8:58 - The Clock (featuring Cillian Murphy)

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safiyyah : Is anyone else here just laughing and rewatching cillian do his funny chef pot stirring dance XD

Carrie H : I'm here for Cillian Murphy

L : I was looking for cillian in the dance scene then I realized they're all cillan haha

klaudyo : This cannot be unseen. I want my Tommy Shelby vision back lol

Adele : I'm here for cillian murphy

gabbykinns : I love Cillian but this is creepy af! Lol if I would've walked into a room full of all those Cillians I would've ran for my life! Hahahaha

Animal Lover888 : What did I just watch...

cammie : Did he just do this for shits and giggles, or is this legit?

McNallyC*nt : Im sure he is dancing like that by ORDER OF THE PEAKY FOOKING BLINDERS!

This is Noe : CILLIAN. Stunning

OPALHANDER : I lowkey feel so bad for Cillian in this

Carlos Guarany : That could be used for the Apple Watch commercial.

river tide : ohhh Cillian

Fractured Facade : OK I looked at the lyrics and I think the room of strange cillians are in another dimension where time (the clock) doesn't exist, they are all from different times such as the dark ages or cavemen. and the song is saying that we live our live around "the clock" meaning time is always on our mind and we are generic people that go to work by the clock and eat by the clock and sleep by the clock ect. I think the way cillian throws the mask and stuff means he's sick of being ruled by the clock. THATS WHAT I THINK I'm probably a bit incorrect but nobody else said anything so... confused people there you go.

Gloria giant : I don't get this song but I'm here for Cillian Murphy!

JulZ 97 : This actually made me yell and cry it was so hilarious and terrible at the same time. Was Cillian high?

Kayla Komas : Chef Cillian is hilarious! xD


Lene Antonio : the amazing Cillian Murphy <3

jc6594 : Happy 40th Birthday Cillian Murphy <3

Dr Jonathan Crane : Cillian Murphy is my favourite actor but this mv makes me unsure of life.... Ummmmmmm. Great beat tho. I don't really know what to say anymore. What am I watching? Great job though.

Ophelia A : I'll watch anything with Cillian in it lol.

vklau92 : OMG...Cillian :D :D :D :D it is very very funny. What a versatile personality.

ActionVestAdventure : Nice to stumble upon Paul Hartnoll still composing music. Can't have enough Cillian Murphy heh.

Letuslivefree : That is the funniest thing i have ever seen!!!! 😂😂😂😂

Denise_1374 : Two words: them thighs

John Smith : Mr Ben

Novroz : Cillliiiiiiiiaaaaaannnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Leslie Márquez : Cilliaaaaan <3

Patrícia Soares : sexiest voice ever! Cillian<3

Angelica Fisher : I'm dead! This is hilarious.

SynthJohn : Cillian Murphy is an incredible actor.


Johnny C : These comments are quite funny.Has no one been exposed to any music, other than local radio?

Mallydh : I feel like this is something Mugatu would've played to hypnotize people in Zoolander. 

Zozie the Human : Seeing Cillian Murphy dancing like that must've been the funniest yet most disturbing thing i've seen in a long time.

Astarlightmandy : reminds me of the cartoon,Mr Ben.

Lea L. : He can't be the same Thomas Shelby in my eyes after watching this LMAO The legend he is

MrBipson : opening graphic reminds me of the opening of the kids TV show 'Mr Ben'

Dee : I'm not high enough for this

lovelyarmy 28 : O.M.G Cillian why..

mim mim : this is funny. the ending i mean

Sahab Fatima : how we live by time...... clock Punctuality ......... OMG

Twit from Uranus : sounded like Philomena Cunk in there

Sweetfebr : Прикольна

Joyce Gibbs : completely ridiculous but hey, Cillian seems to have the midas touch and can get away with anything.

mothman : why am i laughing just looking at the comment about cillian help me lmao

또로로 : 2:35 저거 일일이 찍을 때 ng영상 없냐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ진짜미치겠다

Siddharth Chauhan : Now that's some super disturbing music!

atsya romantika : What the mean of this? This is music or commercial or what??