The first plant to become a venus fly trap

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Crazy Boris Productions : I taped a leaf to my forehead and so far these real plants around me have no idea I'm not a fern.

TwitchStreams : 0:57 *''He been trippin' lately''*

Street Starz : 0:57 that spongbob background music 😂😂😂

Veridian : When you gotta wake up at 3 AM and eat

Corey Johnston : “I can’t move, I’m a plant.”

Connortheginger816 : If you watch this in half speed it’s so much better

Depression Talks With Immanuel : YOU CRAZY! YOU CRAZY!

Sarah Marquez : RIP bumble bee he was too good for this world

cαтѕєνєяуωнєяє : *I WANNA EAT* Bro... *I WANT FOOD* We gotta drink water... *MEAT* We drink water... that’s what we do *IM TIRED OF DRINKING ...I WANNA* *CHEW*

Zach Ryder : Top Ten Most Ground-breaking National Geographic Documentaries

Mads SC : This reminds me of all the actually creative and funny videos that were on YouTube before it became polluted with diy life hacks and clickbait

Zack Coley : Interviewer: Why should we hire you? Me: 0:22

cat hair : i have a venus fly-trap and this is what i hear from my windowsill every morning

Lewis Bond IV : When a vegan relapses 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Thee Greg : Tell the other bees not to come to school tomorrow.

D//V//NE : I love how chill the bee is

Jada Harris : " you craZEE, you craZEE'' IM DEADDD XD

grey fox : I like how your videos are getting more and more unshowable to my parents without them questioning what's wrong with me. keep up the great work

Kobe Michilot : Someone animate it, I don’t have enough talent to do it

Daniel Gonzalez : What kind of drugs are needed to come up with this?

Jazzy-J X : When he said *POLLEN WAS GOOD FOR HIS SKIN* I lost it. Pollen is technically *semen* LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It fertilizes female plants.


Green Teaღ : *_I made the mistake of watching this while eating cereal_*

Basil9 : What is your mom walked in while you were filming this Like son why do you have a leaf on your face

SmokeSpark Dragonfly : I dont know how i got here but i aint ever wanna leave

Niloc Rekkab : So sad I can never watch this video for the first time again.

Aaron L Smith : How can this guy make the most simplest things funny smh lol 😎

Perussi_Gaming : Beat 1 man actor I've seen.

Herb Derbler : I just discovered your channel three days ago. It's been a good three days.

Our Founding Liars : This isn’t a skit, this is classified footage of extraterrestrial beings with organic origins. The leaves are not conveniently placed on a humans forehead, it is in fact a part of their humanoid shaped bodies. This video showcases a declaration of war between the plant aliens and the insectoids. Keep asking questions

2.0 : First plant was enjoying tf outta that water damn, thank god they weren’t egyptian import ones

Naknaduvan 4 : 0:03 in half speed HAHAHAH

Conn Toons : Damn this is the most popular video on this channel?

Jair Artis : “I’m tired of drinking! I wanna chew!”

Unyt : Man that's some good watta

Lunar : *I T ' S G O O D*

Brandon Tejada : Imagine making this. Just look at what they are wearing. 2/3 of the characters are him shirtless with a leaf taped to his head, while the other character has tinfoil wings taped to them.

WuzNab : Now do the first vegan.

MelOTea : Today on Animal Planet-

Heavenly Controller : I wanna *CHEW* 😂

done1235 : I WANT FOOD .... MEAT 🍖 !!! Part had me dead 😂

Kat System : Any time I’m having a bad day, I watch this. The mix of horror and humor perks me right up.

SlicerFragz : Watch this at half speed😂😂

Barfield Michelle : Can't move but lifting a water bottle😂😂

Zach Ryder : "I can't move I'm a plant!"

Meg Beth : This is literary so original. Thank you!

victoria Rain : its like instead of taking the drugs from a local drugdealer you take the drugdealer instead

VideoGameMaster : Vegans left the chat

RandomT _ : Those 2.8k dislikes were from the bees in that bumble bee's hive. : This should be how teachers teach kids about the Venus flytrap