Steamed Hams But It's The Confrontation From Les Misérables

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Schaffrillas Productions : This was absolutely incredible.

Ihasnotomato Tf2 : I can easily see this a stage show by god

KBash : You're a demon. Holy god.

Spunky Animations : I always wondered why the book Les Misérables was made into a musical. Now I know why.

Irelandball Poke the ducks : God has joined the sever *_permanently_*

RelaxWithMe : Just wanted to say - I'm really shocked how much you guys liked this project. I'm really grateful for your interest and support so I hope I will be able to make more content like this in the future. Thanks for listening, everyone :D

Jalisa Weschen : GIVE IT A TONY

Tita : I'm french.. and i approve it !

MarkProductions : This is way too good I'm calling the police

Daniel Escobar : The line between shitposting and art is very blurry, and it looks like this is right in the center of it.

Abelhawk : This fits the tune _way_ too well! Also, you have a great voice.

The Calamari Crew : *smashes like button*

Yacob Gugsa : Red, the color of angry superintendents

Epic David : This was the most unforgettable luncheon I've even seen.

Fifi Rodriguez : I had a dream my roast would be So different from these "hams" I'm serving! So different from what we now eat! But life has killed the hams I steamed.

Ryan Kirby : Staying up way too late watching Steamed Hams vids for the fifteenth day in a row finally paid off

Resetti's Robot Wars Replicas : ♪ ♫ Do you see the oven smoke? It's putting Seymour in a jam, It is the steam that is exuding from the fabricated clams, When the burning of your roast, leads to the burning of your den There is a light from the Aurora in your kitchen. ♪ ♫

cj light : Is this what happens when shit posting transcends itself?

Weejimmy : We played this in English class to demonstrate parody, you've literally managed to get this video used as an example for the HSC

Bill Buttlicker : AND I'M JAVERT

t3mb3 : now this is ART!!

Chris Axberg : This is the pinnacle of ham steaming.

Pie at the restaurant : 1,000,000/10

Officer Milky : I was really skeptical anyone making a steamed hams meme involving their own voice, let alone in song, could pull this off, but by God, you turned this into something magnificent.


TEHSMISH : I will see the Borealis, this I swear by the stars

Someguyhere111 : Steamed Hams: The Musical. Yes. Just yes.

Roxerg : Holy shit this is better than the actual musical

Psycho Named Jerry : You still sing better than Russel Crowe.

The Click : This put me in so much tears. Such a powerful musical 11/10

Camad203 : This is literally the best shitpost of all time. I'll be hard pressed to find one better than this.

Yakxter's Bass Music : Why you didn't add the video? Superb audio nonetheless 100/10 - IGN

poochie therockendog : what makes this even better is that Skinner's prisoner number in a Vietnamese POW camp was 24601

N/A N/A : recreate the entire musical this way

PhilMcCrack1 : Where do you learn to sing like this?


Christhefireshark : Nothing could be more genius than writing about the Parisian sewer system for a whole chapt--

TheFriskiestFrisk : I don't even know what Les Misérables is but that just makes it better.

Gaelith Whitemane : At first: "Well, this is pretty good, but it's not mind-blowing-" And then aurora borealis.

BAI GAMING : I've never laughed so hard at a parody before. Thank you.

Farfaramir : Well, that was wonderful. A good time was have by all.

Angel Gonterman : As both a fan of Les Miserables and the steamed hams meme, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard! Can we just have a musical of all the memes? I just want this!

Otamer ZXD : You known what i love the most when the new season of memes comes, there's always that tiny part of creators...who makes something more than a meme..a piece of art. This sure was a good steamhams, my ears are pleased, Thank you.

Hagane no Gijutsushi : Welcome Chalmers, sit yourself down, and have the best steamed clams in town; clams? No, it's hams - hams on your plate, that's what we call hamburgers upstate. Well not in Utica, more like Albany... let's enjoy them now, so mouth-water-y. Sneak outside the house, buy Krusty's main course, put it in a plate and pretend it's yours! Here a little lie, there just some half truth, Chalmers won't realise because I'm so smooth! My deception is perfection, when I lay the lure, he bites, is my house on fire? No, those are just the Northern Lights!

Jesse McClure : why

sactage : I thought this meme couldn't get any better. I was so, so wrong

fearlesswee : This has no right being as good as it is.

Admiral Spork : Now I wanna listen to Philip Quast and Colm Wilkinson sing this version. Somebody get them to do that

ConfusedProud : I'm crying. You're the best human being.

Jorge Farah : The aurora will live within my care