I tell my dad that I love him.

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Spyder Pig : Max, were…were you crying? C'mere and take these virtual hugs 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Pengicitis : this video says more in 17 seconds then some do in 10 minutes. i'm glad you made up with him, hope you and your family are doing well

Jameskii : aww

Description Untitled : Guys read the description before you make assumptions, alright.

Danidoodle : Bless this. I can understand this ordeal in some way, so I am internally thrilled all is well, even if we are just strangers.

Chice : Wholesome family friendly content

Guy Named Jay : I love you both

Døuble Blended : Sweet child I'm so proud <3 We love you too Max

abinaa : I'm glad you could work things out and made up

ennui.tv : Can you tell my dad you love him, too?

Bree Bree : Top 10 anime couples

Cryo Ape : "Thanks for loving me" "Your welcome"

Shinitai : That's heartwarming

Joy : Wow. That was hard to watch. As a 21 year old I don't recall myself ever saying love you to my parents, and I think the reason is because they never did either, we still get along well, but we barely talk, same goes with my siblings.. We form a really fucked up family. Anyone experienced/experiencing the same problem? I wish I could fix it, I just find it really hard to express my feelings since no one taught me how to..

Laugher Cake : Ey........................ he loves you.

Michael Lastname : I don't know why but I was half expecting this to be a comedy skit.

autumnbella 101 : That's great

Ellie : Max is so adorable

Maxii : That's beautiful, mate. Just beautiful.

Ripter : Thanks for loving me <3

Brad : Dont you just hate edited coments.

TheTemplar : That was really unexpected

deino : max im so happy for you after all you said that your dad has done for you im so happy that you could make up with your dad thank you for this

Kry : May your heart shine brighter than the Sun.

An Absurd Potato : I don't think I heard my dad say "I love you" in a non sarcastic way since I was around 7...im glad you guys made up. At least your life seems to be getting better ^^ You're a great person and you deserve to be loved by your father

Just Vannah : Cute but kinda awkward lol

Crusty Feet : It's great that you guys made up :) i'm proud of u max

shanaynay 626 : im on tears

Skeetothecheeto : Father and son bonding.

Messof Anegovych : We love you max

Jesus Rayos : I can relate to this video so much. Me and my dad used to not get along very well. We used to always fight but we then made up and now our relationship is a healthy one.

Anon Anon : It takes more courage for a person to admit his love to someone than it appears to be . I'll do the same someday , just hopefully when I regain that strength it wouldn't be too late .

Chesuta : I love you max You're welcome

roar : Awwwww this was so sweet!

Arrow Head : Now that you've solved one of the most fundamental issue of your life, moving on and getting better will be an easier journey.

The Random Dickhead : Max I'm happy that you're alright with your dad now. I hope it'll stay alright.

John Stewart : Hey, Max is isn’t suicidal anymore! ...I hope?

The MLP Connoisseur : I'm so happy for you MaxYou deserve something so good like this :)

Javonne Porter : Happy that you guys are back on speaking terms☺️

watch out killer : tell that to your mom too pleas

Ya Boi Fabe : *Jack's voice* "I love you"

senpau : his lil chuckle at the end is my aesthetic. that was adorable.

Milet Guillen : Awwww I'm so happy for you

Awesome Catz : This was just golden

Benjaninja : Awww Max is awesome and so is his dad! #SpookMonth

dexavee : Max this is so heartwarming...your dad looks like a good guy!!!...love your video and you max!!

scy : i'm so happy for you

SUPERNOVA 1357 : That's cute?

bulaklak : This makes me feel like everything will get better. Thank you.

Brandon Best : It’s your life and I don’t know you personally but you’re Dad doesn’t seem that bad of a guy.