Steamed Hams But It's The Confrontation From Les Misérables

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Schaffrillas Productions : This was absolutely incredible.

Abelhawk : This fits the tune _way_ too well! Also, you have a great voice.

Ihasnotomato Tf2 : I can easily see this a stage show by god

KBash : You're a demon. Holy god.

Daniel Escobar : The line between shitposting and art is very blurry, and it looks like this is right in the center of it.

Spunky Animations : I always wondered why the book Les Misérables was made into a musical. Now I know why.


Comrade Irelandball : God has joined the sever *_permanently_*

Stokes A : Just as Victor Hugo always intended.

Gaelith Whitemane : At first: "Well, this is pretty good, but it's not mind-blowing-" And then aurora borealis.

Epic David : This was the most unforgettable luncheon I've even seen.

poochie therockendog : what makes this even better is that Skinner's prisoner number in a Vietnamese POW camp was 24601

Tita : I'm french.. and i approve it !

Weejimmy : We played this in English class to demonstrate parody, you've literally managed to get this video used as an example for the HSC

RelaxWithMe : Just wanted to say - I'm really shocked how much you guys liked this project. I'm really grateful for your interest and support so I hope I will be able to make more content like this in the future. Thanks for listening, everyone :D

Yacob Gugsa : Red, the color of angry superintendents

Officer Milky : I was really skeptical anyone making a steamed hams meme involving their own voice, let alone in song, could pull this off, but by God, you turned this into something magnificent.

Fifi Rodriguez : I had a dream my roast would be So different from these "hams" I'm serving! So different from what we now eat! But life has killed the hams I steamed.

MarkProductions : This is way too good I'm calling the police

XΞZIAN † : SEYMOUR, THE HOUSE HAS BEEN TURNED INTO A THEATER PLAY no mother that's just the steam, steam from the steamed stage play Mmm steamed stage play

TEHSMISH : I will see the Borealis, this I swear by the stars

Resetti's Replicas : ♪ ♫ Do you see the oven smoke? It's putting Seymour in a jam, It is the steam that is exuding from the fabricated clams, When the burning of your roast, leads to the burning of your den There is a light from the Aurora in your kitchen. ♪ ♫

misterwishart : Fun fact (that's probably already been mentioned but fuck it): In "Homer's Barbership Quartert" we find that Seymour's old POW helmet number is 24601, the same as Jean Valjean from Les Mis :)

Chris Axberg : This is the pinnacle of ham steaming.

Hagane no Gijutsushi : Welcome Chalmers, sit yourself down, and have the best steamed clams in town; clams? No, it's hams - hams on your plate, that's what we call hamburgers upstate. Well not in Utica, more like Albany... let's enjoy them now, so mouth-water-y. Sneak outside the house, buy Krusty's main course, put it in a plate and pretend it's yours! Here a little lie, there just some half truth, Chalmers won't realise because I'm so smooth! My deception is perfection, when I lay the lure, he bites, is my house on fire? No, those are just the Northern Lights!

William M Buttlicker : AND I'M JAVERT

Camad203 : This is literally the best shitpost of all time. I'll be hard pressed to find one better than this.

Angel Gonterman : As both a fan of Les Miserables and the steamed hams meme, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard! Can we just have a musical of all the memes? I just want this!

Psycho Named Jerry : You still sing better than Russel Crowe.

fearlesswee : This has no right being as good as it is.

cj light : Is this what happens when shit posting transcends itself?

N/A N/A : recreate the entire musical this way

Christhefireshark : Nothing could be more genius than writing about the Parisian sewer system for a whole chapt--

Ryan Kirby : Staying up way too late watching Steamed Hams vids for the fifteenth day in a row finally paid off


Roxerg : Holy shit this is better than the actual musical

Fraser Crofts : all I did was STEAM some HAMS

Someguyhere111 : Steamed Hams: The Musical. Yes. Just yes.

Filipe1020 : 1:37 "I SEEEEE!" *nom nom nom nom*


Jalisa Weschen : GIVE IT A TONY

QuicklimeTime EX : 🎵Welcome, Chalmers! Sit yourself down, and taste the best luncheon around. As for the rest, roasts and steamed clams, all of them pale to Skinner's steamed hams. Seldom do you see, food that's made by me! A dish that's quite delish, and from Albany!

PhilMcCrack1 : Where do you learn to sing like this?

DatAwkwardGuy : *Skinner* One ham more Another ham another destiny This never ending road to Albany, Chalmers seems to know about my lie, Or will surely catch me in the web I've tied. One ham more. *Superintendent* I did not live until today How could I live when I can't taste it. *Skinner* One ham more. *Superintendent&"Ham"* Tomorrow you will be worlds away, Because, quite frankly, Skinner's directions are shit. *Ruined Roast* One day spent entirely in the oven. *Superintendent&"Ham"* Will we ever dine again? *Ruined Roast* One more day with him not caring... *Superintendent&"Ham"* I was born to this luncheon.

The Click : This put me in so much tears. Such a powerful musical 11/10

The Calamari Crew : *smashes like button*

Jorge Farah : The aurora will live within my care

TheFriskiestFrisk : I don't even know what Les Misérables is but that just makes it better.

MisterZebra42 : This is it. The meme has peaked. It can go no further.

Yakxter's Bass Music : Why you didn't add the video? Superb audio nonetheless 100/10 - IGN