Five dollars can save the planet | Alexander Reben | TEDxSanFrancisco

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ganjinc : literally just 2070 paradigm shift

Mark's Drawing Tutorials : Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

MTiffany : Just as coherent, relevant, and informative as any other TED talk, tbh.

Joey Fisher : We will draw the mechanics and put science into the circuitry with patterns. And all the humanity will become destroyed along the banks with giant spiders. 😳

nagualdesign : We all need more access to certain kinds of word if humanity is ever to arrive at an image of what that tells us.

Flamecaper 2975 : It's like a fever dream.

MR_Zoren : or a banana

Obama Llama : The truth is irrelevent

EasterLee : When you use predictive text on your phone

l337matt : This was genuinely hilarious

Danny Krinkle : In college, we used to talk like this to people frying on acid just to mess with them.

PlagueCookie : wtf??!

John Griffin : Best Tedx Talk ever.

Daniel Vance : Knowledge is power?

Kimberly Scholl : 2:14 rhymes

Tracy Stapleton : Sounded like a lot of useless statements..

Eugenie Marie : What just happened?

zeynep Kara : İ love tedex

zeynep Kara : First comment

Jason Bedillion : Trump saw this & decided to hire the Ai for his speeches.

MaxToke : seems like a normal ted talk to me

Rising Shiva16 : Thems was some bursty words right thare 🤣🤣🤣

Jankie Hands : so AI wants to kill humanity.

evie k : i've never been more confused

Itsiwhatitsi : This TED makes sense

spanks : I've seen worse Ted Talks.