Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!

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Simple Kenny : Need a girl that looks at me like how iJustine looks at a early 2000s laptop

Desmond Louis : Over acting..

Nerf : In the year 2000 I was -3 years old

Lex W. : Funny the apple sign is upside down.. i guess they didn’t figure that out until later

Infamouslovely : Jesus christ... .did she pop a molly before this video?? She needs tranquilizer

PhantomMatrix : MK looks so uncomfortable

Mae Pup : That iBook kind of looks like a fake kids toy computer😂😂

Mohtashim Shikder : Isn't iJustine overreacting way toooo much???

insertacoolnamehere : Is she ok? Lol

Hugh Mungus : One of the fakest youtuber there is

Jaishankar Iyer : Mkbhd : don't drop it ! Me : that's Linus 😂😂

desertrose0601 : I was 21 in 2000.

Bliss : I was 20/21... I'm old lol I use to have an iMac G3 desktop...

Erika Vanessa : I was 3 in 2000😳😱

Saifaldeen Sultan : Is this girl ok???

The Rest Of Us : The reason Apple shipped these things with internet explorer pre-installed was part of the deal they struck with Microsoft when Steve Jobs returned. He hated it, but he knew the deal would save Apple.

Thomas Carroll : I. Was 23. When this. Came out. Did. Not. Own way. Out of my. Price. Range.

Lunesta : they were hype over the cd rom sound but i made a cd for my car today.................

Victor Perrin : jeez, i remember all of this... i think I'm getting a little.... OLD?

The Boss Banana : I was -6 years old so im just like whaaaaaaat is dis

DerParadonym : Marques calm personality vs. Justines sightly aggressive hyperactive personality... is not the combo I prefer - but it's somehow okay...

Wolfgang Staber : Omg, this laptop is so ugly! This rounded ovoid design is awful! It's the same with the iMac G3, so awful! It doesn't surprise me, that Apple abandoned this design. The introduction in about what is the Internet and the e-mail tutorial is funny though. ;-)

Kelly Whatley1999 : But when this computer came out i was 2

Kyle Tomlinson : I was -6 when this came out

Apollo And Zeus : Justine. Please calm down.

zollotech : I love that you can hear the hard drive

Gauri Nair : In 2000 I was -5 😁

Belly Toad : I was -4 in 2000😂

Noah du Plessis : In 2000, I was -2 years old

Susila Sham : Over acting

ramon : Remember when Shane Dawson got one online and showed it on his channel?

Nikki UniX : i was 7 haha

Jimin_Is_ My_Bias : Ugh we need a new computer that looks exactly like an ibook G3 but works like a modern day computer

Elma Lesly : In 2000 i wasn't born yet 2003 baby so

Lara Elkady : I wasn't born in 2000!!! I was born in 2001 though!

Vector Inglês ICAO : @ 9:24 = "let's be fake"

amazing : I was not born lol 3 years early

Kelly Whatley1999 : 1

Abigail Lynn : i was -3 years old in 2000

Alexa Villalpando : 9:08 Justine sounded like Rosanna

Debesh Jena : I don't think mkbhd has a crush on iJustine. I think he has a crush on Gal Gadot.

Bruce Leeuh : Key Caps!💙💙💙 Nostalgia .. . My parents thought they were so clever taking the keyboard away, but I had other plans when they left. 😏😏😏

Simon Hellberg : I was -5 when dis came oute

NITRO HD! : in 2000 i was -2

IΓ'S MARLΞY : Acrobat reader 4.0 lol

simplycbh : omg she’s making my nerves bad

XX_LORD_TOUCHME_XX : I was frshly born in the 2000s

pbsoccer : BLACKED

Doug Wong : I want one lol!

ThatGuyZach : Sounds like she finna bust a nut to this old ass technology...