Planta peligrosa en Australia Gympie-Gympie
National Geographic Host touches the Australian Gympie Gympie plant

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Esto es lo que pasa cuando tocas esta planta en australia -


MaximumRageQuit : legend has it, that a man wiped his ass with gympie gympie, then shot himself later due to the pain

Iz Wolfie : cayote should try this.

Gabbin : Is there anything in Australia that won't try to kill you?

Blob B : I would laugh if when he puked he stuck his head in it.

Rawbit : come to Australia mate where everything tryna kill you mate 😂

Lucas Smallwood : He's really good at keeping his composure. As bad as it looked, I'm sure it actually felt a lot worse.

Lucas Watts : Wiki says: The hairs cause an extremely painful stinging sensation that can last anywhere from days to years. FUCK THAT!!!

I'll punch you In the face : *Put fingers on it* OH IT GOT ME! IT GOT ME!

Soylent Green : Imagine falling face first into one of these !?

Ben Isco : when he said he is going to donate "one small part for the show", i was kinda hoping he'd pull out his dick

dont wantto : when he said:"the locals have a cure", I did not expect a 21 century product.

Archmage Madara : How can stuff like this even exist? It just seems like it's too much to be real.

Ankit Nagpal : legend has it that there was a guy who could not get girls because of small dick, he rubbed the leaves on his dick and it got to 12 inch both lengh and width. Legend also has that he can be seen writing comments on YouTube videos about the life-changing benefits of the plant.

Stephen Williams : The other guy that made a video about this completely plagiarized this video. lol

Roofstone : He is a bit of a moron, I mean geez, but props for being a really good presenter. I wouldn't have done that no matter how much they pay.

Santiago Cajas : El robot de Platón no estaba exagerando ...

LeOrangeFTW : rip

norvinius : like si vienes por Aldo( robot de platon)

The 33 Degree Vegan : When I was in the army we did a 2 week field training session in the Tully Jungle & on the 1st exercise we were engaged by 'enemy' and had to move around on our stomachs. I was unfortunate enough to drag my exposed chest & stomach over a large section of Gympie & immediately came to know it 😂 Not an experience I'd recommend to anyone 😂😂

extreme oof : Thanks, AskReddit

LouSaydus : I wonder if he realized that the effects of that plant can literally last for years.....

huzar237 : Gympie gympie, box jellyfish, stonefish. Well never gonna visit Australia.

Clemens Hofbauer : thx 4 trying mate ^^

Dylan Cardiff : And I thought nettles were bad...

Miss Informed : 1:00 You are already too close mate.

Xavier Owens : Imagine fighting with these things you attach the leaf to the stick and swipe it on someone's back

Gustavo Izquierdo : Like si vienes acá por Aldo :v

eu so queria passa na federal : Like every ''nature program guy'' act equal,in every country lol

noah park : the bugs have diamond armor

DRXNK : His hand swelled QUICK.

Justin : RIP. This man gave his life to educate us about nature. I pray for his family.

Super Luigi : He sound so sarcastic when he got stung

Twyin Lannister : Wtf? Why would u do that? I believed you dude

Scotty J : i think I'd name that plant insaines girlfriendes exes.

DeAndre McFarlin : Plot twist: You brew a tea with the gympie-gympie root, and it cures you of every ailment, and grants you immortality, LOL.

Rin _ : Why do I feel like this was faked🤔

gazgaz31670 : Qui est là grâce à docteur nozman ? 🤔

Fractured Time Bird : That waxing strip is brilliant.

Aashish Chapagain : look the size of a camera and now see the video quality

Mike Rinehart : They say to pour diluted Hydrochloric Acid on the sting site

Aaron Glicco : Wonders why he doesnt wear gloves Says he is going to touch it NO DONT TOUCH IT!!! HE TOUCHED IT IS HE INSANE!????

Prower's Edits : this is one of the funniest videos I swear

Tomeck : Chuck Norris eats this for breakfast

TAPriceCTR : I wouldn't trust any at least and that you must press on because it is likely to press the Needles Deeper. I would use PVC cement because it dries I can a lot faster than Elmer's glue

Afta Wahana : when man pee and suddenly touch this...

Natatattatification : NO!! WHY DID YOU TOUCH IT?!!

nemesis5186 : When Chuck Norris wants salad...

Hollee Marcello : this guy's a bro

Matt Ward : i get the feeling he was lying about being stung. his reaction seemed to casual