how to drawwwwwww
how to drawwwwwww

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HOWING TO DRAWINK BY KC GREASE AND TAYLOR DEEZ Editing by Taylor, Industrial and Lights, LTD.


Discocunt : What did you give up for your art skills? I gave up my hope for a future.

Xerz : Wow! Thanks to this video, my drawing skills went from "throwing ink at my paper, hands, head, table and neightbour" to "Dragon Ball Super episode 5" in no time! It's just like *magic*! _(but clearly, no magic has been involved in this video - obviously just professional and miraculous alchemy)_

stompydingdong : I love this, especially the 0:07 part.

biggus dickus : is that a ween background?

Soho Joe : casey grin what happen

Captain Taki : Why is KC so perfect?

brushurteeth456 : if this video was ever removed i would probably cry tbh

VAB0L0 : You underestimate the man.

Dee Cee : 2:04 to 4:08 turns me on.

Jesse Jeon : Ahh, I keep coming back to this video. Still one of my favourites of all time.

Harper Micko : I guess we have different interests in game discussion. I know that i prefer /vg/ because they tend to stay on the topic of the game being discussed. and there are circlejerk threads like that on /v/ too. I can cite a specific R.O.B thread on that board you may or may not remember.

hackerism1 : /vg/ is still around? Last time I went there it was nothing but circle jerks and no game discussion. I know that when I browse /v/ at night I can find a good vidya thread.

Harper Micko : Are you seriously not browsing /vg/? Haha oh, why?

hackerism1 : But I'm /v/... I can pretend to be /co/ tho...

Harper Micko : /co/ pls go

Brad Hozuki : As a feminist I am offended by this video. Check your artistic privilege.

Cody George : 2007 was a strange time

culdain : this is so bad

DreamSicle : I fucking sprayed shit all over my backseat at the start, thank you so much.

BAppleJuice : When I first saw this video however many years ago, I didn't know that was a Ween background. Older and wiser, I noticed it!! This is still hilarious too.


TheShadowman60 : >WTF >Is >Tʜɪs >Sʜɪᴛ?

hackerism1 : >5 months ago >before shit posting about meme arrows Do you evn lift?

xHiRiSE : >green text >not meme arrows

stompydingdong : KC had to have been high during this...

ooze : wjat

kurtis jr robinson : you cant learn how to draw its a talent like singing no a fence

ooze : how about i slap your shit

Goon Bag : I see multiple penises drawn in green.

MooseIndie : The song in the middle was by Beck: The Information Disk (Someday)

SirLoadingscreen : KC Please. Stop. Just be happy please everyone loves you.

sonicmeerkat : I think I understand him which scares me.

ShockTrooper72 : I can draw so much better now, THANKS!

Johnny Ringo : Always horrifying. Always.

pelukior : But where is his beard?

Dalaserman : fuck what is wrong with kc green

Stinson Parks : How to drawwwwwwwww

devaunbeats : Im scared..

TheDopeDanny : i worry for you wolfman green. sincerely, i really do.

ooze : get out of here


hackerism1 : >kc green >any degree of sanity >green texting on youtube

Sundaybrawl : Now I know how to draw

Ham Grenade : Wow... Mac users sure took Steve Job's death pretty hard.

RoadlessEnt : He sounds like stimpy.

Deceased Crab : I don't think I was watching closely enough. I think I missed a few steps. I am awful.

Orayn : I like to think this is how every single Gunshow comic is made.

DrProEsq : I love him so.

ilaglikehell : KC has premade drawings already made for every drawing he would ever come up with, it's safe to be sure~