Blackalicious- Alphabet Aerobics Lyrics

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AveryPhair DossiFan : I can only get up to P...

PhatGirlLuva68-ThelastOG : Phenomenal.

Agrum Regmi : Who came here after watching Daniel Radcliffe rapping this?

DecimusYna : Q and X are the worst.

Jaimee Daniels : I’m 32 minutes old and I can recite this backwards with my feet tied to a piece of fruit

ORANGE JUICE : Leave a like for only 2018 ⏪

its Erichclarin : i mean like only at x artificial amateurs arent all amazing analiticlly i asult animate thing broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat buildings are broken basically im bombarding i mean like can we do more??

Harry Pooter : I got stuck on 0:00 0:10

Sister Tubers : Harry Potter did it better!

Aquarose Supahgirl : the Qs get me almost every time

Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton : This really is the ultimate toungue twister

Dbirch's vlog channel !! : I don't know if y'all care but I did it

THE_GREAT_PAPYRUS : At the beginning of my school year we always have a talent show I always enter and do something weird this year I am gonna sing this! Wish me luck!

Charlotte Smith : 2018?

Nyeduel Diew : I can't​ pass zealot

Ella Hamilton : My friend can sing it like Artificial amateurs aren't at all amazing. Analytically I assault animate things. I don't really know the rest so I'm just gonna shut up

Paulothegeneral : I have mastered the whole thing and I am 2 minutes 15 seconds old GOD HAS GIVEN ME POWER

Life with Eila : 1:05

My Life As Hannah : I'm home schooled at the moment because I have medical issues and when I go back to school im gonna rap to this in front of THE WHOLE SCHOOL 1 like= good luck

Rosa Melano : I'm back and i can do it at 1.5

Swimmer : W and x get me every time

Bryan Rue : Protip: If you're struggling, put it on 0.75 speed and then put it back to normal speed when you feel ready

Isobel Mcmullen : Can’t get past the first word

Matrix Phantom : Mastered it 8th try

la la : I can't get past artificial

CantBuy Love420 : I can rap it in 1.5 speed ::)

AriMakesEdits : Ediket

Livi A : I learnt how to rap this, covering the n word with nibba or just missing it, in less than a day, it was a fun challenge! I got into this because of Daniel Radcliffe <3

Akne Indo : Wish me luck. I wanna learn this in under a week! ahahahahaahah... what the heck was I thinking

Rosa Melano : i can do it at 1.25 even though english is not my first language :DD

Alexa Liwag : I memorized a-h in one day

Kawiicorn Plays : 00:10

PwnDa _ : 0:10

Ciro Cogo Faga : I can’t pass w

BlueMay : When I sing this I feel smart

kimara tucker : M IS US SO HARD

Ethan Chng : i cant do s

Linadunord MSP : I CAN DO I IN 2 HOURS YES!

Marina Bydanov : The letters W and X always get me :(

And then There’s me : I have set my life goals to memorize this song.

katy woods : The lines that start with G oh my god so tough

Michela Madison : YESSS I GOT TO ZEALOTS!!!

Lenard Castillo : Play this at 2x speed

Mira Hancock : Stuck on K

PhysillicsMC : I get so much saliva in my mouth ... is that normal? or am i just a weirdo

Ugh.ItsElsie : I can do up to O.....on 2x speed. Tf is wtong with me??!?!?!?!

Lizzzy 525 : Play in 2x speed😂😂its a diff language at the end😂

Weirdness . com : I can only do up to J :(

JessicaMae Vlogs : I got to X 😕

Jade : My mum's ex boyfriend told me if I learned this in a week he'd give me £50. They broke up that Thursday and here I am knowing how to sing this damn song without my £50🙄🙄