Hyundai Sonata puts down 500 whp on dyno!!!! **WORLD RECORD?!?!**

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Airy Motorsports : Dyno footage starts @9:25

Big DM : I've got around 400whp. I'd say let's race but I can't risk loosing to a hondia

TandL Valenzuela : Geez man thts crazy.. I knew Hyundai makes strong engines but 500 wheel HP on stock internals that's pretty damn good considering what you pay for the car. It makes me wonder what the v6 sonata would make.

rushking19 : I love this car I've been known that the g4js in the sonata was based off the 4g series and I knew people put that head in they're evos because it flowed better but I never knew what they where capable 9f on stock internals and its amazing it hit 500 whp I have a 03 tiburon gt v6 and I'm bout to boost mine and shoot for 400 whp on stock internals unopenned motor which has been done before but I just want to do it myself and show more people it can be done with the turbo I will get it should make that 400 whp on only 12 psi I cant wait but I just love seeing people make power on Hyundais I love Hyundai's

Ramon A. Pagan Kercado : Durooooo

Nathaniel Frye : Get back to subarus... show us the red gc build.

Andres Rivera : Cool project. I have the same car. 😍

Guido Tosetti : Does anyone have a list of everything that was modified to the engine? to try to do something similar in my father's car is just the same model hahaha (from chile the country not food ) hahaha

guillenj84 : What program are you using to tune the sonata??

7inchexhaust : That dyno graph 😂 poor clutch

Евгений Королев : Круто

Ya boy skinny Peen : Do you want to play dirt 4 some time

Brandon Osborn : HOLY POWER!!!

Jonathan Tuason : I see an ECM Link, what fuel does it run since it wasn’t mentioned, thanks!