Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

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Comments from Youtube

Callum Stone : Homeopathy cured my dehydration.

Khobotov : Homeopathy is like throwing your car keys into a river, then walking 500km to the sea and taking a spoon of sea water to start your car.

Juni Lee : “The water remembers what was put into it”

Aratta Minami : I told my mom I was feeling pain in my lower abdomen when I was 11, she gave me homeopathy remedies for THREE DAYS until my aunt saw me so bad that she hurried me to the doctor where I was inmediately transferred me to ER because of apendicitis. I had a surgery that saved my life. Homeopathy is a HOAX and parents should not be allowed to treat their kids serious diseases w/this.

Zippy Ragu : Now that Futurama joke makes so much more sense. "I've got a degree in Homeopathy!" "You've got a degree in bologna."

SylenDraws : So basically they mix poison with water and then remove the poison until it’s only water and then sell it.

Pau Pardo : basically expensive water

Garrett Thompson : If Homeopathic medicine worked it would just be called "medicine"

actual.lizard : It's out of my hands I'm only a clock Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine But eventually everyone runs out of time

Zack E : The only thing homoeopathy cures is dehydration

Drops2cents : 7:42 "Faith can move mountains..." Faith only moves mountains if enough believers are willing to actually pick up a shovel.

KryptoManiac : Apparently there are more followers of homeopathy in India than the entire population of USA, which is even supported by the government.

Antediluvian Atheist : Homeopathy works! In comparison to treating them with arsenic, bloodletting and trapping them in a room with people with the plague.

Mparker123wolf : 5:39 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

cartman : Massive doses of homeopathy cured my dehydration

fenrirgg : I knew a rich guy. In a conversation about the cold and flu he got fascinated when I told him I cure myself resting and eating hot soup, he couldn't believe people can be cured without expensive medicines. He also was a huge client of homeopathy, he always had tiny bottles of that stuff to avoid alergies and colds, what a nightmare for him had to be to live believing the body can't cure itself from common cold hahaha.

LabradorKitten : Anyone seen the homeopathic cure for drowning?? Take it with water lmao

Pete Morrow : I love you guys, this is a great video and I hate to nitpick, but you show a Caduceus (two snakes wrapped around a staff) when you should show a rod of Asclepius (just one snake). It's a common mistake. The latter is the correct medical symbol, the former is associated with Hermes, protector of commerce, liars, and thieves. (Making it a good fit for homeopathy I guess...)

Hazee : Step 1: open a homeopathy pharmacy Step 2: just sell water Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit!

Bushy Raps : Sugar water can't cure cancer? Well not with that attitude buddy...

Christine S : If I lived 150 years ago, I'd have wanted homeopathic medicine for treatment. For now, not so much. I have homeopathic headache pills I give to my father in law with dementia if hes got arthritic pain before it's time to take his real and actual medication. It helps him because of the placebo effect.

Jonas Felix : Homeopathy - cause doing nothing is actually often the best choice.

Vansh Khanna : By telling us it's placebo aren't you effectively ruining it for us?

TheAlertHeadphones : *What was that white drippy liquid on that XXX book, Kurzgesagt...?*

Paguo : "How is your dog named?" "Homeopathy" "Can I pet him, does he bite?" "Yeah, he doesn't do anything"

BLACK ALIEN MUSINGS : When I first learned what homeopathy was, I actually stopped and laughed my ass off.

Nandagopal Murali : in india homeopathy is widely used and even government invest so much money in it, and very few people(especially free thinkers society) are against it.

Karma Airheart : Did anyone else notice the clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared?

Lighter In Park Jung Yeon's Hand : 04:03 Homeopathy only works if u don't read/watch weird stuff.... Reason I won't ever prefer homeopathy. Nothing helps you fight an illness like beating the meat.

Anagha M. : Large doses of homoeopathic medicine cured my dehydration.

Leo King : 5:52 Holy heck, it's the clock from "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2".

Phill Ken 7 : The jizz on the book of pornographic text was a nice touch.

SupaGama & Company : You thought it was medicine, but it was me, time!

Vinod Raj : I think you should also make video in hindi for Indians I am sure that your video will be appreciated by millions for that i can help you

Naþan Ø : "How does homeopathy work" "It doesn't"

Zulfahmi Othman : "Homeopath IS big pharma" *TOP 10 ANIME PLOT TWIST*

Riley Cooper : So basically homeopathy is literally just regressing the medical world to the 1800s

HappyTreeFreak666 : "How does it work?" Doesn't.

MAC AND CHEESE : If I can’t remember what is on my math test water sure as hell can’t remember the atom that was dropped in it.

The Spherical Earth : But I need my monthly dose of nihilism and existential crisis

ZikAnims : 5:41 that kinda looks like the clock from DHMIS 2..

jfrusciantetube : This is by far the most complete and yet concise video about homeopathy. Not a single aspect is ignored. Very well done!

Mei Gavn : This is a very informative and easy to understand video on homeopathy. Thank you!

mr.kitloin : So basically they add poison to water, and keep adding water until the poison dilutes into nothing, and claims its a miracle medicine?

klmklm16 : Liar homeopathy does work when I was dehydrated I drank a couple of bottles of homeopathy and and I was cured, explain THAT

CorgiLover 162 : Me: *reads title* Also me: *Sees thumbnail* Addiction to cereal?

Clay Tall Stories : Alternative medicine or regular medicine? Which would you choose? When flying what would prefer? An alternative pilot or a regular pilot?

Bruno Augusto : Modern medicine: *exists* Homeopaty: *exists* Humans: homeopaty is great it can cure cancer lmao Modern medicine: *¿i am a joke to you?*

Brian Orr : Hmm yeah! I think this video is right. @7:02 Homeopathy "meets a human need that has been left unfulfilled." Doctors and nurses should put more emphasis on treating people as individuals, fellow humans more than a number of patients. Tough job but important goal to reach.