The first plant to become a venus fly trap
The first plant to become a venus fly trap

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Basically how the first Venus fly trap happened Music eevee - house of memories


Brittany Williams : Had to come back after that Insect introduction video lmao

Praise The Nut : Didn’t expect to laugh out loud at a plant video

Light Legend : *"Be careful around those plants though, I heard they- uh..they be crazy."* -Future Caleb, 2019

Adriane Ivey : “I can’t move, I’m a plant!” 10/10 writing

Maijolin : Costume Design 10/10

Quensi Threadgill : "I wouldn't mess with him. He been tripping lately"😂😂

ck 3502 : Bumblebee's death was genuinely heartbreaking. :(

Proxiッ : My science teacher actually played this in class and said it was funny XD

GARLIC BREAD PROVIDER : I legitimately was worried for the bee

Toxic_amryman : Not goanna lie when he snapped at the bee it actually scared me

Dashing Steel : But venus fly traps eat flies And flies eat *LITERAL D O O D O O WATER* So it's kind of a downgrade, Right?

Tia Rutherford : Me on my water diet~ I'm tired of drinking I wanna chew

GZXC993 : Me at restaurant: **Food Arrives** Me: I'm tired of drinking, I WANT TO CHEW!

mr.APARICIO : you crazy!! You crae zee!!! YOU CRAE ZEEE!! 😂 this video is the reason i subbed.

* Grace * : No one: Not a living soul: First venus trap: *I* *WANNA* *EAT*

Duda Helena : I mean... Apparently the YouTube algorithm is working correctly now, so this is what it have to offer to me... This is the confirmation that it is working correctly. I accept it and I'm very grateful.

Dineth Madurawala : "i cant move. im a plant" breaking the 4th wall 😂😂

SapphireFox13 : Why would you eat something that eats LITERAL DOO DOO WATER

Toanaboogege Francis : You crazy! You crazee! You crazeeee!

Dissolute Void : Yo somebody gotta animate this dudes works man. Fricken hilarious

Bluerfire Flame : "I'm tired of drinking, I wANNA CHEW" When your wisdom tooth gets taken out.

Jazzy_ Jazz420 : Bee:lands on plant Plant:I’m bout end dis mans whole career

Bella Souza : Jordan peele's new movie looks great!

StudentLearning737 : This brings up a good question of how did the Venus trap planet evolve.

Amina I. : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 why am I seeing this today for the first time??!!!! Lolol "you crazy, you crazy"

Greg Dos : 0.5 speed he sounds drunk af 😂

Emma B : This is horrifying Also I love how all you need to show that you’re a plant is a friggin leaf taped to your forehead like Naruto123 : Venus fly trap is honestly the scariest villain he killed the main character he came back but honestly Ruthless

Excited Cat : God it's been a year later and it feels like I watched this yesterday for the first time lol

DZWhispersFanツ : He made me choke on my burger when the bee started screaming

V • : Wtf is this lmaooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Subscribed for sure

Bippy Grace : I'm water fasting right now. On day 3, the hardest damn day. I WANT TO CHEW SOMETHING is my life right now.

LucyTheEvilFox : All I could think of was what the neighbours would be thinking, with all that screaming XD

AverageGirl : Caleb, what influenced you to do this? 😂😂

Horizon Audios : Never knew botany could be this interesting...

miss 2000 : I can't move ima plant. He warned you b.

builderpepc : when you record your videos i really wonder how your neighbors dont call the cops

Dimple_doll : “You *craZEEE* ,” Im dead bruhhh😂😂💀💀 Im not even gonna front, when he snapped, i got hecka scared lmao


jeb _ : This makes me think that they should include more venus plants in the Bee movie

scott's tott : And again, YouTube recommendations are not failing at me


ReapsoPhantom : when the music starts playing.

Evan Cruz : 1:29 “You craZee. You craZEE” Budget responsibilities: walk outside get two leaves, scotch tape, Bumble bee wings, various liquid red candy syrup

DanielTroy Prod. : To think that bees have *RED BLOOD* _Damn._

Sheikah Chick : Thank you for becoming an inside joke with my family

Dibowac123414 : Vegans: YoU CanT EaT MEAT! Venus Plant: *I'm AboUT TO EnD ThIS MANS CarEER.* [20-06-2019_18_53]

Let’s Not : Caleb: tHis huRTS.. me: he....need...some...MILK

x Miuna x : You crazy, *you CRAY-Z!* xD I'm dead