W U - T A L L I C A - (Lewis Floyd Henry Mashup) London 2017.

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AHA : This guy is a genius.

Dan Morelle : Shared on The Wu's official Twitter son.

Jmodderator : I am 40 years old, I have been a Wu fan since 1994, I have my original first 36 Chambers CD and a Wu-tang tattoo... This is THE GREATEST thing I have ever heard in my whole life.

Zahidul Chowdhury : What a dope mashup! Sad that people only dropped coins instead of some dollar dollar bill yooooo

Dic Rattlehead : At first glance, I thought Jimi Hendrix was alive

Yanik Beauchemin : Now we need an official mashup :D


Watupal : Sounds like rage against the machine style

Ted Nugent : I would pay money to see this guy live.

zax reds : gotta get up n be somebody

Gustavo Weber : S I C K !

Sagi Vaitzman : Perfect, please record this rap-rock mashups, the best thing I have ever heard on YouTube so far!

Adil Hussain : Where can i buy this????

EoThorne : Please say he has a studio release of this.

Shawn Carter : More like a JimiWuTallica production. To bad James Hetfield doesn't like hip hop. This video is clear proof Wu Tang songs would be dope in heavy metal form.

YoshimizRobots : Wu-Jimi

mistapohl : This is legit.

BrOOklynUP : So he is trying to look like JH a lil bit. Not to mention, he ROCKS .. I like this dude )))))

Ryan H : Fucking Awesome!

Choose A Better Name : He ended the song with Iggy & The Stooges " I wanna be your dog" hell yeah \m/

Nolan Caribou : This guy knows. He collects coins from the abyss.

Edgar Mendez : This is amazing! Why are we not funding this!

Bipu Iftekher : seems like Jimi inside! huge man!!

ogg future : wow, man! absolutely fantastic!

The Canadian Home Painter : Jacques Cousteau could never get this low

dontget ittwizted666 : This is the best thing I've heard in a while. Fuckin awesome.

Hitman604Actual : Now I got 36 Chambers on the record player, and Ride the Lightning playing on my computer.

radekisgek : ha very good man

Fredde Nilsson : Damn!

Mitch Farrier : Get this guy into a studio to record this. Dude shreds!

Papa Bear : slick move at 1:05

molon labe : their muslims will put an end to that

M Muzzammil Azhari : Dress like Hendrix, playing Metallica's riff, and spitting Wu Tang's bars. The best street-musician I've ever seen. Keep it up, Lewis!!!

Nick LeBlanc : I dare someone to give this a thumbs down... Yea that's what I thought. Too lit

Wickedtunez : It would be awesome to get this guy to Lowlands festival 2018

Mike R. : Amazing I want more!!

Lewis Floyd Henry : Wu Tang is emmensely strong and immune to any weapon!

Hugo Sabato : Is this Limp Biscuit?

AntiLukas : Wow amazing!

Bryan Howard : Amazing!


LousyFacelift : Y E A H !!! Amazing how much a single person can truly R O C K !!!

Terrible Infant : Definitely seen this guy in LDN before. He's great.

paul P : The Man got skills to pay the bills

Big Saulo : Krazy

Beat Junkie2016 : Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! 👐👐👐👐👐👐

Kobalt3 : I want more!

zamp6969 : Perfect rap for that song, DOPE

Lennon Massie : Love the part at 0:37

drdizzly : What Metallica song is he playing the beat of ? 🤔