Morning Yoga - 20 Min Wake Up Sequence - Five Parks Yoga

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Five Parks Yoga w/ Erin Sampson : Good Morning! I hope you love this morning yoga sequence as much as I do. It feels so good! Let me know what you think below! Please remember to Subscribe to my channel if you want more classes each week. And a huge THANK YOU to all of my Supporters - I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are for your support. You're amazing! To learn more, head to

Servicios Lingüísticos : New term for chataranga: flying dog kick. My schnauzer flew off my mat the first time, then my chihuahua! So funny, poor little dears. Needless to say, they're quickly learning to stay away from me during yoga! Wonderful session, thank you.

Chantal van Velzen : I was just looking for a short morning flow and boom, you upload one! Wonderful practice as usual Erin, thank you very much! 💕🙏

Jeramie Cooper : This was perfect. A routine short enough to do in the morning and active enough to get the body warmed up.

culturevulture72 : I so needed this today. I woke up tired and a bit stressed today but this really straightened out all the kinks, both physical and emotional. Felt so much calmer afterwards! Thank you Erin for getting my day off to a great start!

Marina Bertola : My body thanks you! Wonderful practice

Rosalie Carroll : Thank you. I just started yoga again and this was perfect for my morning!

Alethea Vespa : Love this moring flow and all the beautiful locations.

paxandq : awesome!! Thank you!

Cristha Cecilia BA : It´s my favorite class. Please post more like this one. Hugs from Guatemala City.

Jennifer Nestor : Hi Erin! I just found your channel. I really enjoyed this sequence. It was the perfect amount of good stretches and active flow I needed. Thank you Namaste <3

Christine Keiffer : Any mom's here that have a small child that screams every time you get your yoga matt out? Because it's become a thing at my house. Lol!

Vandana Mendonca - Health'n Harmony : Thank you for the great routine. Just what I needed for my spine after a long break in my yoga practice. Look forward to more. Namaste.

Nessa Mariano : OMGGGGGGGG This was so amazing. Every morning I look for a morning yoga video and all of them are pretty good. This one helped alot with stretching and warming the body and I am a beginner and can do all of these poses without feeling an intense stretch or pain. This will definitely be part of my regular routine.

Евгений Хорольский : Super!

azarikaKZ : this is perfect for morning <3 especially for me cause I have neck problems, it really makes me feel better in the morning :) namaste!

Trifecta Pilates : Adding a morning movement practice is so beneficial. I am not a morning person but when I get up and move with Yoga, Pilates or even walking the dog I feel so much more prepared for the day ahead of me. Also 20 minutes seems to be the perfect length of time. Can't wait to try this one tomorrow morning!

Kay Johnson : Erin, do you have anything available for seniors who aren't able to kneel on the mat etc.? Thanks for such good classes.

Mothers Moons : Thank you and peace from my heart to yours. Namaste Sweet Soul.

Chris Washington : Can you make a yoga for leaders to do in the morning

Jennifer Orenstein : This is still one of my very favourites. Thank you for all that you do!

Ellen Hughes : Lovely! One of my favorites to do in the morning when there are places to go and things to do! You are the best Erin!

Nahee Kim : Thank you sincerely, teacher!!! I will have a great day because of you!! :)

Gina Herrera : Im so glad i found your channel. Perfect pace. All invlusive routines. Good for all levels. Thanks.

Chocolat : This is one of the best morning yoga practices I've found. A great mix of working out the kinks and energetic practice when you need a quicker start in the morning. Thank you so much x

GuyAnaconda : feels great! thank you

Dave P : Great , well out together and paced am yoga routine. Thank you😀

Liz : I like your outfit in this one!

Joanne Puglia : 💞❤️💕

Kanchana : Good morning Erin.Beautiful practice to start my day.Feeling relaxed now.Thank you. Namaste!!

Carianne Stone : AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant thank you enough for this and all that you do and share xxoo Namaste

Marcie Mix : Thank you Erin! I have done this practice several times and enjoy it very much! 🙏🏼💚

Goku_is_my_spotter : What is the pose at 3:30?? I’m having a real tough time with this one. My low back ughhh

Luisa Kern : Erin, I've done this grear yoga class this morning and feel myself refreshed and full of joy! I love all of your classes and wait for new ones to come! Namaste🙏😊

Amy Hope : Another great one, thank you!

saphia sheikh-ahmed : Certainly got me woken up. Short and sweet.

Cris Herrera Smith : I just did this this morning and it was EXACTLY, pose by pose what my body needed. Perfect amount of time also. I feel renewed 😍😍😍😍 thank you Erin for this one! I'm going to do it every morning

Piyanka Jain : Thank you Erin, thank you so much!

OKniep : Love your morning classes! I usually do your Morning Boost class about twice a week mixed in with the others. Great to have another short, all-over class to mix in. A Carpal Tunnel/Thoracic Outlet Syndrome class would be awesome :) Thank you so much as always Erin!

BornBeforeDawn : Thank you!

d feh : I've been waiting for another great morning routine and boom! I wake up and this is on my feed! Yay!! This routine was perfect and I feel so much prawna flowing through my body as we speak! Thanks so much Erin (':

jason whitney : Love this! Erin thank you so much for always being responsive and adding new classes. Really,really appreciated Namaste!

Lara Osgood : Great warm-up, nice little burst if you don't have much time in the AM, thank you 😘

Sanna - Pirita : I love it Erin! Thank you so much. Please make an app with your best classes (there surely are enough!), it would be great to have your best classes always with me on an app, also when no internet available, just an inspiration from Austria.

Lisa Williams : That was perfect!! I did this on my lunchbreak after working on the computer all morning and it was just what my neck and shoulders needed. Thank you Erin!!

Neny Lei : Lovely way to start moving my body after a long night sleep. Thank you Erin. Namaste

Nathalia Esquivel : New subbie !!! love your videos!!! I def need to do this ! And im currently living in costa rica and when i first saw your background i wondered how much that looked like costa rica ...than your retreat info popped up lol so cool !! I wish i could go !!!! thanks for sharing this ! BTW Im a new youtuber if you have chance stop over my channel and let me know your thoughts !!!

Jeremie : I just want to say thank you for all your great videos! From someone who doesn't know much about yoga, i find you easy to follow and your practices seem to work great for me , you have a wonderful cadence and it is soothing just listening to you :D THANK YOU for giving me access to these wonderful yoga exercises, <3

Hülya Çelik : This was exactly what I was looking for in the morning. Thank you :)

SELA A : Thank you Erin!! all your classes are just perfect🙏