Never give up. (Motivational video)

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Jacquobite : The music could not be more perfect for this. The highs synced perfectly with the dramatic moments. +1 editing.

Jin Kazama : He only has enough brain cells for breathing and climbing.

Lonely Losers : thank god you filmed it instead of helping, my life is better having seen this

Jacob & Emma : Masterpiece

33hegemon : This is a metaphor of the human race.

GnaTaMas : nuostabu

Jack Thibeau : This is the most beautiful video ever. It captures everything about life in a single video. It captures the beauty, the pain, the struggle, hope, despair, comedy, confusion and simple elegance.

Dahkeus3 : That was the most beautiful video of a drunk man navigating a metal fence that I have ever seen.

Brains for Change : That man gave up a LONG time ago.

Tony Music : Yesterday a clown held the door open for me... I thought it was a nice jester.

ryan P M : Lol. I love some of the comments. A metaphor of the human race, only enough brain cells for breathing and climbing, and he gave up a long time ago. Fk that's funny. Thanks to jin, hegemon, and brains. You made my day!

Gerry Donnelly : This is a triumph of the human spirit. Heroic heart once more tames a cruel world!

James Rodgers : Lmfao

Willee : I wanted him to go back to climbing...

Erkin : Wait for the badass

DarkEnergy147 : What's the piano piece used?


Control Freak : Magic,