Grumpy basset hound wants attention

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Usui Takumi : He looks like my grandpa, he sounds like my grandpa... I am confused.

eerereps : He knows it's a Vertical Video, that's why...

Chester Copperpot : Hound dogs are such good dogs.

Mel Does Makeupxo : Sound like a lawnmower starting up..

Mi Da : My Beagle (may he rest in peace) used to get upset if you either A: stopped giving him belly rubs or B: tried to move him from his spot. He was one spoiled pup, I can tell you that much! Lol!

bsheehy94 : The thumbnail looks like every old man's Facebook profile picture

yukineswan : You're only reinforcing this behavior... and I approve.

laura durnin : Ahhh my bessie does that everytime anyone stops petting her .... She will kick you or nudge with her nose aswell ... Sooo cute 😘

Rebecca hamster : Millie my basset does that to but only when I try and move her.

D Heyes : Best baritone that I have heard in a long time.

Silas Nelson : Must have Basset Hound now!

Avocadog the Great : sounds like an old freezer

Callum Ross : Sounds like a 2-stroke engine

MaryAnne Skora : Is it sad that I watch this almost everyday?? Makes me instantly smile. I love bassets! ^_^

Jemverson Perez : I love dogs like that ☺

MiSt 526 : "Why are you recording instead of petting" - Basset

April Stodghill : Mine does the same thing!! It's so cute!

thisis675 : Love it!

Hannah Renay : I've set this as my ring tone.....makes me laugh every time , people stare at me in public if I get a call, like what's that!!!😐😕 ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

TXMEDRGR : I recognize some of those Basset sounds. What a beautiful dog.

krezo : cute :D

alucard2893 : Yep our basset hound girl did the exact same thing when she wanted love :p

melissa walde : haha i feel i am crazy, but i have watched this video so many times. when ever i have a bad day and see this... makes my day. thank you!!!!!

Kevin McGuire : If you scratch lightly inside their ears, you will eventually hear the most contented sigh.

Cristian Calvillo : that sounds like my father when he snores

Juli Riedel Designs : Mine does the same thing too!!! He'll actually nudge you with his nose to get your attention!

messymason1984 : My basset does the exact same thing, then I do it... kinda like a game. 😁

Guy Lewis : Best dogs in the world.

Roobulator : My Bassett used to go "crazy dog" on a periodical basis. (Run around like a crazy dog)

Tina Mädchen : Greetings from Germany to Grumpy :))))))) from Hilde and Otto, the Bassets of the North So cuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee Grumpy :))))))))

Lisa Baltzer : No dog is more loving than a basset. My first one Rappunzel would lift my arm and put her sweet little head in my lap. I loved her with all my heart. I miss my "Bonehead"!

Jay Alexander : I love watching this video, look at that face; he's such a hound dog.

Shannon B : Ah yes, the walrus groan <3

Zen Bonsai Classical : cute, is his/her name grumpy pants?

Aubin Norwood : ha! mine is the same way. best dogs.

psilver : so much like my basset 😄 No amount of attention is ever enough

Jay Jones : he not grumpy he want scratchy.

Brian In Fingal : Dog: "Gimme attention, gimme attention, gimme attenti- ah screw it, I'll just go back to licking myself."

Joshua Birdwell : Looks like a cool dog.

Pika FC : lol 😅

Lunar Muffin : oh my god he/she is so cute!

Lucie Clarke : Everybody who owns a basset seems to understand this little 'growl' hahahahaha

Kelsey Bordeaux : Heh my Basset Lulu does that when she wants to play or wrestle with me.

Carl Williams : Keith the basset has a new video

Alison Jane Gibbons : What an adorable Basset. I pop by now n then to watch this video when I need cheering up. Always works. Thanks for posting. X

Pat McGaw : Mines do the same, gotta love them

Katherine Duckworth : Aww! Sounds just like my Louis! 💖

alwellus : Ours did that when he wanted a treat or we ignored him

Frank Lamagna : Bassetts are such mushies!!!!