Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : KURZGESAGT is available in German now! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRH985XgMYXQ6NxXDo8npw

SylenDraws : So basically they mix poison with water and then remove the poison until it’s only water and then sell it.

Callum Stone : Homeopathy cured my dehydration.

actual.lizard : It's out of my hands I'm only a clock Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine But eventually everyone runs out of time

Naþan Ø : "How does homeopathy work" "It doesn't"

Da Scientist : I try to limit how often I make homeopathy jokes, because it makes them stronger.

Numberer1 : I love the manner in which you approached this topic. It would be so easy to say something like "Homeopathy is dumb and doesn't work", yet you looked at it with pure facts and considered the pros and cons in a fairly neutral manner. Some members of my family swear by this 'natural cure-all spray' (which I'm almost certain is just tap water), but since the placebo effect of the spray actually helps them, I avoid saying anything about it. However, what's to stop people from re-selling Tic-Tacs and claiming them as anti-cancer pills? There's definitely a 'snake-oil salesman' aspect to this movement which I cannot respect. It's not difficult to profit from the ignorant.

cloudsweapon567 : A man died of an overdose because he forgot to take his medicine. - James Randi

Linda Kloss : I graduated University of Houston Pharmacy School in 1991. Not that long ago. We were forced to learn this ''the more dilute a molecule, the stronger it gets because the water remembers'' nonsense. Some of these old tenured bastards were still in control.

Ingmar Eiling : It's funny that people practicing homeopathy are sometimes against vaccinations even though their premises are quite similar; you take a diluted disease agent as a cure or preventative measure. Wonder why they believe in the first but not the second.

Lord LunaEquie is me : Best argument I've heard for learning German yet.

Professor karl der Große : Long story short. It's bullshit.

Claudiu Lucian : I will never use homeopathic medicine again, thanks! Better believe that a donut can make me healthy.

Dominik Beitat : No coffee? No napping? No mast- NO NAPPING?! No thanks!

Holly Aurora Lavender Lilac Nova Radiant Starlight : I expected a lot more dislikes, but I'm very glad that's not the case.

TheUltimateAnyone : Kurzgesagt has such a high quality. I guess the “dislike“ is more like a “disagree“. ... So we have quite a bunch of people who disregard logical reasoning in order to keep their view. As said, this (chosen) ignorance can be dangerous. So many lies can mislead. Why people just want to win an argument instead of growing their selfs or change sth to the better? That's simply egoistic and... childish...

Bushy Raps : Sugar water can't cure cancer? Well not with that attitude buddy...

Breakthrough Science - for Everyone : Love the analogy with using the bathroom (regarding storing information in water)

Play4Fun : For a moment I was afraid this video would support homeopathy... I am glad my expectations were wrong.

Hunter T : I know a guy who died of an overdose because he stopped taking his homeopathic medicine.

potaterjim : "How does homeopathy work?" Trick question

RRW : So if the idea of homeopathy is that like cures like, why are so many of them against vaccines? The entire idea is that they give you a weakened version of the disease and after your body kills it, it then knows how to kill the natural version?

Naso4265 : As someone with eczema, I have tried homeopathic remedies to help irritations, and it did absolutely nothing. Most (imma go out on a limb here and say ALL) people who think homeopathy works are experiencing placebos. This is basically the most common example, sugar pills that do absolutely nothing (except mentally, but that is what a placebo does).

Isaac Chay : many countries that have socialized healthcare pay for homeopathic treatment, what a waste of money

The8bitFreak : Yeah sorry but I am going to have to say f$^k Homeopathy. It is a placebo. Get real help and use real medicine that real scientists actually found out really work instead of crazy sugar pills that "remember" what was in them. You would think people in 2018 would be passed this nonsense by now.

Juni Lee : “The water remembers what was put into it”

The Spherical Earth : But I need my monthly dose of nihilism and existential crisis

Henrique Nunes : If alternative medicine worked, it would be called "medicine". Also, lmao at the porn book with conspicuous white stains

Smileyheckster : had a guy do a project on this, he took a whole bottle of Homeopathic sleep pills(50 pills) and dumped them all into his mouth as the intro to homeopathy. He chewed them up and swallowed all of them, then went on to start his presentation xD

Eleeth Tahgra : Just bunch of sugar for snake oil remedy...since sugar is relatively cheap now, the pill is probably cheaper than snake oil of the past....What a great way to make money.

William Chamberlain : Friend of mine is into the 'holistic' stuff: great at massage and yoga, but doesn't know the difference between homeopathy and naturopathy, doesn't know what the placebo effect is. And thus the homeopathy industry can claim all the benefits from those fields, which _do_ work, by implication and omission, and many people don't realise that the anecdotal evidence is effectively no better than TLC.

