Samurai Champloo - Shiki No Uta (Nujabes Cover) [Audio Version NOW ON iTUNES and SPOTIFY! ]

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Zico Tops : Youtube, this is the type of thing I want to see on my recommended, papa bless.

Juan Gonzalez : I almost forgot to watch this again.

feels like flying : I love how such a unique soundtrack this anime has compared to the classic mainstream ones

Shadow_Owl242 : I was gonna write my essay with this as background music but I got too caught up dancing to get any real work done haha

Pandrezz : pwaaahhh, this is genius !

Koray Tektas : A certified hood classic

Paul Plaza : kinda like samurai champloo mixed with cowboy bebop in a way. to have a song from samurai champloo to be composed in such a bebop jazz style.

Meme loving DEGENERATE fuck : Rest in beats nujabes I'm not crying I swear

elijah- : Tight how this video was even filmed it’s like they just rehearsing in they living room and this time they got it perfect in 1 take

テスタR O SS E : Everyone seems to be playing with such love and care. This is an amazing cover.

Zach Bobre : I smell the sunflowers...

Vigilance : Yeeaa. This is bomb! Its almost like the Cowboy Beepop version of Samuri Champloo. Nujabes would be proud!

Commando Z : You have to fall in love when a music of a genious is covered by geniouses.

Joseph Pereida : Dang ya trumpet player killin it

Wild Street Cats : This made me grab my trumpet out of the closet. Beautiful guys. Mad respect for Nujabes anytime anyplace. (Rest in beats)

Maximino Jardin III : I've watched this about four times in different years and I could honestly say it's a timeless classic.

Arvin Boi : Woah, didn't know Jordan Peele was a big fan of Nujabes. Great!

Phoney : It saddens me that we can never have more of Nujabes's music.

L'éveil des Anciens : Hello from France guys ! I just discovered your cover... i'm speechless, you did all an amazing work. I was not able to do something else while i was listening you performing. From the begin to the end, you did a great job guys. A real masterpiece. The trumpet reminds me the day i discover Miles Davis, it was "My funny valentine" song. They are not sounding similar i mean, but the level of greatness that there is in yours and in the song of Miles Davis. So, if by listening your song i'm thinking about a great name of Jazz, you guys really nailed it ! Period ! I love your cover, it's speak for itself, you guys played it with your souls & heart. I'm definitely subscribing !

David Lawrence : Why that dude on the trumpet lookin like John Boyega from starwars force awakens?

Karin el-Akiki : Dont mind me. Just here for the daily watch

Nikolai Falcon : 2018.. still listening..

Alsogood : Rest in peace Jun Seba .

SpeshoFX : This band has enough soul to bring a ginger to life.

XCaIiber : This so dope makes me wanna watch Samurai Champloo again.

Spiced Muffin : damnnn been awhile since I've last stopped by for this beautifully smooth cover and hooooly shizballs look at dem views Totally deserve each one ;D I still smile like a fool when the drums kick in haha

Mike Hensley : This is such a great rendition, probably watched this video 50 times at this point.

kdmgs : greeting from Japan. amazing!

zeranzeran : can I find a bar or club with these guys playing? So much soul great playing

Nick Von : It's stuff like this that inspires me to continue to pursue music

SlimeKingK : This made tears well up in my eyes for some reason. I love Shiki no Uta... *applaud*

Cragon McBride : So when Finn isn’t fighting the Galactic Empire, he’s ripping the trumpet? Good to know.

Dio Orange in Black : Porque não fui conhecer esse vídeo antes. ❤️🇧🇷

Cinematic Influence : What really makes this work so well is the atmosphere of respect and love that's put into the execution of each instrument and part, very much a fan of this particular session.

Andres Olmos : Hears it one time **loops song over and over again for hours on end**

Hibiki_ Prod : Great cover and RIP Nujabes. You were a real one.

Mala Gucci : R.I.P Nujabes😢

くどーまこと : Awesome! リアルジャズ大名やね〜

The Jaxson Video Blog : This gave me chills so hard that the surface of my skin actually hurt a bit. What a lovely performance. RIP Jun.

ColtJ : Nicely done gentlemen

itsToon : I hope you guys did a cover for the intro to Cowboy Bepop

Mason Tyner : Yo this is great. Good job dudes. I never post a comment but I found this truly worthy of a comment. Hop on those bebop beats man! Unless you already have..

NiXxY : so late but omg glad this was recommended

Black Salami : This is the best like to dislike ratio I’ve ever seen

shineMYknob : thanks for this though. I have tears knowing people enjoy this music

Eduardo Robles : Dope Dope Dope Dope!!!

GrabberBythePuss : Ya'll making music i can buy?

excuse me : subscribed because of this. i know it's 2 years late, but thanks i didn't know i needed this. perfect.

James M Sims : Y’all rock on 🤘🏾 much love

scottynightbell : soul levels are at a maximum baby