The Big Bang Theory but with Rich Evans as the whole studio audience.

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Comments from Youtube

Erik Johnson : this is an important video

Daniel : I laughed more in this 29 second video than in an entire season of The Big Bang Theory.

Fummy : this is borderline experimental

Kykinson : This is the best thing I have ever seen

Harvest : Good vid, but you left in the audio for tbbt, kinda dampened the joy of listening to Rich's laugh.

BlueShit199 : Our whole (Expanded) Universe was in a hot diabetes Then nearly 12 years ago Boyhood started, wait... Jay got cool, Rich Evans made a tool, Mike started drinking, We spun the Wheel It broke new ground! Mitchel, Bronson and Shaq meat, Don't forget AT-STs, It all started with the Big AIDS, AIDS!

gplechuckiii : Comedy is all about timing. Next time get the old laugh track out, and do the entire cold opening from the worst episode you can find. That will prove the magic of Rich Evans laughter.

Kenneth Price : Hi fantastic video. I'd just like to leave you with a few criticisms if you don't mind. Firstly, I don't have a good understanding of my body or how it functions. Secondly, I'm a raging alcoholic whose distanced himself from friends and family to such an extent that I'm living in a rat shack behind Jenkins farm. Lastly, who is Evans and how did he get rich? Kind Regards, K Price

Avery Hawkins : Hey now Big Bang theory is funny and watchable

Möpo der Einzige : I want a whole season with his laught track.

Belugas101 : It’s so dense

Hakumo84 : Disgust Laughter Disgust Laughter What am I supposed to feel? I dont know what to feel anymore. Whats the tone?

Brace110 : In my favourites you go!

Ratel.H Badger : to quote Matt Hardy Deeeelightful, yas!


Mike MacFarlane : Goddamn Rich Evans!

OhmicFoamy : yo where all this traffic comin from??

Joe Plumley : That was just fantastic.

Gabor Alex Nagy : Wow this actually made me laugh at big bang theory! That's an achievement in itself!

Gloomy Gondola : Rich is so talented that he can make bing bong therry almost watchable

Piterdeveirs333 : Was hoping for disappointed Rich Evans. I am disappointed

Gene Convoy : The big bang theory is a national treasure

potaterjim : This is what I needed today

Bobby CheeZ : He makes the show good! I need at least one hole season of this!

SvendleBerries : (wipes a tear away from his cheek) Simply beautiful :') Not sure how Im just NOW finding this. I must have done something to displease The Evans. Please oh Lord, forgive me! I swear to always be cool about fire safety!

Stefan Kovacevic : make half an episode version

Rockstothechest : The voice of an angel.

YaBoiJames : This is true excellence

Eric Meyer : OMFG I love you

Lucien Hicks : This should replace the Big Bang laugh track in syndication forever.

Jon Lyons : This video is one small step for giant leap for mankind.

Chris M : I can't imagine being an actor/actress in this environment and not thinking how shitty all the jokes sound without a laugh track. You can really see this when you watch the blooper reel for like the office vs this shit.

shogunTHOT : *I'm gonna CUM.*

Sizifus : Nuke this show. These people. Destroy everything. This should not be allowed to exist

El Matadores : So you just replaced the Ricky Gervais... which is weird... I thought rich an Ricky had the same laugh?

calska140 : I like the "I'm gonna cum" at the end. Subtle.