Sign Guy giving his best move

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Hyena : Everyone getting upset at the hand gesture, do these guys sound like they're British? No.


Bum : great commentating!

BoomBoomBrucey : you're*

mrBman : Lmao nice

flexor212000 : VVS

Trystan Snodgrass : Depends on what country your in my friend. It is NOT a symbol of peace in England/Wales

Jesus García Godoy : say NO to vertical videos

Flightline : interesting. After a quick wikipedia, it is in fact an offensive gesture. Hell, I guess you learn something new every day. I had no Idea that seemingly peaceful gesture could be distorted in a bad way.

mpredosin : Say no to vertical videos.

Gavin Kalavik : HELICOPTER, BITCH!

Rebound443 : which pixel is the sign guy

GamingJesster : In most english places that it's offensive, palm away from body is peace sign, palm facing towards you is 'up yours'.

Saleenrulz : Dont upload it again unless you record it the right way. Turn your phone to the side.

NMahoney : Say no to vertical videos!

M´lady Femen : damn dawg shiiiiittttttttt brah

Winnet : It's a British version of giving someone the middle finger

Newt0570 : In some countries the "v" sign actually does mean the same as the middle finger here.

smelliott111 : It was even the correct way up too!!!!!!!!!!! WOW thats fucking awesome

jo3ly : My contacts must have fallen out

wright0340 : Badger?

asatamer : did anyone noticed the sign crew through the side mirror in the company drop off van?!?

schoolinJOO : Sign Guy fuckin shit up!

Sam : Say NO to vertical video syndrome now!

Beek1337 : what this recorded in 1823?

jkand : Good thing that the robots haven't DURKA DURRR!!!

Labeled : Video cameras go horizontal... Not vertical..

bleak213 : What a bawse.

Aevetico : Oh cool, thanks for the vertical video.

Christian Castillo : Show me your moves

kdwormy : VVS is a serious condition.

RangerDanger921 : hope you a troll. the fuck is a v sign

Questionssm : Wow this is the best video I have seen on youtube ever. more people should film in portrait potato vision.

fuccin yap : hit 7 for "niggas in dallas"

Magnus Bekkengen : Who cares about the quality, that was amazing! xD

bayar3a : I hope you gave him at least some dollars

MrChalupaB : This guy is better at twirling his sign then you are at using your phone. Auto thumbs down for article video.


piero101 : i hate you and your vertical phone.

Grand Pu : damn you.

Justin Lowrey : This video has 301 views, 264 of us approve of this comment!

Richard EC : Blair Witch Project's director takes home movies.


flacksuage : vertical video, bad res. auto thumbs down.

Stephen Romano : very bad quality.

FunnyRumel2 : 4chanfag?

Emil Eklund : 144P? IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

Ilxfauno : Fuck off

Andy Hu : i was going to troll, because you were filming from so far away then the close up move was so dope lol

Andy Hu : oOh another sad loser wants the world to think hes cool tsk tsk