Apple's Worst Nightmare

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Add Honey for FREE at Honey’s 10 million members have saved an average of $28.61 on Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Best Buy, GameStop, and more! Special thanks to Honey for sponsoring this video! ____________________ Apple is currently facing one of their worst nightmares: declining iPhone sales. And that has led to the company issuing their first profit warning in 16 years. Which means the amount of revenue Apple told investors they’d earn in the fourth quarter of 2018 actually turned out to be inaccurate. So the company had to issue a warning, letting shareholders know that they actually made nine billion less than they original forecasted. And in this video I’m going to talk about how Apple ended up in this nightmare, and what they might do in the future to recover.

Comments from Youtube

Bugatti Boss : Went from Apple to Huawei and loving it. Apple is ridiculously overpriced for average technology. Apple's greatest strength is their Marketing and Brainwashing.

Yui : Tim cook is apple’s nightmare

Hard Chaps : With many options in the smartphone market nowadays, nobody buys IPHONE anymore. China and India patronizes HUAWEI, XIAOMI and even SAMSUNG. APPLE will die a natural death soon!

Georgy Thomas : Both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook are businessmen. But the difference is that Jobs was a shrewd businessman with a vision, ideas and creativity & an ironwill to get make that vision a reality no matter what the cost. Whereas Cook is just a businessman with numbers on his mind. This is what happens when shareholders become more important that products and most of all, the Customers. Because in the end the shareholders themselves are the losers. Apple needs a leader who can recognize bullshit and call it out. I'm sure that if designers came back, after supposedly spending millions on "innovation" with devices that looked exactly the same each year, Jobs would just outright thrown them out of the building and brought in fresh minds or rather lead the team himself.

Tom : Stop overcharging for phones without innovation

StarM20 Gaming : I swear apple wouldn’t have problems if Steve Jobs was still alive

Dick Hammerbush : Tim Cook blames China. lol. What a narcissist.

Ishtiaq Ahmed : Xiaomi and Huawei will take over the world very soon.

DreamyAbaddon : I switched from an iPhone to an Android in 2013. Never looked back. I build my own Windows/Linux PC in 2010... Never went back to a Mac after that... I bought my first Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch... Loving being able to use Samsung Pay everywhere since Apple Watch only works on new payment terminals. So yeah, I'm free from Apple's closed ecosystem. I love the freedom and flexibility on Windows, Linux and Android. Going back to Apple would mean I would have to give all that up! No thanks. I'm happy where I'm at now. 😊

Deformalized : 2007: Think Differently 2019: Price Differently

sourav gayen : Apple is a big failure in India. Their iPhone XS is not selling here. Who will spend more than Rs1,00,000 for a phone while we have a brand like One Plus? One Plus 6T is costs INR 38k and is rated as best phone by famous MKBHD. Moreover One plus have offline stores in India. One plus also enters US market with T Mobile and they can really hurt Apple. Their phones are flagship specs with much cheaper price tag. Their custom OS is considered fastest for Android and they provide 3 years support. Apple will have a tough time.

Samy the dog : I will not pay over 500€ for a Smartphone.... still hanging to my 6S with the second battery....

ItsBennie : Without Steve, Apple is just garbage. Without his creative ideas and plans Apple is nothing. The reason we buy Apple is because the quality is high. For Steve the inside had to be just as beautiful as the oudside. Apple failed once with the vice-president of pepsi, who saved the company? Steve did, he was a buinsess legend and a life changer... RIP Steve 🙏❤️😪

I Trust in Yeshua : Too Expensive....lower your prices Apple, this way the average consumer can purchase your product ! Apple is completely out of touch from their consumers!

SqueegeePi : I have to laugh. They thought they could price their iPhones the way they did and get away with it... LMAO.

The 12th Fret : As trump calls him "Tim Apple" needs to reduce the price to what it is actually worth. $45 for an Iphone is about right.

Andre Nunes : Bring the price back down to $700 max

May Show : Tim Cook can't come up with new innovations, so apple should think of acquiring companies that can and which are normal brands rather than premium. They also need to fire him and hire a new CEO with a clear vision.