SDG Danny : The idea of Placebo is fascinating.

SpiritWolf2K : If it actually works it wouldn't be called 'alternative medicine' but just 'medicine'

RetroGamerTy : As a nurse, empathy is a valid point in healthcare that we are missing, but when you are able to perform ADLs versus a patient who requires constant attention for ADLs, nutrition, turning, lab/hemodynamics monitoring, etc., then empathy gets thrown out of the window. The big point of healthcare is to keep you alive and we have to make decisions on who requires more attention based on their level of acuity. We don’t not feel empathic if you’re sick, but we have to prioritize our time.

Atlas Tobin : Homeopathy, Anti-gmo groups, Anti-nuclear, Anti-vaxxer hippies shouldn't be allowed to vote in my opinion...

Sandy Hooker : The loophole with homeopathy, is people try to use this as a real treatment, while the placebo effect exists, that only applies to the people that will naturally heal. Others sometimes die to not getting real treatment. Informing people is the best way to prevent this, but once they learn what homeopathy actually is, is the moment they never use it again. All in all, it's best to take real medicine that works, and even if you didn't need that medicine, at least you didn't risk falling seriously ill, plus u also get the placebo effect that homeopathy boasts to provide.

Quaglium Quagnarr : That's why I take *Flintstones Gummies* the duct tape of biological remedies.

TuneBlender : One of the most satisfying videos I have ever watched. THANK YOU!

Alexandria : so basically it’s like false hope? like if you feel ugly then someone compliments you & you start to feel pretty when in reality you were never ugly, or you decide to use a new face product that you swear helped your skin clear up but really it’s just water in a bottle with a label on it. basically it’s confidence that really helps you feel better rather than worrying about something. just like the example in the video, your body eventually gets rid of a sickness after a while, but by being confident that taking a certain pill will help you feel better leads to it going away faster when in reality it was going to go away anyway.

Christine S : If I lived 150 years ago, I'd have wanted homeopathic medicine for treatment. For now, not so much. I have homeopathic headache pills I give to my father in law with dementia if hes got arthritic pain before it's time to take his real and actual medication. It helps him because of the placebo effect.

Cinnamon : I saw a doctor in Seattle who tried to sell/prescribe homeopathic remedy called "WellMind" and I didn't fall for it because of this video. Thank you!! I completely didn't understand what 'homeopathic' meant. I believe in placebos, but this would have been an expensive one.

BanditRants : As a video editor and content creator on this platform, whenever Kurzgesagt uploads it's simultaneously joy and agony. Joy for such great content, agony...knowing they've set the bar so high in quality.

Archana Dethe : I am a Homoeopathic Physician. Does it make me less likable here? 😜 Hello Dear Audiences, I think most of you will be in the mood of criticising, well you are all free to choose the best for your health, and you should choose the best. Just for your knowledge do read the information below on Homoeopathy which is altered in above video.  I would like to mention 2 mistakes in this video. Number One is 30C potency is 1 part of substance and 10 raise to 60 parts of water/alcohol. Why does the narrator exaggerate? 1M potency would suit their explanation. Number Two : Homeopathy is based on "similia similibus curantur" which means similar cures similar, all the examples shown in the video are of "same cures same" that's not homeopathy that's Isopathy, it was practiced too about 350 years ago, 1st published work by Surgeon Dr. Herring Lux in Leipzig in 1833. (dear team, you should have yourself  read all the links posted below the video before making this video) Yes I believe in Homoeopathy!  Yes I do agree that today we cannot prove the strength of medicine which turns to be effective. There have been many double blind clinical trials which have undoubtedly shown that homeopathy medicines have definite medical properties. Some newer concepts in modern physics like 'memory of water', nuclear magnetic resonance, kirlian photography etc. are also being used to find the physical basis of homeopathy medicines. The initial results are very encouraging and I expect a full answer to this puzzle within the next few years. There are many questions unanswered and like all the on going research trying to find the many answers in science, physics, metaphysics, it would be great to see a massive pill collapsed into a black hole, no supernova required! Tada!  ;^) 🙏 Thank you!  Best Regards. Bye!

Bohg : It's just a placebo in my opinion

Mparker123wolf : 5:39 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

Shrek whomst tips his fedora : Fun Fact!: The book of “pornographic texts” has a cumstain on it

Ricky : I get really angry when I hear the word "homeopathy" and when people say it cured them.

Khobotov : Homeopathy is like throwing your car keys into a river, then walking 500km to the sea and taking a spoon of sea water to start your car.

Cammy Dent : I THOGHT I was out of don't hug me I'm scared AHHHHUUHAhhhyy

Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen : 2:20 this doesnt make it easier to understand 😂