Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : KURZGESAGT is available in German now! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRH985XgMYXQ6NxXDo8npw

Quaglium Quagnarr : That's why I take *Flintstones Gummies* the duct tape of biological remedies.

foil : dont hug me im scared reference?

Stelios Toulis : *LOOK AT THE TIME*

Lord LunaEquie is me : Best argument I've heard for learning German yet.

Linda Kloss : I graduated University of Houston Pharmacy School in 1991. Not that long ago. We were forced to learn this ''the more dilute a molecule, the stronger it gets because the water remembers'' nonsense. Some of these old tenured bastards were still in control.

Shreel Trivedi : Some new creatures!! after a long time!

Chotu Chaiwala : In India homeopathy is used a lot but I eat homeopathic medicines just for the sweet sugar tablet. JK the doctor is hot 😁

Lack Name : I'm commenting a bit late, but I really appreciate how impartial you guys remain when giving a rundown on these topics. Any other science related group would smash homeopathy for being useless and fraudulent and get views off of portraying the people involved as idiots since homeopathy is an easy target. I like that you were able to explain how homeopathy is functionally useless without acting superior and still acknowledging the few positive aspects the industry does have, it's more respectable and the people who need to watch this video the most are the ones who will turn it off if you act in a biased way towards homeopathy.

Naþan Ø : "How does homeopathy work" "It doesn't"

MrATN800 : "This level of attention and empathy" is the grab. These lengthy consultations work like a cult leader's manipulation of a young inductee, to determine how pliable he/she is

Bassoonify : Time is a tool you can put on the wall or wear it on your rizd

Michael Newell : All those that disliked this video should go ask Steve Jobs about the reliability of homeopathy.

Edm Station : It's bullshit. According to the ingredients of one Homeopathy Medicine Packet, the amount of actual substance that isnt water or sugar or flavouring and sutff is so low, that mathematically, it can't exist.

Dr. Spectre : As a doctor of pharmacy & a practicing pharmacist, I can safely say that homeopathy is not only false in every conceivable way, it is down right dangerous because it prevents people from consuming medications that actually work. As far as learning from homeopathy, we cant spend 1 & a half hours on 1 patient. Dont blame the doctors, nurses & pharmacists, its the US healthcare system that is corrupt & flawed, not the practitioners. I am all for nationalized healthcare like in Europe.

Breakthrough Science - for Everyone : Love the analogy with using the bathroom (regarding storing information in water)

Feynstein 100 : This is exactly why people need to learn logical reasoning and critical thinking. Without them, well, we might as well be children. I don't understand how something so rudimentary and important is still not taught in schools everywhere.

anselhelm : You're too kind to homeopathy. The placebo effect is not a valid reason to allow the myth of this nonsense science to be perpetuated. It should be tackled head on and discredited.

Darth Borehd : "Alternative Medicine" is a polite word for quackery.

Holly Aurora Lavender Lilac Nova Radiant Starlight : I expected a lot more dislikes, but I'm very glad that's not the case.

TheUltimateAnyone : Kurzgesagt has such a high quality. I guess the “dislike“ is more like a “disagree“. ... So we have quite a bunch of people who disregard logical reasoning in order to keep their view. As said, this (chosen) ignorance can be dangerous. So many lies can mislead. Why people just want to win an argument instead of growing their selfs or change sth to the better? That's simply egoistic and... childish...

Loui Coleman : The latter

Rusty_Spectre YT : So basically, if you drink Poison then you get sick, Poison is the cure?

Hunter T : I know a guy who died of an overdose because he stopped taking his homeopathic medicine.

McChickfish : Quick fact: you used the wrong staff... You show the Hermes/Mercury staff while what you want is the Asklepios staff with only one snake.

Prathamesh Muley : Please add some information about Yoga & Ayurveda... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

The Spherical Earth : But I need my monthly dose of nihilism and existential crisis

The8bitFreak : Yeah sorry but I am going to have to say f$^k Homeopathy. It is a placebo. Get real help and use real medicine that real scientists actually found out really work instead of crazy sugar pills that "remember" what was in them. You would think people in 2018 would be passed this nonsense by now.

knuckle brawler : I was wrong, again !! I thought this was about being able to read homos mind. Damn it.

T1Oracle : So basically a glass of water cures everything? Got it.

Daniel S : The era of quackery never ended and people are terrible consumers.

OPEN MIND : The principle of homeopathy is sooo stupid. Why would anyone believe in it after finding out how it supposedly works? Great video!

Play4Fun : For a moment I was afraid this video would support homeopathy... I am glad my expectations were wrong.

potaterjim : "How does homeopathy work?" Trick question

ali Servan : Homeopathy is complete gibberish and doesn't work as well as a plecebo, there you go, now you don't need to watch the, excellent, video.

Ganesh Lashkare : Who says it is fraud! It is the only path having laws tested time and again. Worth remembering is discovered by youngest M. D. Allopathic.

Flash & Bang Productions : F I N A L L Y

Da Scientist : I try to limit how often I make homeopathy jokes, because it makes them stronger.

Claudiu Lucian : I will never use homeopathic medicine again, thanks! Better believe that a donut can make me healthy.

Bohg : It's just a placebo in my opinion

HellRyder Playz : Honestly, my mom majored in homeopathy and i can guarantee u that it works as i have been taking it since i was a child and it has never failed to work... its also very popular in my neighboorhood...

SylenDraws : So basically they mix poison with water and then remove the poison until it’s only water and then sell it.

Naso4265 : As someone with eczema, I have tried homeopathic remedies to help irritations, and it did absolutely nothing. Most (imma go out on a limb here and say ALL) people who think homeopathy works are experiencing placebos. This is basically the most common example, sugar pills that do absolutely nothing (except mentally, but that is what a placebo does).

CraquedEggs : I would ask Kurzgesagt to do a video about Epigenetics but Big Pharma would probably influence that video too...

CraquedEggs : Most medicines that the FDA approves of has been proven to be addictive, harmful, and fatal over and over and over again. Why would anyone believe a government entity that has a proven record of getting it wrong ?

Thyagarajan Krishnan : I don't quite agree with what is being surmised about Homeopathy. My first and subsequent experiences with Homeopathy have all been successful after failed results with Allopathy from a leading practitioner. Human body is self-healing and if Homeopathy facilitates this self healing process through the placebo effect, so be it. Homeopathy is all the more compelling as allopathy loads you with dosage and chemicals that are perhaps not required in that proportion and so the impact of side effects. Indian and Chinese medicine like Homeopathy have always treated the cause and not the effect and the reason why they are successful and sustainable.

BanditRants : As a video editor and content creator on this platform, whenever Kurzgesagt uploads it's simultaneously joy and agony. Joy for such great content, agony...knowing they've set the bar so high in quality.

The 80's Wolf : Its a disease with the origin of capitalism/liberalism

Isaac Chay : many countries that have socialized healthcare pay for homeopathic treatment, what a waste of money

Actinium Anarchy : Homeopathic medicine has actually worked for me, I used to be very very allergic to cats and after going on the medicine for 5 days, it cured my allergy forever