. Not exactly though.

Naomi : This song gives me anxiety but unexpectedly in a good way 🤔

Erika Rodgers : LITTTTTT!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

plskillmeg0d : This hyped the trailer so much so fitting

Mak Muzika : #ATribeCalledRed <3

ma anne quiambao : its not awesong dont like it

Tony Velasquez : Lmao I ended up looking for this song from the trailer of the movie

Indari : I just finished watching the movie anya taylor joy is so hot i wanna cum all over the space between her eyes