Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : KURZGESAGT is available in German now! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRH985XgMYXQ6NxXDo8npw

SylenDraws : So basically they mix poison with water and then remove the poison until it’s only water and then sell it.

actual.lizard : It's out of my hands I'm only a clock Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine But eventually everyone runs out of time

Callum Stone : Homeopathy cured my dehydration.

Paguo : "How is your dog named?" "Homeopathy" "Can I pet him, does he bite?" "Yeah, he doesn't do anything"

Da Scientist : I try to limit how often I make homeopathy jokes, because it makes them stronger.

Bushy Raps : Sugar water can't cure cancer? Well not with that attitude buddy...

Khobotov : Homeopathy is like throwing your car keys into a river, then walking 500km to the sea and taking a spoon of sea water to start your car.

Henrique Nunes : If alternative medicine worked, it would be called "medicine". Also, lmao at the porn book with conspicuous white stains

cloudsweapon567 : A man died of an overdose because he forgot to take his medicine. - James Randi

Zippy Ragu : Now that Futurama joke makes so much more sense. "I've got a degree in Homeopathy!" "You've got a degree in bologna."

Numberer1 : I love the manner in which you approached this topic. It would be so easy to say something like "Homeopathy is dumb and doesn't work", yet you looked at it with pure facts and considered the pros and cons in a fairly neutral manner. Some members of my family swear by this 'natural cure-all spray' (which I'm almost certain is just tap water), but since the placebo effect of the spray actually helps them, I avoid saying anything about it. However, what's to stop people from re-selling Tic-Tacs and claiming them as anti-cancer pills? There's definitely a 'snake-oil salesman' aspect to this movement which I cannot respect. It's not difficult to profit from the ignorant.

Juni Lee : “The water remembers what was put into it”

Feuerbringer : Since the placebo effect works completely absent of homeopathy, it isn't an argument _for_ homeopathy, but an argument _against_ it. If placebo is all homeopathy can offer, then it offers nothing _any_ other treatment wouldn't. It's the biggest socially accepted scam since religion.

Smileyheckster : had a guy do a project on this, he took a whole bottle of Homeopathic sleep pills(50 pills) and dumped them all into his mouth as the intro to homeopathy. He chewed them up and swallowed all of them, then went on to start his presentation xD

Dominik Beitat : No coffee? No napping? No mast- NO NAPPING?! No thanks!

RRW : So if the idea of homeopathy is that like cures like, why are so many of them against vaccines? The entire idea is that they give you a weakened version of the disease and after your body kills it, it then knows how to kill the natural version?

Drops2cents : 7:42 "Faith can move mountains..." Faith only moves mountains if enough believers are willing to actually pick up a shovel.

Pau Pardo : basically expensive water

Mparker123wolf : 5:39 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

Antediluvian Atheist : Homeopathy works! In comparison to treating them with arsenic, bloodletting and trapping them in a room with people with the plague.

Professor karl der Große : Long story short. It's bullshit.

Vansh Khanna : By telling us it's placebo aren't you effectively ruining it for us?

Benjers Benjers : How the hell does diluting a mixture strengthen it? Easy it doesn't, diliuting something makes it weak.

KryptoManiac : Apparently there are more followers of homeopathy in India than the entire population of USA, which is even supported by the government.

RetroGamerTy : As a nurse, empathy is a valid point in healthcare that we are missing, but when you are able to perform ADLs versus a patient who requires constant attention for ADLs, nutrition, turning, lab/hemodynamics monitoring, etc., then empathy gets thrown out of the window. The big point of healthcare is to keep you alive and we have to make decisions on who requires more attention based on their level of acuity. We don’t not feel empathic if you’re sick, but we have to prioritize our time.

The Spherical Earth : But I need my monthly dose of nihilism and existential crisis

TuneBlender : One of the most satisfying videos I have ever watched. THANK YOU!

Garrett Thompson : If Homeopathic medicine worked it would just be called "medicine"

BLACK ALIEN MUSINGS : When I first learned what homeopathy was, I actually stopped and laughed my ass off.

Brian Orr : Hmm yeah! I think this video is right. @7:02 Homeopathy "meets a human need that has been left unfulfilled." Doctors and nurses should put more emphasis on treating people as individuals, fellow humans more than a number of patients. Tough job but important goal to reach.

SDG Danny : The idea of Placebo is fascinating.

Pete Morrow : I love you guys, this is a great video and I hate to nitpick, but you show a Caduceus (two snakes wrapped around a staff) when you should show a rod of Asclepius (just one snake). It's a common mistake. The latter is the correct medical symbol, the former is associated with Hermes, protector of commerce, liars, and thieves. (Making it a good fit for homeopathy I guess...)

Sandy Hooker : The loophole with homeopathy, is people try to use this as a real treatment, while the placebo effect exists, that only applies to the people that will naturally heal. Others sometimes die to not getting real treatment. Informing people is the best way to prevent this, but once they learn what homeopathy actually is, is the moment they never use it again. All in all, it's best to take real medicine that works, and even if you didn't need that medicine, at least you didn't risk falling seriously ill, plus u also get the placebo effect that homeopathy boasts to provide.

Eleeth Tahgra : Just bunch of sugar for snake oil remedy...since sugar is relatively cheap now, the pill is probably cheaper than snake oil of the past....What a great way to make money.

Christine S : If I lived 150 years ago, I'd have wanted homeopathic medicine for treatment. For now, not so much. I have homeopathic headache pills I give to my father in law with dementia if hes got arthritic pain before it's time to take his real and actual medication. It helps him because of the placebo effect.

Quaglium Quagnarr : That's why I take *Flintstones Gummies* the duct tape of biological remedies.

Laxmipriya Bal : But my eczema got cured through homeopathy...and within 4 months

Son of a BITCH ! ! : The jizz on the book of pornographic text was a nice touch.

Karma Airheart : Did anyone else notice the clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared?

Atlas Tobin : Homeopathy, Anti-gmo groups, Anti-nuclear, Anti-vaxxer hippies shouldn't be allowed to vote in my opinion...

BanditRants : As a video editor and content creator on this platform, whenever Kurzgesagt uploads it's simultaneously joy and agony. Joy for such great content, agony...knowing they've set the bar so high in quality.

Bohg : It's just a placebo in my opinion

Aveeo : I'm so thankful for modern medicine. Without it I probably would have died a long time ago. Great video!

MysticWave : (Sees clock) *Vietnam Flashbacks*

The Reprehensible : The harm of this sort of thing is that it DOESN'T heal them, it merely applies a placebo affect to them which CAN help with some cases... But not every disease or oddity in the body can be repelled via placebo. Worse, the few successes that result can cause the people that use these faulty remedies to suggest them to others, which can lead to serious infections and death since a placebo's effects are variable as hell. TL;DR: Placebos are bad because they inspire confidence that leads to a false sense of security. It's akin to using a cardboard box as a bunker to hide from a nuclear detonation. You might somehow survive a nuke within one at a distance, but telling other people to do this instead of finding proper shelter or fleeing the threat is a bad, BAD thing. So there is PLENTY wrong with allowing this ignorance to spread. Ignorance and false security kills.

Rapha Pinheiro : The world needs to watch this.

edd castro : *who's the hawk guy, with like bird long nose?*

Alamkan Countryball : I don't care if no one likes it. I have the nicest homeopath and he gives me the best tasting medicine! Lovely.

Mose : Would be nice to balance this with some commentary on all the money and corruption behind the pharmaceutical industry and the mainstream healthcare system in general.