HydeWars 032: Blacklisted Desperado
Sam Hyde disgraced former Adult Swim show creator is at it again This time trashing Latinos women Tim Eric Dan Harmon and more all while sounding like an incredible douchebag

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Edit by The Commander. http://wizdumgun.tv/ Subscribe NOW: http://gum.co/HydeWars Sorry this ended up becoming a long rambling shit bar where I try to delicately put it that ___________ allegedly leaves his cell phone recording in the ladies' room and does coke every day... Big whup. And the men's room at the Atlanta headquarters looks like Jared Fogle did the wallpaper. And Mark Kosta allegedly has herpes. And Eric is a fucking freak according to anyone. ***Call the advertisers, thank you pol for the list, tell them Rick & Morty has got to go! Keep the pressure on and something cool WILL happen:*** (This takes like 10 minutes tops if you email all of them. Maybe even just 5 minutes.) List of companies that currently carry Adult Swim, on cable or streaming: AT&T - https://secure.opinionlab.com/ccc01/o.asp?id=fXJtjaWr \\ https://www.att.com/contactus/index.html Optimum - https://www.optimum.net/support Cox - https://www.cox.com/residential/contactus.html Spectrum / Time Warner Cable - https://www.spectrum.com/contact-us.html Comcast - https://corporate.comcast.com/press/media-contacts Cartoon Network/AS itself - https://www.cartoonnetwork.com/feedback/index.html \\ https://www.adultswim.com/footer/contact/ ADVERTISERS that currently spend money on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network (partial list): Frito-Lay - https://cu1.pepsico.com/fritolay Pepsi - https://cu.pepsico.com/pepsi Pizza Hut - https://www.pizzahut.com/index.php#/contactus State Farm - http://online2.statefarm.com/forms/sf/commentsOrQuestions.xhtml Burger King - https://www.bk.com/contact-us ---------------- MUSIC ---------------- 0:00 - 1:00 some generic royalty free stock music i ripped from YT "Suspenseful Music for Scene Ending - Short Tension #1" and "tyops scary suspense" 1:00 - 1:15 CognosSquare - GasqueDax 1:00 - 1:45 CognosSquare - BDAY 1:45 - 3:00 CognosSquare - Ond mask God mask 3:00 - 4:15 CognosSqaure - QNARQ 04:20 - 6:00 Dataplex - forgotten sunshine 6:00 - 6:30 CognosSquare - FridayGroove 6:30 - 8:00 Decanter - BLACK4 7:50 - 9:00 James price - 8loop8 sans vocals 9:00 - 10:00 CognosSquare - ma lil choo choo 10:00 - 15:00 Decanter - BLACK4 15:00 - 16:00 Decanter - pid dawm 16:00 - 18:00 Decanter - rope 18:00 - 20:00 Duke Nukem 3d Megaton Edition OST - Track 32, Missing Impossible 20:00 - 21:00 CognosSquare - AIRPLANE pedo hunting highlight reel music used: "Export" by 10lettername (first song) "36" by CognosSquare (second song) "Neurotica TV" by CognosSquare (third song) 21:40 - 22:30 CognosSquare - 14


Alain Diaz : a man denied his second season

Nerd City : Sam Hyde just tried to bully the CIA into blowing up the moon.

smokethechron : This is a self defense situation.

Svetlin Neychev : ((( _These people hold grudges for a long time. THESE PEOPLE HOLD GRUDGES FOR A LONG TIME._ )))

DjRawd0g : "My opinion of women... very low" rofl

Tate Gibbs : Sam Hyde found dead in his house with 23 stab wounds, the death is ruled not suspicious and a suicide

Ck : Inb4 Sam gets suicided by 4 shotgun blasts to the back of the head Stay safe, man

Whang! : Holy shit I can not wait for the new crush 500

ally Ramirez : Punished Sam Hyde establishes Outer Heaven.

Mad Mel : Local homeless man commits suicide by 3 bullets to the back of the head

Rob Kino : Donald J Trump official twitter - "I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!" 2:31 AM - 7 Aug 2018

Bryan Kay : Yo Sam i legit called pizza hut, burger king, and state farm; corporate and advertising departments. The lady from state farm said that she has had multiple calls for the same thing and agrees that they need to pull advertisements for affiliation with Dan Harmon. Swear to God i got her to look up Harmons video on twitter! #NoPissNoJustice

Crumpets Beatbox : *dan harmon deletes twitter same day this video was uploaded*

Jenni Niccum : My entire family loves Sam Hyde and MDE and we hate Rick and Morty. May the pedo jews be ruined forever. God bless you Sammy boi.

Lehew Tech : This is what they took from us

eggfooyuong : I lived in a Hispanic neighborhood for 4 years. Sam nailed it. Never have I heard so many loud personal motor vehicles.

molkame : The fact that most of this is probably true is terrifying. I was at Nick's shop maybe two months back and he told us the same exact stories about Eric.

dogboy0912 : Unchained gamer vigilante revenge

ロゼ : *J E W S R O C K*

Bnt 2346 : “And it’s getting to the point where even I have a problem with it”

Pieter Willem Botha : "Arabs are equal to ants"-Sam Hyde

Death Metal Death Cult : So basically pedogate is real and not even news to most people but people are going to continue doing nothing about it because money and power. Gotcha.

Smitch Darkskin : Sam tell us about the time you molested theneedledrop with a cheeto

Algiz Rune : (((Eric Wareheim)))

Shelby Brown : Id love to see sam Hyde on a long form interview podcast like joe Rogan

Bearling : Why is it when sam doesnt participate in hygenic practices and wears stupid glasses he suddenly looks incredibly jewish?

King Dedede : I just wanted to play videogames.

Buzitch : Punished Hyde A hero denied his second season

Thomas Megabezemboy : Take on the pedo's, hydey. As someone who can't keep getting away with it, you would know they can't keep getting away with that.

Secretly Sentient : God dammit Sam I don’t know what to believe.

Internet Freak : What if everything that Sam's doing is WP Season 2 and it's supposed to be some kind of MGS2 post-modernist cyberhell

BIRD CANCER : I'm being censored on a Soviet level, lmao.

Valerie DeAngelis : Hey Sam I'm glad you're speaking up about this but you're gonna wind up dead with 2 bullet holes in the head and they'll rule it a suicide

nobo bonobo : Inb4 sam Hyde goes missing

Momo : The second revolution against satanic pedophilia hollywood begins

Txiki Zuasnabar : The nose is behind all the trash in the world including the tv networks.

1 2 : Sam not helping Tims back pain

Dresden_stl : You can't blow up the moon, Sam. It's a hologram.

Rich D : Sam Hyde's revenge


Bill Cosby : tim has now been on the h3h3 podcast, and didn’t mention sam! Plus, ethan said tim was his inspiration! Cmon

saint nic cage : Is this the guy who does all the mass shootings? How does he get away with it ??

Kampfire33 7 : the older he gets the more he looks like Trotsky...just another example of someone exposing the satanic elite psychopaths that run this country

Planet Schlock : Weird how all of Adult Swim's advertisers are either junkfood or insurance companies.

SeagIe : "thank you pol for the list" owo

Jiminy Cricket : I had already contacted Turner and several advertisers but I will do so again as obviously my children and my friends and family will not be purchasing any of their products until this circumstance is rectified. I have also tweeted several of the inforgraphics of Dan at the advertisers with Turner and if other people kept up that heat it would help this multipronged attack become more effective.

Crud O'Matic : Sam is looking more like Trotsky by the day.

Amos Moses : Boys, we just got another homework assignment.

leofera : Investigate (((Adult Swim)))