Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : KURZGESAGT is available in German now! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRH985XgMYXQ6NxXDo8npw

Quaglium Quagnarr : That's why I take *Flintstones Gummies* the duct tape of biological remedies.

Bushyman477 : Sugar water can't cure cancer? Well not with that attitude buddy...

GooberBoy XDD : ah yes, diluting things makes them more potent. I remember that lesson in chemistry class. It came right after the one about how snorting thermite and then igniting it will give you super strength.

foil : dont hug me im scared reference?

Sokol : “Alternative Medicine.” If it worked it would be called “Medicine...”

Shreel Trivedi : Some new creatures!! after a long time!

yatagarasuable : I have a homeopathic solution of cyanide.... ummmm it cures death!! Yes! For a low, LOW price of $49.99 a bottle!

KastaRules : Don't fragment the audience by making videos in multiple languages... I won't be able to read *everyone's comments* that way !!!

Bobby Ranger : I have been receiving homeopathic treatments at home. It's really simple. I grab a cup and fill it with water from a tap.

Rational_Optimist : There is NO single atom of medicine or active ingredient found in homeopathic medicines, all worldwide lab tests done by different Universities have confirmed. It’s just water and sugar pills. It violates basic laws of science & is a huge insult to humanity. Absolutely impossible to work. Yet they're booming into 17 Billion dollar Big Fake- Pharma Market. It is getting banned from NHS in England & also in Sweden. Saying that it works for you is different from facts, please separate facts from opinions. Your body is supposed to automatically heal itself from minor illness like cold, flue, acne etc. Taking a homeopathic or any other substance while your body is healing itself is not a proof or an argument,, it’s just a cognitive bias called the Placebo effect.

The Spherical Earth : But I need my monthly dose of nihilism and existential crisis

Truls Henriksson : "Faith can move mountains, but sugar water can't cure cancer" - Kurzgesagt 2k18

Aiden Mohamed : YAY that was the clock from dont hug me I'm scared

Joe Bob : Basically minecraft potion making

Maphisto86 : I appreciate that this video tries to be unbiased in its presentation. Yet, homeopathy can be very dangerous and not worth the placebo effect if it keeps people from getting the treatment they really need.

RRW : So if the idea of homeopathy is that like cures like, why are so many of them against vaccines? The entire idea is that they give you a weakened version of the disease and after your body kills it, it then knows how to kill the natural version?


Khurshid Bhuyan : The more the dilute the medicine is the more powerful it is. So all the homeo fanboys take no medicine at all. No medicine = infinite dilution. Got the point!!!!

Stelios Toulis : *LOOK AT THE TIME*

Abalam Anderson : never even heard of this

SylenDraws : So basically they mix poison with water and then remove the poison until it’s only water and then sell it.

MinjiLindsey : It only fuels pro-homeopthy people to say that all of it is BS. Sure. The dilutions are bs, but to say diluted things don't work would also negate the work that regular and helpful medicines do. Also, some "non-medicine" treatments do work. Sucking on a candy does ease a sore throat from a cold, or other non-bacterial cause. Ginger does ease nausea. A cool shower can help ease fever. Many medical treatments have been developed from what was once homeopathy or nonwestern medicine. Sure. The large majority of homeopathy is BS, but to say it all is just shuts off the ears of the people who need to listen.

d c : It's like having one drop of vodka in the Pacific ocean X 10, and then the vodka is supposed to get stronger and stronger.......yeah ok. Homeopathy should not even be offered. It's a joke that people can even argue that it's effective.

The being destroyer of worlds : But why are Homeopathic parents anti-vaccines, isn't basicaly the same idea? You get something that's harmfull and make it less potent before givin it to the patien so it cures him from the more potent version

fgsdfgsdf : "How does homeopathy work?" It doesn't. All it has going for it is the placebo effect.


The 80's Wolf : Its a disease with the origin of capitalism/liberalism

NirvEnd : I trust modern medicine as much as it can be considering we can always learn something new. However I fully agree the lack of attention from doctors is a pain. Going back 2-3 times for the same issue because they throw the most simple solution rather than looking into it is not fun and discouraging.

Almar Postma : Kurzgesagt used the blobfish!

Lack Name : I'm commenting a bit late, but I really appreciate how impartial you guys remain when giving a rundown on these topics. Any other science related group would smash homeopathy for being useless and fraudulent and get views off of portraying the people involved as idiots since homeopathy is an easy target. I like that you were able to explain how homeopathy is functionally useless without acting superior and still acknowledging the few positive aspects the industry does have, it's more respectable and the people who need to watch this video the most are the ones who will turn it off if you act in a biased way towards homeopathy.

Rapha Pinheiro : The world needs to watch this.

Daniel Barner : when I saw the title of this video, I actually thought that it said "homophobia"

Darth Borehd : "Alternative Medicine" is a polite word for quackery.

Chotu Chaiwala : In India homeopathy is used a lot but I eat homeopathic medicines just for the sweet sugar tablet. JK the doctor is hot 😁

MrATN800 : "This level of attention and empathy" is the grab. These lengthy consultations work like a cult leader's manipulation of a young inductee, to determine how pliable he/she is

Loui Coleman : The latter

Sander E : The video title shouldn't even be a question. It should directly denounce homeopathy as the threat it is.

Learn From Us 1 : As a doctor of pharmacy & a practicing pharmacist, I can safely say that homeopathy is not only false in every conceivable way, it is down right dangerous because it prevents people from consuming medications that actually work. As far as learning from homeopathy, we cant spend 1 & a half hours on 1 patient. Dont blame the doctors, nurses & pharmacists, its the US healthcare system that is corrupt & flawed, not the practitioners. I am all for nationalized healthcare like in Europe.

Edm Station : It's bullshit. According to the ingredients of one Homeopathy Medicine Packet, the amount of actual substance that isnt water or sugar or flavouring and sutff is so low, that mathematically, it can't exist.

Justin Tun : i'll stick to scientific medicine.

Flash & Bang Productions : F I N A L L Y

Cass OH : "Why is it the the most popular alternative medicine?" Because of stupidity.

RememberFist CanBeAVerb : I graduated University of Houston Pharmacy School in 1991. Not that long ago. We were forced to learn this ''the more dilute a molecule, the stronger it gets because the water remembers'' nonsense. Some of these old tenured bastards were still in control.

Alberto Neto : Great video! I'm a doctor and i know how homeopathy is dangerous. Not becouse it harms the patient directly, after all its just water or sugar, but becouse leads them to abandon the regular treatment. Thx Kurzgesagt!!

The_Spectre YT : So basically, if you drink Poison then you get sick, Poison is the cure?

Lord LunaEquie is me : Best argument I've heard for learning German yet.

justsomeguy : I would like to thank Homeopathy for shortening the wait times to see a Dr.

Michael Newell : All those that disliked this video should go ask Steve Jobs about the reliability of homeopathy.

ali Servan : Homeopathy is complete gibberish and doesn't work as well as a plecebo, there you go, now you don't need to watch the, excellent, video.