Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!

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BLACKLAB3L COPWATCH : damn justine, , relax.......

PrypeciowyHovnozer : c'mon guys give her a slack, I like to take cocaine sometimes too

Phoxxel : I don't know why people are hating so much. I'm not an iJustine fan, but if you were nostalgic, you would very much be as excited as she was if what's in front of you was something you loved a decade ago. It's a trip down memory lane. Don't be too edgy.

Kaung Marma : She is acting like a never seen laptop in her life time..

Sebastian Dembek : My god... She is so annoying

Simple Kenny : Need a girl that looks at me like how iJustine looks at a early 2000s laptop

Robbie Frame II : She made this video so much less enjoyable. I was genuinely interested in seeing an unopened iBook from my school days but I can't stand her over-zealous demeanor. She's at a 12, she needs to bring it down to a 5 to be tolerable. I'll be searching for an actually good video of the unboxing and workings of an iBook G3.

arun johnson : She is so irritating that I couldn't bear to see it after 4.20 min

ʏs ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ : Marques be thinkin' *This Ho Can't Hold that Shit Together.*

Rayan Almutawa : Whoah Justine!... Shut the hell up and let MKBHD do the talking!!!.. God!

Dral B : The difference between an Introvert & Extrovert 🙂

Rishik Mourya : Justin: There's no mouse!!! Mkbhd: Oh it's a laptop. Me: what the...

Nick Moreno : Was 15 in 2000. That's also the last MacOS I used.

tdayzee : I just love watching your channel...I am 47 and a subscriber that never ever comments on anything. I am semi-clueless electronically but I am an 80's kid and shouldnt be! I just wanted to comment and let you know you have a follower that was 29 in 2000. 😁 We didnt refer to ourselves as gamers in the 80's but if we did, I would have been one. Lol! I spent every quarter I could on galaga, Ms PacMan, and Pole Position. I am a droid user but my daughter is apple all the way. You have taught me alot..so thanks! From a semi-cool old schooler :)

Erich A Peralta Schlender : your video deserves like because you asked what first came into my mind when you searched for bee and you find out the sound: then I think what about the fox?!

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : Justine is going a *little* over the top with the excitement ;)

MAJORxALTERcATiON : MKBHD is usually chill and tame about his videos, Justine is more hype and.... she's iJustine so I get why people in the comments are telling her to chill cuz they aren't used to her

Hean Stone : Blacked.com

Pedro Sousa : She wanted him to gave her the pc so much that she almost had an orgasm.

William Obino : I wasn't born. I was -5 years old.

PhantomMatrix : MK looks so uncomfortable

MUSIC LoVER : GULAB , JAAMUN , only indians know 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌

Mitchell Holman : Jack in the box pops out when they open it

The Dark Shard : I was -3 year old in year 2000

Squishey Duck : I was born on 2003😂

adolfo rios : Justine is excessively dramatic

Ocean of Sand : My goodness I feel old now. At 11 years old barely becoming familiar with dialup internet, I vaguely remember these being popular among tech geeks. If only MacBooks still looked like these, I’d totally get one.

Hugoj 458 - the crew 2 - clash Royale : In 2000 I was -4 lol

Beyond : super fire nostalgic vibes.

CommodoreMax : The styrofoam actually immediately made me think; Adventure Time. Honestly I can understand the excitement. Though I'm not an Apple person, I've always liked the iBook G3s.

SourCan : Her reactions are so FAKE and CRINGY , *MKBHD has like the most genuine reaction ,like he is kinda excited to see how a 18 year old laptop is* and *that's it* NOT LIKE FAKE JUSTINE

Rogiemar Dao-asen : Apple Has My Life😂😂😂 -iJustine

Echovisions AJ : *_i wasnt alive in 2000_*

Sammyland : That was the the first laptop I ever saw in person. I remember being in the 3rd grade and using a tangerine one for writing assignments, and being taught about search engines like Yahooligans. It was the computer that made me want to get a Mac. To be honest, I would react just like her.

staffy35 : In the year 2000, I was -3 years old. My first computer had 4gb of ram, as compared to the 64mb of ram this one has.

Pattymac Knits : Ok well I'm definitely the granny in the room. I was 35 when this came out. I had the original iMac in raspberry and then the graphite version after that. I loved those machines. I was a more than a little upset I had to give up my pink machine for the graphite version to gain the extra processing power, but I did it anyway. Now I'm on a Retina 4K, so Apple all the way. For the people who may not remember the original machine, I found this. You just can't believe how freaking exciting it was to be alive when this stuff came out. It was truly ground breaking and life changing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=6uXJlX50Lj8 . Thanks for sharing a fun trip down memory lane!!

Sam Seven : I was born in 2006 and I still have a working 2009 MacBook

Campbell Sullivan : 2000, i was freshly 6 months old 🤔😚

AlexCOD : Blacked next?

Mani Breedlove : I was born in 1998 in 2000 I was 2 years old

M. Bilal : Overacting

Amandeep Kaur Phull : I was -4 years old PS I was not born

Linux Music Studio : these were such a cool machine, I had one years ago. Loved the built-in handle and design. Apple just does not have this kind of design creativity anymore.

RyanPm40 : In the year 2000 I was in 2nd grade On another note, I had no idea I was older than Marques

Deb Render : I was 20 in 2000. Dam I'm old.

simplycbh : omg she’s making my nerves bad

Vic Canada : Baby..you are too big to act like you do at times,its just doesnt look right..it wouod if you'd be 16 (i've seen some of the usuall moves and decided to mention this.acting like a child when Linus came over to you tho.i simpl5 forgot to write you about it...but then i saw the similar behavior in different videos...and it simplymdoesnt fit you well.Cuz you are a grown-adult-woman..and its just looks wrong.All those jumping and doing all kimds of weird stuff.We understand - You Excited,but keep yourself in place a bit...PLZ.Again..it would not be so n9ticable if you'd be like 16..17.

Ava Jolie : in 2000, i was -4 years old😂 wasn’t born yet!

James McCurry : I was -3 in 2000😂😂

Abhi jith : In 2000 not born😂😂