Jezabel Gonzalez : *I used to love Apple products up to the iPhone 6s and the headphone jack isn’t even what gets me bothered because Airpods are great but it’d be so good to have the actual headphone jack. My 6s stopped working, so I bought a 7+ because Apple repair said it’d cost more to repair than to buy one. I now realized that they don’t want other people to repair and they glue the battery and make their own screws so that others can’t repair it easily. I bought a MacBook Pro since I run a business, edit tons of videos and thought it’d be a good investment. I can’t say I regret it because Apple products are well made and not flimsy but why tf is it called a pro if I can’t even put my SD card easily. How come an iPhone cost almost as much as a laptop?!! LMFAO AN IPHONE doesn’t even do as much as a laptop. I might be switching to some other company*

Meir kivelevitz : Apple: makes a 1000 dollar phone with barely any changes Few buy it: Reason for Apple: must be the battery replacements are too cheap.

Rajeev Jasti : Lol, they made 84B $ by raising the prices, not by selling more phones!!

An Electrician : Still happy with my Sony Xperia Z3C 2014 model, Android ! One compact power device.

John Cline : AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, i have been waiting soooooo long for this...

Jimmy B : How about the fact that they build these phones to break down after a year, forcing u to re-up

XSAVIER busy : Apple died with the phone jack.

Adnan Ak : The main problem in apple products is the high prices

Haeli Kim : Apple is focusing on emoticons.. lol

Boy Bili : Sooner or later this is bound to happend. Apple was apple because mainly of innovation....and arguably, theres nothing else that apple is putting out there that one can say is blowing their minds. At the very least, retain what is already working. Not by increasing the price and/or removing features that actually work i.e. headphone jack. And its quite late in some e.g. wireless charging (where android has been doing it for years ahead). One visionary man who is at the helm of an organization can really make a difference. RIP S.J.

myroblyte : check this out apple: stop overcharging for the same phone

SwagItachi Uchiha : Apple died with Steve Jobs.

Tayyab Atiq : Series of unfortunate events? More like series of bad decisions.

Mark Succa Free : Fire Tim Cook And bring Steve Jobs Back To LIFE!!!

Recon Smith : That's why I dump all my employee stock in 2017

Alejandro Macias : apple and samsumg are the past, hail Huawei And Xiaomi as present and future Mobile Titans

Pri yon Joni : Apple should just invest into waking up Steve Jobs from the dead. Yes I know that's impossible. But had to make sure since this is the internet and there are people who believe everything.

zpetar : People simply realised they don't need better phone than they already have. PERIOD.

8 pool P : if they don't stop their greed and ripp off by making their costumers pay 1k and not getting a freaking fast charger then i hope they go bankrupt

rudy boumon : The price is to high, 999 euo for the xs max no 1200 and more

TheFitfreak3 : I agree their product lineup is a mess. But I sold their stock because of their recent political stance. I don't care what side people are on but when a company focuses more on political issues rather than innovating great products I'm out. I don't see where Tim Cook is taking this company. All he does when he gets on stage is say "we have created our most powerful iPhone ever" with a gazillion transistors that doesn't mean anything to anyone.

Seb Hazel : They didn’t just price themselves out of the Chinese market, they priced themselves out of the entire consumer electronics market worldwide.

ragejinraver : Forgive the pun but apple is rotting right before our very eyes . Steve jobs must be rolling in his grave

Pistaxin : In general, there's is a problem with the smartphone market, the saturation. But the Apple's problem is you have already Smartphones for 150-200 bucks approximately with nice functionality. Even for less, you have smartphones covering the basic segment quite well. Why a normal person with a normal job should save money for a 1000 bucks smartphone if the 150 one cover most of necessities of the people? Also, Tim Cook is spending money in a shitty TV service with censorship.

Max Baba : Fire Tim Cook. Bring back innovators to Apple.

Perik Malik : What happened to Tim cook , this is the reason of the fall of Apple products......

Vishal Akula : Lower the price of the existing iPhone or make it worth the price

Bob Osborne : Stop worrying the next iPhone will be faster and er let me think......oh yes cost more again pure ground breaking

Uni Amni : I like those videos. Finaly people wake up :-)

Marcus Kane : Apple makes a $30 change on the iPhone Adds another $300 on the iPhone’s price

Francis Boampong : The Effect is Having on Apple is Undeniapple😏