W U - T A L L I C A - (Lewis Floyd Henry Mashup) London 2017.
WuTallica Metallica vs Wu Tang Clan

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Wu-Tang Clan meets Metallica. Wu-Tallica - Live on the streets of London 2017. Thanks x Lewis Floyd Henry Guitar: Gibson ES-335 Custom Amp: Roland street cube Mic: Shure WH20 music available lewisfloydhenry.net lewisfloydhenry.bandcamp.com


Lewis Floyd Henry : Wu Tang is emmensely strong and immune to any weapon!

AHA : This guy is a genius.

Jmodderator : I am 40 years old, I have been a Wu fan since 1994, I have my original first 36 Chambers CD and a Wu-tang tattoo... This is THE GREATEST thing I have ever heard in my whole life.

Dan Morelle : Shared on The Wu's official Twitter son.

Dic Rattlehead : At first glance, I thought Jimi Hendrix was alive

Zahidul Chowdhury : What a dope mashup! Sad that people only dropped coins instead of some dollar dollar bill yooooo

e yonce : I would pay money to see this guy live.

Watupal : Sounds like rage against the machine style

Shawn Carter : More like a JimiWuTallica production. To bad James Hetfield doesn't like hip hop. This video is clear proof Wu Tang songs would be dope in heavy metal form.

Gianni Puface : Theres just so much going on here. A Richard Pryor lookalike dressed as Jimi playing Metallica on guitar spitting Wu and drumming with his feet.

Sagi Vaitzman : Perfect, please record this rap-rock mashups, the best thing I have ever heard on YouTube so far!

Choose A Better Name : He ended the song with Iggy & The Stooges " I wanna be your dog" hell yeah \m/


Yanik Beauchemin : Now we need an official mashup :D

Nick LeBlanc : I dare someone to give this a thumbs down... Yea that's what I thought. Too lit

zax reds : gotta get up n be somebody

Lynyrd_ Skynyrd 06 : If Jimi Hendrix and Tupac had a love child it would be this guy

PARANOID ANDROID GOLFER : Insane in the membrane insane in the brain brilliant request in 👍👍👍

EoThorne : Please say he has a studio release of this.

Heather Gaillard : I've been saying we need more metal hop or hip metal for a while. For real both genres have the same energy.

BucketsAMF : Goddamnit I love that little _doodle-dee doodle-dee_ he chucks into that riff.. Best mashup I've ever seen and it's live, by one dude in an alley.

Gustavo Weber : S I C K !

Josef Ayala : lol man... what a crazy idea that would be...a Wu-Tang & Metallica tour...I feel like everyone would go to that...

Greig Healey : My two favourite bands from two genres.best thing I've heard in ages!amazing!

Edgar Mendez : This is amazing! Why are we not funding this!

PDS : I should be working ...came back for more . TALENT ON FIRE !

TheCIAOfficial VEVO : Is that for whom the bell toles and da mystery of chessboxin

Adil Hussain : Where can i buy this????

az stuff : modern music is the epitome of terrible. this man is music's savior.

Chaz M. : So badass Kudos to you good chap

Mike Rüschoff : Lewis Floyd is brilliant. also his mash up of Motörhead and Biggie is rad!

coolhandmooses : This gave me goosebumps !

Jaworski Middleton : Entertainment memo.: F.=he M.C.=both he, or her C.=her. In the Study of Artistry.: Sinserely, J.M. Of Honestmen mngmt/etc... And associate's....

dontget ittwizted666 : This is the best thing I've heard in a while. Fuckin awesome.

Ryan H : Fucking Awesome!

Mitch Farrier : Get this guy into a studio to record this. Dude shreds!

toxicwayzt : Man, he's on fire!

Hitman604Actual : Now I got 36 Chambers on the record player, and Ride the Lightning playing on my computer.

Super Sapphire Sisters - Supersonic Robot Blast : thx 4 upload but... the audio qual is low Jacques Cousteau couldn't get that low

Kackstift Moppelkotz : Sounds like RATM

LousyFacelift : Y E A H !!! Amazing how much a single person can truly R O C K !!!

Ray L : I wish i could get a studio version of this

Wickedtunez : It would be awesome to get this guy to Lowlands festival 2018

mistapohl : This is legit.

dcCamba8 : Two all time favorite groups!!!

Dustin Cisney : Those pedestrians are only dropping coins? I would buy albums of your work my good man. The only way to keep real music alive is by making sure that talented individuals like you get the credit AND the money. Take my money, and have my soul while you're at it. You're a rock god. \m/

Charlie Brown : Shit's Dope!!!

czaru jeden : This iz wicked man! Respectah!

Alkatra-kkk : <3 <3 <3 incredible