A Jorb Well Done

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Dalton Kuepker : IT'S 8 O CLOCK

DEAD ACCOUNT : I think this was the very first Homestar Runner cartoon I watched. :)

xXwachabackXx : WOOOOORRRRREAAAAARRROOORRR, That's better c:

PumpedAaron : Wow, that bully part with Strong Bad and the teasing laughter really felt intense.

Tim Huguenin : Pity Strong Sad teaches him to say "great jarb" so he's still getting it wrong

Fetchdafish : The Poopsmith's job is obvious.

robert deldge : 1:40 made me laugh so hard. lol poopsmith.

Logan N : Oh man I forgot about the MST3K joke.

Ristar the Shooting Star : I need to have a James Bond parody with Homestar Runner characters Coach Z will be Odd Jorb

Yosef Shuman : ram rod?

Brian Runyon : Great jorb, LOL.

Fargosis16 : the word job seems strange now

sunyata76 : Whenever I see the thumbs-up symbol next to a comment that got lots of likes, I feel like it's telling me the commenter did a great j0rb.

Michael : What the hell is with strong sad's voice?


Gaghiel : Hamstrayyyy...

Marvin The Martian : Such a classic.


Ratmus1 : 0:40 Woot

Matthew Koh : Coach Z said OREO

Erik Pohl : I say jorb to a bunch of people in my school and they're all like wtf is jorb. They're missing out

drsdino : The Poopsmiths job is obvious.

Joe Schneider : great jorb with the mystery science theater 3000 reference

domo : Ah yes stale 2008 humor


The Act Bro : The Poopsmith's Job is obvious

ImMewtwo : The Poopsmith's job is obvious.

Christian Larson : RIP Steve Jorbs.

OldMusicOnVinyl1 : 0:26 Great JAERB there, Homestar! 0:33 I see you did a great JORB out there! 0:39 A great JAERAEB 0:53 ...that he done a great JORAERB! 1:15 JOERGHB! 1:25 Oraerorr! 1:42 JEEEEAEORRAAAERRRORB! 1:52 JORB! 2:30 Jaerb. 3:40 You did a great JOB, Hamstray.

godzilla12332 : what a classic


Caroline Creecy : my first ever home star toon..i was only 4! crazy stuff

Tomkat53 : @sleepernaut - Actually he said "pack it up, pack it in" which are the beginning lyrics to the song "Jump Around" by House of Pain. It would be fitting of Coach Z to say something like that, due to his "hip-hop" personality. :-)

clumsiii : was it really FIFTEEN years ago? More?

Bobsheaux : DERKERDOORB!!! X(

MyFlyingchicken : 1:37 Is that Tom Servo?

veggietalesfan65 : love coach z he's my favorite character :)

lbr218 : A businessman's job is giving the business

MLM Landscape : you took yer jorb - Trey Parker/Matt Stone

Jackson Mileur : Well, it is, but at 1:34, you can see Tom Servo's silhouette in the theater next to Coach Z.

BeakyRed : Jooooeeeeaaaaarrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhbbbbbbb!

Van_the_Man : Btw, guys, it's 8:00 at 3:00

Michael : Serve-bot 1:34

Crystalluss : "You need to make your mouth into an O, like this." *WHAT MOUTH?!*

SkyMaro : Apparently, its 8 o'clock...

BlasterMatter : Good jorb

Pimptrap The Random Commenter : A Jorb Well Done but Every Time Coach Z Mispronounces a Word, He Gets Vietnam Flashbacks

Jane Huskmann : Great jorb- er, job, there, Homerun Starmann.

Pikminfan67 : You did a great job... Here it comes! Hamstray. And there it goes.