Elfing Around NYC

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Eric Kopecky : Why would you ruin a video with such potential by filming that way?!

Forssa1 : Disliked for vertical video.

J-P Sacko : aww, i liked this. even in spite of the VVS.

Tyrone Lannister : You look like Will Ferrell if he was dressed in an elf costume.

Won on One/1 Pranks PrankMaster : That was a funny video & nice work dude :)

Eric Beich : Screw the vertical. as another tall.... good job!!

petev23 : Do you like fish sticks?

BadTPS : Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!

James Shoppell : i want that song on my phone now!!!

Ruth Elizabeth : I love this!

Hayden Ballard : SHOOBIE DOOBIE

purple haze : This video cracks me up every time I watch it!!! I hope Buddy didn't really eat the subway gum. My fav is when he goes to the office building and asks to see his Dad. Classic! WTG Buddy!!!

Haruka Takahashi : he has elf balls

Vesper : Ha! Dude is cosplaying Buddy the Elf all over Manhatten! xD

Missymayamayo : This is the best 😂😂😂

Dena Ahmed : you look like the young version of the real elf

kristy hughes : Why was that insanely awesome?

LeeTheProdigy : So tall :)

Reggie Perrin : lol you are awesome

jtown1bb : i like the part when you dressed like an elf

paperchains22 : I just died, If I witnessed this it would make my day!

Liam Horne : dftba

Mike Bustillos : Thanks Jon. Needed that lol

St2diOne : Is that *his* gum????

LilBitRebelx : thumbs up if Jon Favreau brought you here.

RETSZTIRF : such a neat city :)