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What happens in that house, stays in that house.


Harry101UK : This is still one of the greatest videos mankind has ever produced.

Ben : What was the Cocaine budget for this project?

Roy : I've been using the last frame of the video as a reaction face and never knowing where it was from I thought the person was a lady

Idir T. : That scream at the end was priceless

Cokewaffles : Domestic violence has never been so funny.

DarkChaoRoolz : This video speaks to me on an emotional level.

walkerloko : i want to immortalize this in a time capsule for future generations

Matthew. M : 0:34 Can one person handle this much pain and anguish and still be alive

Jayson Ducharme : Avant garde

kek l0rd : When the guy in the attic whispers to me to kill my parents at night

locoboxtube : Has anyone noticed that the camera work and acting are stupendous?

Dzvfars Fdszvfvf : Jar Jar. Jar Jar. JAR JAR. *JAR JAR*

Brogre : is this a documentary

iTzRavenHD : WTF Did I just watch. He just turned into a patato.

Micheal Sheridan (mexhall) : And the award Best scream ever goes yo this guy

Rushmilk : Can I get the lyrics to this song?

woodlefoof2 : im having trouble deciding wether i like the original or the content aware scale version more

Tehhorseman : I actually don't remember the last time I cried with laughter before now.

Starry Shaw : Damn this sh** is so intense...


Björn Blucks : i dont understand, i just keep coming back

LightninLew : Ah, to be young again. And in a violent abusive household.

Princess Azula : content aware scale

Hawkins : im just here to lose brain cells over this. i have no idea whats going on but i laugh?

María Alejandra Vivas Rojas : Never forget

blitzv10 : the pinnacle of mankind right here

The Wizards : Just keep pressing 9 over and over again. You're welcome

StrawberryDonutKing : A timeless classic.

Wry7Z7 : I watch this at least 3 times a day, sometimes more.

MrThebarron007 :

iamzorg : This is such complete non-sense, I want a SEQUEL!

SuperInsanewolf : "Who Else But Demo?!" new show coming to amc.

escipion emiliano : best video. ever.

OG509 : This is humanity.

rhymebomb : bless this video

Gerik Crusader : I really think it's the first time I laugh in front of my screen

dominic aka bIackmagee : I.. I finally finished the DANK MEMERY... Me and my friend have BEEN ON THIS EXPIDITION FOR YEARS! FINALLY!


1 : fawkin zyzz brah!

cikif : You sound like the screaming goat.

Pizz4 Bat : Reporting here from my 1400th viewing It's still funny lads It's hilarity, eternal

George Jancey : Mate this is by far your greatest work. You deserve adequate reward Have 50p +hammonday +ChangeTip 

Amit Chutani : ~Ending of Game of Thrones S5E06....

Leon Massey : Thank you for returning me to this video demo

Klaüs Smooth : When i find completely random video on youtube that doesn't make any sense, i'm born again <2

wh9at : The laughter makes up for how bad the camera work is.

MrMegaSuperBoy : The face of the guy is PRICELESS! xD

NoQuo : And now I know the origin of this gif.