Apple's Worst Nightmare

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Pri yon Joni : Apple should just invest into waking up Steve Jobs from the dead. Yes I know that's impossible. But had to make sure since this is the internet and there are people who believe everything.

CoachGregAdams : Got too greedy! Released too many phones back-to-back.

Triptonus Gustaf : Apple went from 'pushing the boundaries of technology' to 'pushing the boundaries of product pricing'

XSAVIER busy : Apple died with the phone jack.

SwagItachi Uchiha : Apple died with Steve Jobs.

Made My Own way 2 : Tim has screwed Apple up honestly. As an Apple Engineer, I have spoken with many people and been involved in many conversations about the state of Apple. Tim brought politics into the world of Apple, where Mr Jobs never went. With Steve it was about the products and not politics. Tim on the other hand has voiced his option and that has played a roll in what is happening, whether people want to talk about that or not. It is a fact. Next thing that has killed Apple are the prices of the products. Take the Mini as an example. It was always a cheap option for the customer to have a good long lasting, simple machine. This really is no longer that cheap solution. Why spend 800 or more, when you can go and purchase a Windows laptop or desktop for that 300 and up price tag. The iPhone is another major F'up for Tim and the board. The phones do not cost an arm and a leg to produce. Just look at the other companies out there producing their phones in China and selling much much cheaper. Tim and the board are playing the brand name game. Tim has failed, along with other senior leaders within Apple and the greedy board. They seem to have forgotten the roots of the Macintosh/Apple. Or how they f'ed things up before and had to bring Steve back to save their asses. No more Steve and the string of idiots now are killing Apple again.

The Con Man : I hade a 6S since 2016. I bought my first Samsung this week to replace the 6s. Why? Because I couldn’t justify paying that price for a phone that didn’t have a headphone jack.

ya00007 : Half the price and the sales will go through the roof.

Damon Aniton : There is no series of events. Steve died. Steve "IS" Apple. Apple is historically trash without Steve. This was already a proven fact

gringo : 2007: Think Differently 2019: Price Differently

ShadowRealmFox : *Simple answer is.... Apple just got lazy.*

Mark Phillips : apple products are for girls and teenagers. Nothing more than a fashion statement.

mxp2000 : First of all return Luis Rossmans batteries. Second, finish the damn Mac Pro. Third, Stop blaming China and BLAME YOURSELF. Own it. Fourth, instead of reinventing product from others, reinvent yourself.

Bugatti Boss : Went from Apple to Huawei and loving it. Apple is ridiculously overpriced for average technology. Apple's greatest strength is their Marketing and Brainwashing.

Meir kivelevitz : Apple: makes a 1000 dollar phone with barely any changes Few buy it: Reason for Apple: must be the battery replacements are too cheap.

manifest 73 : Arrogance and greed is there down fall. Competition is good for us consumers, thank you China for making such great phones for the quarter of the price. Short term and long term plan is not going to happen. They will end up like Nokia.

Tyk TiLioN : Any apple woes is music to my ears

Dana Putnam : Dropping sales, increase prices? Uh the opposite of what common sense would dictate. These are educated business minds ? Has greed finally exceeded its boundaries of sanity. It seems to be an epidemic in the US. We are not competitive in the globe or our own country. This company pays Chinese workers $3.00 an hour and then wants them to buy their $1000 dollar phone, they export manufacturing and think unemployed or underemployed Americans to buy their products ,hmmm good math guys. Then they keep their profits over seas so they don’t have to pay taxes. Meanwhile the trucks and planes that distribute billions of products tear up our roads and pollute or sky’s and the tax payer is on the hook to maintain infrastructure that big business use to make their billions. I used to be proud of US technology. This is just embarrassing.

TheFitfreak3 : I agree their product lineup is a mess. But I sold their stock because of their recent political stance. I don't care what side people are on but when a company focuses more on political issues rather than innovating great products I'm out. I don't see where Tim Cook is taking this company. All he does when he gets on stage is say "we have created our most powerful iPhone ever" with a gazillion transistors that doesn't mean anything to anyone.

