Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!

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BLACKLAB3L COPWATCH : damn justine, , relax.......

alexander vargas : you guys should "prank" the apple store with the laptop

madie Bale : People in 18 years will be doing this about the laptops we have today...

PURA PAITHIYAM : I wanted to watch the whole video... But stupid girl... U made me close it

cat hale : This is the laptop Elle had in Legally Blonde OMG

Simple Kenny : Need a girl that looks at me like how iJustine looks at a early 2000s laptop

Dolans Tea : I feel like Marques is getting annoyed with Justine in this video.

John Emman Luaton : watching this on my iBook...

tita ni marklee : The people telling Justine to relax, RELAX. Her excitement won't kill you. Wtf is wrong with people 🙄 You guys are way more annoying. You don't know how nostalgic it is for her.

Margie Semeshchuk : Girl, I wasn’t even born

PhantomMatrix : MK looks so uncomfortable

Jordan Fournier : I bet they banged afterwards

Akshat Shahi : Am I the only one who noticed the upside down apple logo at 7:51

Elisa Álvarez : Geez. Justine’s excitement is exactly what I love about her and her channel. Calm down, people, let her be. She gets crazy with tech, I get crazy with stories, you get crazy with something aswell. Chill out.

PHANTOM 808 : Is hard to watch a video when somebody is so Over Hyper...Take some medication plz

Dral B : The difference between an Introvert & Extrovert 🙂

Saeed Nassiri : Don't freak out about her, you may get excited too if 30 years from now someone puts your first smartphone in front of you, you'll get hyped too (not this much maybe). I'm 46 and been using Macs for three decades now! I remember all those old Macs, the old Mac OS (I started on Mac OS 6), desktop, icons, the GUI and everything. This video actually made me very nostalgic emotional, so i kinda get her excitement. I would have got pretty hyped if someone gave me an old but brand new Mac to open and set up. I'm sending this video to all my old friends and colleagues I have since the days of 4 MB of Ram and 40 MB hard drive 🙈😂 I still have my 1993 Apple Color Classic Mac (4/40 MB of RAM/HDD) and it still boots up 😍

The Gamer Clan : In year 2000 I was -7 years old

Anthony Vega Vlogs : I was -5 years old

21st Century FOX : I agree that the iBook is something interesting.... But chill no need to overreact 😑

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : Justine is going a *little* over the top with the excitement ;)

Steven Martin : This is the BEST unboxing video I've ever seen! I couldn't stop laughing at both of your reactions! - From a guy whose first computer was a Commodore 64!

Ikea Uppsala : if her husband ever hits her, he's already firgiven.

Abdo Lilah : Damn. I still have one. Anyone wanna buy. Msg me

Jessie Zeng : I was an egg inside my mother's uterus in 2000 when the iBook came out

adolfo rios : Justine is excessively dramatic

Mo Arham : 2000-werent born yet

Wither : I was - 5 years old.. (im 14 in a month)

Tomáš Ferenc : She should take some acter lesson. Too much overplay. After few seconds of watching... I've got headache. (I guess I'm not the only one here)

Jade Teague : Lol I was 1😂 I got my first laptop in 2009

Deepak prajapati : 08:49 This girls is acting like a never seen laptop in her life time.. lol....

Abe Slick : This iBook is probably faster than my MacBook Pro because it's never been on the net downloading Apple's crippling updates.

Nada Awad : I was -4 years old when it came out

unicorn Abbie : I was not even boring yet hahaha

Akshat Shahi : Its ok to like your own comment

jake : Rest is on pornhub

MAIA. CCC : I was -6 years old in 2000

redXlled : wow i feel like a dinosaur am 37 hehehe

Zachary Vander Horn : Justine, there is a bomb behind you in the black cabinet, aka the Samsung Note Seven

Doggy David : I wasn’t born in 2000

simplycbh : omg she’s making my nerves bad

Pragmatron : 00 apple designs were just out of this world, not as in love and inspired with them as I was back then.

JaydenLeeann Housewright : In the year 2000 I was an egg.

yngtrendsetter : wasn’t born yet😂😂

Milly Kingscote : I wasn’t born in 2000

Tariq LeGoat : Those laptop colours go hard I’m not gonna lie.

Exane : In 2000, I was -4 😂 😂

Karlovsky : -4 years old lmao

That One Person : It looks like you have a confederate flag in the back

Mr. Krabbs : “6 Gs? Oh, *that’s cute* ...”