Video shows woman pushing elderly man from Las Vegas bus; he later died
Beautiful strong black woman shows what a beautiful strong black woman does best

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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have released video of an incident they say resulted in the death of a 74-year-old man. The video shows Cadesha Bishop, 25, pushing an elderly man from a bus. The man later died from his injuries. Police say Bishop was "yelling and cursing" at passengers before the incident. Bishop faces an open murder charge on an elderly-vulnerable person. Full story: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: KHOU on Facebook: KHOU on YouTube: KHOU on Instagram:


Derk Thunder : She should never be let out of prison. Ever.

Colton Courter : I say we push her off a 74 foot building. A foot for every year that man lived.

Scripzing : Hate crime, double her sentence!

Nah mate : That's not a woman, that is an animal.

Dudau Georginio : 13%

Cesar Sanchez : So bus driver along with everyone just went about their day? what a nice society we live in.

Michael B Pisano : Feed This Sub-human Garbage to wild Hogs !!! 🐗🐗

Val Ic : In tears...poor old guy,I hope is resting now in heaven from this cruel world

Greg Peck : This should be labeled for what it is, A HATE CRIME!!!

John Kohles : I hope justice gets served. This is not right for people to do to the elderly. 😠

This Time : Reverse the races and there would already be a riots in every city.

James Raynor : This better be classified as a hate crime. If it isn't then there really is no justice in this country and positions of power and authority are infested with traitors.

Andrew J. Centrone : this is an outrage! just disgusting behavior blindly attacking a feeble person. throw the book at her!!


Hitsuran : Imagine outrage and news coverage if it was white person pushing black person.

Kwb59 : Unbelievable, It's time for some heavy prison time!!

Steven Jones : If that's not a "hate crime", I don't know what is.....that low-life needs to be prosecuted for a hate crime, convicted and spend the rest of her life in prison.....

Goldn Messi : SAD SAD SAD. The senior citizen had more courage than the whole buss full of people. This senior citizen looks like was standing up for the bus driver..

Jack MeHoff : Love how mainstream media never mentions race unless the perpetrator is white. Can't imagine the outrage and coverage if a white women pushed and killed a elderly black man.

Rob Banks : Around blacks never relax.

phdragon34 : Did you know that even black men don't like black women?

Paul Morris : She should never see the light of day for the rest of her life, and be fed nothing but bread and water leading up to her slow painful execution.

Nunsuch : ‘Cadisha’. Lol, it’s not even a name.

CANADIAN CONTAMINATION : that is no "woman". its a SHEB00N.

Blake Blast : WE WUZ KANGS

Rhett Heidler : Diverse and Multicultural! Diversity is our Greatest Strength.

Eknim : cant wait for (((YouTube))) to take this video down

You Won't Go Without If You Go Within : She would have never done that to a black male.... This should be a hate crime and murder both!!

Michael D : If it was the other way around the video would've been titled "EVIL white man pushes BLACK woman OFF a BUS AND KILLS HER DUE TO RACISM AND PREJUDICE"

Eric Patino : What a cheap shot -- pushing an elderly man from behind off a bus later resulting in his death.....what a proud day for her and her family .. if that was my grandfather ohhh man I dont know what i would do .... what about the rest of the people on the bus none stopped the bus and got off to help him .....they should be charged too .

Todd Smith : Reverse those ethnicities and witness the violence and carnage.

Kari Tate : She deserves nothing less than life in prison. I hope she rots! She is the definition of trash!!

Tom Mendenhall : People should not be out in public if they can't control their anger.

paulwal222 : Diversity is our greatest strength

Jacob Reed : I wish I could have defended that man

TheUlkopuolinen : Very progressive. This is the beautiful society they had promised

CNN is a Super PAC for the Democrats : WHY are AA/Black woman ALWAYS so Angry?? No wonder Sooo many AA men Don't want Anything to do with them with Most of them relationsship wise. It's Always someone else's fought they got Prego, lost their car or apt to unpaid bills, or Can't come to work cause i 'gots bunions'. And im not racist....i worked with them Daily for years and have heard Every excuse in the World. *And Don't even think about 'touchin' a black womans hair or weave, Auuhhh Hail Nahh....they will cut you.

Levi : Barbarian! And why why why did the bus driver not stop and help!!!!!

Appalled ByFurries : "Why don't you want to live in a diverse area, goyim? Just think of all the ethnic restaurants!"

Léttucé : rip old man

Billy Jones : He probably accomplished more in one year than that beast will in her entire life. Popping out replicas every 9 months doesn't count as an accomplishment.

Blow A Raspberry : it's okay to notice things and remember things: a black woman a black woman a black woman remember this information, notice it

Camera Obscura : Nobody rushed to help? Very odd

Sergio Gonzales : "Why do people hate blacks so much?"

Diemerstein : If she was white and he black, this would be all over the news with protests and threat of riots all over town.

Robert Daniel Curtis : My heart hurts so much when watching this video. I'm so sorry your life had to end this way, Serge.

ishopatkmart foru : CNN NBC CBS ABC Maxine Waters Kamala Harris Cory Booker and the entire Democratic party should be proud of this woman standing up for what they stand for

Rey Mendez : Now now, before we all start saying this video is PROOF of what she did... Nah, she did it. Cold, calculated and with intent to cause this man injury. Ultimately, her actions led to this poor mans death. I hope she's sentenced to the maximum the law allows. She doesn't deserve to be let out of a cage!

plolee blowoteehow : one of kamala harris and aoc's friends no doubt. probably a relative, actually.