SizzleGeek : Apple is essentially Fisher Price for teens. Once you become an adult you have no business using Apple products.

There is hair on your screen : Or you know... Lower the price?

Blooskyy : I had been an Apple fan since 1991 but for the last few years their focus has been purely based on arrogance and greed, and less so on innovation. Tim Cook has failed - he was handed a golden goose but didn't know how to feed it - and has been paid millions and millions to do so. Apple, start listening to your customers, and return to a 'it just works' philosophy and scrap the cash cow dongle! Oh and stop hoarding billions of $ in untaxed offshore cash reserves and start paying your taxes!

TruthAndMoreTruth : Imagine if Apple made a MacBook Pro, but instead of making it as thin as the Air, they filled it with a 26 hour battery? Imagine if they made an MacBook Pro with a removable magnetic screen that transforms into the iPad pro when separated from keyboard. Imagine a Mac Pro that could be opened and HDs swapped without even pulling from under the desk. Imagine an Apple TV that could act as a digital cable receiver, DVR, and a streaming device AND could stream to other WiFi TVs in the house. Imagine being able to browse your Mac files from your iPad or iPhone without the need to use icloud. Apple stopped being the BICYCLE OF THE MIND when Jobs died.

Moin Uddin : Apple is the problem for itself and nobody else. Nonetheless price is an issue. Their products are too expensive to replace every year. Android was challenged previously with security and refinement. Now Android is polished more than ever. Apple product servicing is another issue, too complicated and expensive. The biggest point is the freedom of ownership which Apple does not provide to their user. File sharing per se. Pushing to App Purchases is also sort of a trap for the user. So to speak, egoistic and monopolistic business philosophy and not rewarding people with new technology or service, as Steve Jobs would do, are a few reasons to point the fall. Eventually Apple will face the inevitable like all arrogant companies that are lost in time.

Ishtiaq Ahmed : Xiaomi and Huawei will take over the world very soon.

heng Xiang : the design has been disappointing for years. apple just raised the price.

aayush tiwari : Tim's politics and price policy is ruining Apple.

DreamyAbaddon : I switched from an iPhone to an Android in 2013. Never looked back. I build my own Windows/Linux PC in 2010... Never went back to a Mac after that... I bought my first Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch... Loving being able to use Samsung Pay everywhere since Apple Watch only works on new payment terminals. So yeah, I'm free from Apple's closed ecosystem. I love the freedom and flexibility on Windows, Linux and Android. Going back to Apple would mean I would have to give all that up! No thanks. I'm happy where I'm at now. 😊

SqueegeePi : I have to laugh. They thought they could price their iPhones the way they did and get away with it... LMAO.

sourav gayen : Apple is a big failure in India. Their iPhone XS is not selling here. Who will spend more than Rs1,00,000 for a phone while we have a brand like One Plus? One Plus 6T is costs INR 38k and is rated as best phone by famous MKBHD. Moreover One plus have offline stores in India. One plus also enters US market with T Mobile and they can really hurt Apple. Their phones are flagship specs with much cheaper price tag. Their custom OS is considered fastest for Android and they provide 3 years support. Apple will have a tough time.

mxp2000 : Tim Cook is more concerned about COCK than Macs.

Slide Five up : I had a good friend tell me every time it doesn’t matter I just want it . I told him I still have an 6s + and love it still. And I’ve been waiting for Apple to do the next big thing which is to frigging change how it looks completely 🤦🏽‍♂️. Wtf am I paying for something that looks like the last damn one not too long ago. I think it’s an Ego thing and you put a bunch of nonsense imoji‘ in it and 10 cameras to watch us better big brother.. I’m done rambling I know .. fed up

Rasaan Shakur : Dear god, please don’t allow Apple to colonize Africa with phones priced higher than some countries GDP.

