Hot Dad - The Problem (Lies in My Son and Wife)

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Hot Dad : i started a twitch, so come follow me! love ya and thank y’all so much for your support!

Mr.Pat : Sad dad hours.

Dr Shaym : He's a Cold Dad today.

Richard Hacker : It's not about dissatisfaction with son and wife and family, but the absurd tragedy of being discontent with the rare and good things you already have sitting in front of you. The Grateful Dad

Frigwam : I showed this to my son and wife and they still don't understand my feelings.

Adam Carlone : Yo Hot Dad, i just wanna say that i appreciate you for who you are as a person.

Josh Grace : Thanks for playing the guitar in the video hot dad. It’s really prominent in the song so I’m glad you played it on the video too, just to show how much it stands out in the audio.

Jack Leando : I know this is just a silly little song on our dad's channel, but I gotta say, I can tell after only 2 listens to this that it's gonna become stuck unendingly in my head. These harmonies are absolutely glorious, and good lord what a melody. Thank you, Warmest of Fathers. Thank you for bestowing us with this beauty.

Blotto Von Sozzle : This is legitimately a great song.

Sockamine : All the dad outfits are *so* on point

Swiss Initiative : Hey DaD, this amazing song really lessens the pain of knowing you hate me and mom. Sincerely, Lukewarm Son

Lobwver : It's always Sad O'Clock for me too dad

The Hoax Hotel : That Windstar gas mileage any good? My wife (and to a lesser extent my son) wants to get one but I'm skeptical about performance metrics.

Patricio Fernandez : Sad dad music? What is this, The National?

firmly grasp it : I really, really, really like this video

Chris Hejny : Wow finally a song I can bop to that brings up all my emotional problems stemming from my cold and unloving dad. Thanks Hot Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NotFunny ButFunny : i wish i could go to one of your concerts

888dni888 : Woah, Hot Dad has lost a LOT of weight. Keep it up. I'm proud of you!

spess marine : deserves more views, straight up

Mikasacus : Sad Dad

H.Hannes : It feels like you do your songs just for fun. But they are actually really good, Dad. I really love you. nohomo

Aiden Bouc : I love your songs they're so entertaining and funny

bartholomewfargo : The Problem has been identified. Such clarity in this, the most Confusing of Ages.

p nesshead : I love it, my new cat Jax loves it. I love ya, have a great day, have a great life xxxxxxx

FlyingOverTr0ut : Divorce your family and follow a turkey man like Ba'hee Priss Dimmie!

Grace R : I’ve already shared this with four people

BBtech0251 : Are your background musicians available for rent? They seem to know how to jam.

ThisIsGraeme : Noice

Adam Carlone : The clap dance is epic.

Ryan Vetter : This one hit harder than usual

TB : Dad dancing on point

MeSoTrashed : Finely, something I can bring to family therapy that will show how I really feel! Thanks Hot Dad!


Space Man : Another masterpiece. I held my Hot Dad merch, that I got from neon grizzly, close while we sobbed and related to this song. I really enjoy my hot dad merch, that I got from neon grizzly, I put the stickers I got on my computer case. Now everytime I get called a racial slur by a 15 year old in counter strike I look at my hot dad hot dog and i know every thing is going to be ok. Thanks Hot Dad and thanks neon grizzly!

crackaasscracka : holy hell this song is literally about me

Dan Lloyd : SA:AD

DumbPlays4U : Woo this is one hot track. Hope you come to DC to perform somewhere! Also i cant believe your son texted you that message. How rude, he really is a problem!

Bio : This song could fit right into your Girls Who Care album

Bobby Halick : As a boy from michigan, these representative Dad activities really speak to me.

Limey Lassen : This is an inverted Linkin Park song. Rap bridge and everything.

Márcio Couto : You gotta focus on websites, you love those bad boys

Zach Funkhouser : Hot deadbeat dad

TheMuconium : Daddy drinks because you cry.

Sam Morris : Are you feeling alright Hot Dad?

Vela Nova : Is this why you left me, dad?

deckernk : tasty bridge, HD. keep up the good work

All Over : this. is beuatiful. it go in play list

Keith Berwanger : HotAndReadyDeepDishDaddy

ABNTGeneric : Really diggin’ the new sound, brother! I hope your son and wife don’t get mad when they hear this!

Ninja GamerMkII : It seems like no female can understand this situation every one I show was just confused.