Macho Man Randy Savage - The Cream of the Crop
Macho Man Randy Savage The Cream of the Crop

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Nobody does it better.


guardian08527 : (meanwhile back at catering) Vince: Damn it! Why are there never any creamers next to the coffee???!!! (In the distance) OH YEAH!!!

Blicious : I love the low key magic tricks he's pulling with these coffee creamers.

Arnolf Mendoza : NOTHING MEANS NOTHING! nothing means nothing.

Aon Brogan : I refuse to believe macho man was ever hired. He just walked in one day and started to wrestle.


Cliff Chandler : "Unjustifiably in a position that I'd rather not be in!!!!!! Line of the century.....

Phenom014 : R.I.P. Macho and Mean Gene πŸ™

noisyturtle : More like Magic Man Randy Savage, he's pullin them cremes outta the 5th dimension.

Will Lofland : Nobody wears a t-shirt like a turtle neck quite like the Macho MAN.

The Ginger Breadman : I've accepted that the only way for me to be happy in life is to watch this video at least once a day until I die

DMG118 : This is not just the best wrestling promo, this is the best speech, utterance and moment in the history of mankind.

Sweet Sakuma : RIP Mean Gene Okerlund. πŸŽ€πŸ‘΄πŸΌ

piggybankvillan : WWE really needs cocaine again

Nick Hedds : RIP To both of these legends. The best interviewer of all time interviewing one of the greatest wrestlers of all time...they don't make em like this anymore

CMLAFLAMME : Outside interference.. IN MY MOMENT OF GLORY!! We've all thought the same thing on more than one occasion.

RYTHMIC RIOT : "Unbalanced, off balance, doesn't matter, I'm better than you are"

Kahn4 : Funny how he just keeps pulling creamers out and dropping them

Iza Meelo : "Unjustifiably in a position I'd rather not be" I want that on my tombstone

Tony RM : He is the best personality in wrestling history

TheSfaok : Looking forward to Mean Gene's interview with Savage tonight.

CxSism : These two were definitely the cream of the crop

Cardboard Silver : Let's all steal a half and half in memory of Macho Man Randy Savage!

Dante Trevisan : Cream is one hell of a drug.

Matias : RIP Gene, you will always be the voice of the Golden Era of WWE.

holysinnerxxx : Are those 803 dislikes people that had their creamer taken by the macho man for this promo?

1rickrockwell : R.I.P. Mean Gene! How you didn't crack during this interview is beyond human understanding. You were a consumate professional & the voice of wrestling to a great many.

JOSEPH PASQUARELLA : Where does he keep getting cream cups from??????

Lee Howling : How the hell does The Gene keep a straight face

Ayava Kyavata : This man had more talent than most Hollywood actors ever find in their lifetimes.

Rock -O : Everytime I hold the creamer, I think of this promo, one day will have the courage and re create this scene publicly

oreoninja 303 : I think I gotta get into coke and roids.

Kevin K : Mean Gene doing these interviews in the pearly gates with the Macho man.

Sam Well : RIP MEAN GENE! You and Macho Man can now embark on an eternity of promos!

Anthony L Raskin : Let me tell you something mean gene...may you rest in peace

Mixtape TNT : imagine just drinking at a coffee shop peacefully before Macho Man in his entrance attire just comes and finesses the cream at the front counter

Johnson Plastering Company : When you smoke to much edible make this blue if you agree

Rgoid : R.I.P. Mean Gene Okerlund.

noisyturtle : *NOTHING MEANS NOTHING!*

KesorodaBlk : I just love the fact that he went and got a coffee creamer cup to make that joke! Edit: where the hell does he keep getting these? He keeps pulling out one after the other!

BajaChalupas1379 : This moment is the absolute apex of Professional Wrestling.

Jake TheGardenSnake : Is he insane or a total genius?... yes

Michael Novak : β€œOn balance, off balance, doesn’t matter, he’s better than you!”

Bug Honey : I'm amazed by his magical, never ending supply of cream packets.

J.D. Pflughaupt : RIP to two legends.

JaxRwld : I for sure thought he was gonna clap one and cream everywhere when talking about Elizabeth

tylerdurden3891 : ::creamer cup falls off his head:: "On balance. off balance, doesn't even matter" lol. Man, this guy was sharp as a tac.

DJ APOCALYPTIC : "Unjustifiably! In a position i rather not be in"!!πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

twothreebravo : Randall Poffo was finally able to make good use of the beginner magician kit he received as a 6 year old. WHERE DO ALL THE CREAMERS KEEP COMING FROM!!!! :) love this guy

Sancho Vegas : RIP mean gene...