Steven Manning : Apple’s worst nightmare? They might have to.... DROP THE PRICES OF THEIR DEVICES TO A REASONABLE LEVEL! 😱😨😱😨OMGWTF!

yourfast07 : I would buy new iPhone if it was at $700 and I’m not talking about the one with old screen that they started using again. Not paying $1000+ for phone that won’t last.

sam I is : The emperor wears no clothes.

Christos Phillippou : Apple rips people off with overpricing everything. Time to wake up and get real on their pricing policy. Not everybody is rich !!!

Boy Bili : Sooner or later this is bound to happend. Apple was apple because mainly of innovation....and arguably, theres nothing else that apple is putting out there that one can say is blowing their minds. At the very least, retain what is already working. Not by increasing the price and/or removing features that actually work i.e. headphone jack. And its quite late in some e.g. wireless charging (where android has been doing it for years ahead). One visionary man who is at the helm of an organization can really make a difference. RIP S.J.

Vishal Akula : Lower the price of the existing iPhone or make it worth the price

Rob Moss : Very good vid. So Tim Cook blames everything on everything else except for himself. Apple's greed is what got them on this downward spiral. I love apple so don't get me wrong but they were like parasites in China. They as well as many other Companies fattened up China by moving America's manufacturing base there in order to create a middle class who could afford stuff. Instead of going at a slow and steady pace with a long term outlook, they basically gorged themselve's. Over saturating the market. Then when the new shinny thing which humans are predisposed towards start to decline because people start waking up and realize, hey I can get the same cheaper with another brand. Well what did Cook expect. So ya apple's greed is what is causing this and cooks inability to foresee this happening. Oh and lets not forget putting all your cookies into one basket. Stupid. They should have long ago learned their lessen and followed Microsoft's business model. Insane to pay $1000 for a phone unless $$$ means nothing to you.

Georgy Thomas : Both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook are businessmen. But the difference is that Jobs was a shrewd businessman with a vision, ideas and creativity & an ironwill to get make that vision a reality no matter what the cost. Whereas Cook is just a businessman with numbers on his mind. This is what happens when shareholders become more important that products and most of all, the Customers. Because in the end the shareholders themselves are the losers. Apple needs a leader who can recognize bullshit and call it out. I'm sure that if designers came back, after supposedly spending millions on "innovation" with devices that looked exactly the same each year, Jobs would just outright thrown them out of the building and brought in fresh minds or rather lead the team himself.

Cary Clan : I like Apple products and I am a 40 year Apple fan. BUT...Tim Cook is treating customers like morons. Why change connectors every few years do they not have a long range plan? Why make computers that cannot be upgraded, don’t they know people like to upgrade their machines? Why charge $1000 more for a computer that is not worth $1000 more? Why slow down old computers with so-called updates? Now, their iPhone software updates are causing connection issues and the new iPads are coming out of the box with a bend in them and Apple is ignoring the issue, by saying it’s natural to have a bent iPad.... no it’s not. Again, I really like Apple products but they have abused my relationship with them too many times. Replace Tim Cook.

Danno Jdrsm : Apple = scams on people = over rated ✌

LuckEdude _ : Don’t click read more! Your 2019 is now cursed and will be a terrible year. Like to undo

Taylor : I hate what they did with the new iPhones. I want a full screen. That top black part is SO tacky.

Robert Clark : We called it in 2016...On xda thread. Apple will follow BB...

goduxunike : I personally like Apple product for their reliability. But the iPhone is the one product I can't use. Just boring to me. As for MacBooks and iPads, when I bought them, I knew I'd have them for a long time. I really just replace them when they're too slow or unusable. I still don't see a reason to replace my 2013 iPad mini or my 2014 MacBook air. But when the time comes, I'll go Apple again.

Yui : Tim cook is apple’s nightmare


Nathan Tankersley : Imagine using an Apple dock to dock your iPhone and pair it to a mouse keyboard and display and it can dual boot Mac OS this would be a massive innovation and murder everyone else the processors are plenty powerful enough to run Mac OS even now why not do this the best of both worlds and then people could justify the high prices because u literally get a pc and a phone in one package