HydeWars 032: Blacklisted Desperado

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HydeWars : make sure you contact the advertisers, take 5 min, get Rick and Morty pulled, contact info in description :-O fuck em then subscribe to your fella: http://gum.co/HydeWars

Nerd City : Sam Hyde just tried to bully the CIA into blowing up the moon.

Whang! : Holy shit I can not wait for the new crush 500

Secretly Sentient : God dammit Sam I don’t know what to believe.

dogboy0912 : Unchained gamer vigilante revenge

Lehew Tech : This is what they took from us

McRecreationalNerveGasTM : Tons better than Fireside chat w/ (((Dennis Prager)))

smokethechron : This is a self defense situation.

Tate Gibbs : Sam Hyde found dead in his house with 23 stab wounds, the death is ruled not suspicious and a suicide

Darth Vader : A few years ago, if you had told me the world was run by Satanic demon-possessed pedophiles, I would have thought it was crazy tinfoil conspiracy stuff. But after the shit I've seen recently, I'm starting to believe it.

Jenni Niccum : My entire family loves Sam Hyde and MDE and we hate Rick and Morty. May the pedo jews be ruined forever. God bless you Sammy boi.

Rob Kino : Donald J Trump official twitter - "I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!" 2:31 AM - 7 Aug 2018

Bryan Kay : Yo Sam i legit called pizza hut, burger king, and state farm; corporate and advertising departments. The lady from state farm said that she has had multiple calls for the same thing and agrees that they need to pull advertisements for affiliation with Dan Harmon. Swear to God i got her to look up Harmons video on twitter! #NoPissNoJustice

Crumpets Beatbox : *dan harmon deletes twitter same day this video was uploaded*

Richard Dewey : Sam Hyde's revenge

molkame : The fact that most of this is probably true is terrifying. I was at Nick's shop maybe two months back and he told us the same exact stories about Eric.

Bearling : Why is it when sam doesnt participate in hygenic practices and wears stupid glasses he suddenly looks incredibly jewish?

Jinzo Clash : Pizza Hut and Burger King (and Taco Bell) are all sister companies, often pairing up within the same structure. Which, also happen to carry Frito Lay and Pepsi. So, it might be more direct to go who owns all of them.

Svetlin Neychev : ((( _These people hold grudges for a long time. THESE PEOPLE HOLD GRUDGES FOR A LONG TIME._ )))

FODCOM : _Sam Hyde enters the server. Diablo's minion's grow weaker._

Humeford : All bored single white guys UNITE

Algiz Rune : (((Eric Wareheim)))

ko ke : Inb4 Sam gets suicided by 4 shotgun blasts to the back of the head Stay safe, man

Aesthetic Trump : Tim and Eric are pedophiles

King Dedede : I just wanted to play videogames.

Dresden_stl : You can't blow up the moon, Sam. It's a hologram.

sof ka : It's subtile but it's possible to difireciate between the truth/ half-truth and the "jokes"

STBill : If I was Patrick Swayze I would roundhouse kick every single pedophile into oblivion and back.


GrimGoat The Corruptor : No Rick, No Morty, No diddling kids when you're in your 40's. *read in the tune of Antifa chant.

DjRawd0g : "My opinion of women... very low" rofl

msiarx8 : What if everything that Sam's doing is WP Season 2 and it's supposed to be some kind of MGS2 post-modernist cyberhell


kēromara : Our Evil Emperor

ロゼ : *J E W S R O C K*

aztecwarrior9511 : Sam is the modern Diogenes the dog mixed with Socrates and Plato

BIRD CANCER : I'm being censored on a Soviet level, lmao.

Alain Diaz : a man denied his second season

saint nic cage : Is this the guy who does all the mass shootings? How does he get away with it ??

Death Metal Death Cult : So basically pedogate is real and not even news to most people but people are going to continue doing nothing about it because money and power. Gotcha.

ally Ramirez : Punished Sam Hyde establishes Outer Heaven.

John Redcorn : The reason (((they))) torture kids is so when they sacrifice them they get to harvest the best natural DMT and adrenochrome. The more frightened the person is when they die the more of it gets produced in their glands.

Bnt 2346 : “And it’s getting to the point where even I have a problem with it”

Dogman : I can honestly say Sam Hyde is my hero.

AmarilloMusicAB : More like blacklisted despacito am I right?

Will T : stop skipping leg day

Hobart Schulz : Eric talking about sauce boy: Eric: I was thinking about Sauce Boy this weekend, and it reminded me of Happiness, the Todd Solondz film. The dad is a pedophile, but there’s no way he can not be a pedophile. He has to go through life making these decisions. My character, in Sauce Boy, is a normal dad. He just has a really, really dark problem. And he does want to fix it! He wants to be near his family and he wants to cure himself. But that darkness can’t be cured. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2015/nov/07/tim-and-eric-bedtime-stories-interview

Alex Johnson : Emailed all the advertisers and told them I was a mother who wouldn't be buying their products anymore if they continued to advertise on adult swim. I suggest all of you do this but make it real don't be funny about it.

AryanMane15 7 : the older he gets the more he looks like Trotsky...just another example of someone exposing the satanic elite psychopaths that run this country

HisNameisColin : This must be easier than being funny