Sitting and Smiling #283

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Hind Maher : منو العربيين هون

Leoreo : Por muy paciente que sea no me veo capaz de hacer uno de estos xD es talento!

FA RAH : ههخه صرت أبتسم متلوا من دون سبب😁😁

Sigara Ganalım : selamun aleyküm şeytanın kızı

iiCookiezz : Me in class

سـارا خـالد : اللي من الانستا لايك 😂👏🏻👏🏻.

45 subs sin videos :'v : I like this minute: 3:49:28 and: 3:28:38 but my favorite Is the minute: 1:28:42

Alvaro Ordoñez : Like para mas vídeos de me equivoque de vídeo

Drew Cash : “So what do you do in your free time?” Me:

saurabh baghel : This dude waste about 47 days in sitting and smiling hats off This guy is amazing

The_Toniii WOW : I know is beautiful smiling but 4 hour of 24hours (20hours) plz this is CRAZY


FabulousKSA : من طرف bbm بالانستا !' 😂😂🤙🏻

Katelyn Albert : he has such a good opportunity to have a jump scare lol

mr. frayziz : Делай ещё видосы!!!

broli : İşsiz mk

Judekhalil Veloso : I though he's gonna jumpscare.

Psychopath : انت مرره نفسيه

Mohamed Salem : Can you do some Minecraft let's-plays

Nicholas Ruena : I think his taking some Crystal Meth HAHAHAAH!!!

Sultan : نهايتي مع الجامعة كذا

Oton Antonio : Esse tem determinação.

Athectic Games : Sitting and smiles ng but me shitting and smiling for 24 Hours #100 000 000

Ekansh's art : I came here because of most amazing top 10

Marcos Vital : Quando não se tem o que fazer!!! (When you do not have anything to do !!!)

Kaza Zaky : You have 4 hours before you die Me :*watching dis pure art video

thu manh : The face of Benjamin for me laugh.Oh my got,I-I am not stop laugh

Souma _wissem : كاش جزائري هنا ? يشوف معايا لعجب هذا 😂😂

Triple H : What do you so for a living? I sit and smile.

Dwayne Miles : 4 hours straight just sitting and smiling creepily lol I can’t stop laughing😂😂😭👌🏾

sam the loser : Hey, I just wanted to drop in and say you're really talented for being able to do this! I'll be honest, I would do a lot to be able to actually stay still for this long, I'm an Army Cadet and I can't even stay still for more than 7 minutes without scratching or itching or fidgeting. Keep up the fantastic work! I look forward to seeing more

MR.Tocket Yea : 4:01:52 this is the part for ya brother

Bum Boy : Hogyan tudsz te 4 órán keresztül mosolyogni ?

Thomas Jones : When you start a video convo on skype and you're just sat there waiting for them to appear

Wtcn Twichcciii : Anca otur iş yapma çalışma eve ekmeği kim getiriyor ayıp ayıp 😂😂

Patrick Milko : Are you okay Benjamin Bennet? What's going through your head to make you do what you do in you're videos?

yesenia Martinez : Go away man are you ok.😭

{K4} NERVOSO : Vc tem demencia?

Btvxjh Messl : Кто русский лайк


Hype Playz : He does about 1200 hours so imagine 40 days just looking at a wall

Explaining It : I'd have to get up every 25 minutes, for the toilet 🚽

dyhtttltmw : Yo creo que sonríe por cristo

killer- كيلر : الي جاي من مستر شوكليت لايك

obotra : I donno wtf is going on .. but I love this guy 😂💕

It's Starblast : Ehh I dunno why people think this is creppy, I mean what is creppy abput this video pfffft lol XD

Santi TibGlz : The one who saw this video complete, lets give him an applause

Arma k : wow... such a talented man.he smile in 4 hours straight

Gab Noir : How does he do this for 4 hours straight?!