Toro Y Moi "Rose Quartz"

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Legalize Gay Weed : god tier music video

Asase Asase : Anybody listening to this in 2018?

BroCones : This the type of video you always want to watch on drugs but then when you're high you never actually remember to watch it

Odd Neublek : Toro Y Moi may have a magnesium deficiency. Taking 250mg magnesium supplement should help with feelings of weakness.

Henry Gonzalez : As an animator i have immense respect for this video, mustve taken FOREVER

Bear Boy : Exceptional artistry. need more creative artists like this, visually and musically. 

Knyammyknyockers : Saw this dude last night in Seattle. Forgot "Rose Quartz" was his jam. When they busted it out in the middle of the set, the place was on fire!!!!!!!!!!! His band plays this song live with so much hype and energy it can kill you. Toro Y Moi is one of the high-priests of live music today. You don't know how good this guy is until you see him jam out on instruments.

ben jack : this will go down as a CLASSIC, let it happen

Allen Chilaxin : I have all the toys, this guy knows how to capture the sound he is looking for, I cant do it, he has succeeded.

sonarsandwich : Wow. This is excellent. Who needs drugs when you've got this sensory masterpiece right here.

Musa I of Mali : This is that nasty shit right here.

Domonique Dixon : The time you came Don't lie to me Because I feel weak Because I feel weak You turned around It's just like mine Because I feel weak Because I feel weak And if I fall Into the sea Don't let me go Because I feel weak So tell again Don't let it in Because I feel weak Because I feel weak You turned around It's just like mine Because I feel weak Because I feel weak And if I fall Into the sea Don't let me go Because I feel weak

BenzoOfficial : Bro this must of took a long time to make

TheChronic2015 : This video is dope on LSD The visuals really start to kick in around 4:15

Blake Elston : This samples Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know". The vocal "I feel weak! Oh!" Is a pitched down version of her vocals in that song.

CorkScrewDood : I feel weed....

hugo san : This is honestly one of, if not, the most visually and stunning music.videos I have ever seen. I love colors and the melodic tone. A true visual and audio experience if I have ever seen one. This was the first song I heard on these new Beats I just bought. What a way to experience the audio!

mike harris : Toro y moi gives me hope

Dā’ūd‎ Tayyib El : This song is super uplifting and beautiful, even now for 3 and half years

KH_011 : I love the beginning of this song.

dergerät : 0.5 speed plus brain feels like its gonna explode

dewitt george : cuz i feeel the weed! uh huhhhhhh!

damnyourpasswords : art... all the ways

Dug Drealer : This is an amazing world, each and every thing living unique lives that are so complex, and so simple, you are going to be extraordinary, you are going to be a human being

MH DOOM : Still listening in 2016

Joey : This song, live, was absolutely incredible. The show itself was amazing. Chaz is really good at what he does

Scott Goulet : This video is so damn cool and the song is hypnotic.

audreysometimes : I would love to see the process of making this video, this is fucking incredible.

Grey Wolf : My friend played this in my car, last night, now she put me on to this guy's music and it's starting to grow on me. What genre of music is this and are there any other artist similar to him?

Bryan Mena : Not sure if I'm more impressed by the music or the video...

For Your Consideration : One of the best pop songs ever written

Vance Nahquaddy : This song gave me snail eyes...

Carl : Remembered this song watching Steven Universe ;)

maria valeria : lets start off 2016 by listening to chaz

B M : Why does it feel like a Steven universe reference ?

ronstero : LSD?

Aileen : If Toro y Moi plays Rose Quartz at Coachella i'd cry of happiness

Romeo Tobar : Chill wave genre is amazing. I could jam to this all day. Love this song and video.

Joy Thekiso : I don't smoke but I imagine this is how high people see stuff,

Vincent Soltero : steven universe's mom

TheJustwM : i cant believe i have never heard of this guy

Max Chaplin : Chaz looks like he's getting a kick out of feeling weak. Weird.

Aphearse : Two days ago (20.7.15), i saw him live and and had a small chat with him afterwards, he's such an amazing guy. I told him how much i love his music and he really appriciated that. CHAZ YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE GUY

Adhesive Boi : Favorite Toro y moi song

Exgecko : That beginning felt like you're in space. Just close your eyes.

ObsidianWolf : I will fight in the name of rose quartz and everything that she believed in!

Nina J R. : stop-motion on a whole other level. this is awesome. I wonder how long this took to make... damn he's so cool.


G Wiley : Still bumpin this in 2018

Milini Rudley : Video so dope song even doper.