Grumpy basset hound wants attention

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Usui Takumi : He looks like my grandpa, he sounds like my grandpa... I am confused.

D Heyes : Best baritone that I have heard in a long time.

eerereps : He knows it's a Vertical Video, that's why...

bsheehy94 : The thumbnail looks like every old man's Facebook profile picture

yukineswan : You're only reinforcing this behavior... and I approve.

Broken Doll : Bassets have this incredible charm.  They have the saddest most adorable eyes and droopy skin and those ears!  I love every basset I've ever had.  They're wonderful little creatures.

Melissa xo : Sound like a lawnmower starting up..

Chester Copperpot : Hound dogs are such good dogs.

Mi Da : My Beagle (may he rest in peace) used to get upset if you either A: stopped giving him belly rubs or B: tried to move him from his spot. He was one spoiled pup, I can tell you that much! Lol!

Desdinova : For non Basset owners, this is called grumping, they all do's cute and they are very stubborn! they will keep it up until they get what they want!

George Butcher : he needs a hug & a snack

Max Aurora : Is it sad that I watch this almost everyday?? Makes me instantly smile. I love bassets! ^_^

melissa walde : haha i feel i am crazy, but i have watched this video so many times. when ever i have a bad day and see this... makes my day. thank you!!!!!

Merrill Milner : Everyone has a basset hound story – here’s mine. Rose and I lived in this house in Lemon Grove. We had one dog, Chipper (a dachshund mix), and then got another whose name was Quick Draw – a nice basset name, wouldn’t you agree? One of the things I learned about having a basset is that it’s useless to use chicken wire for a dog yard – it may work for chickens, but not for a fifty pound dog who’s built like a Caterpillar bulldozer. One day, I go to the back yard and see that a portion of this fence is laying flat on the ground – and both dogs are gone. I immediately search around to find them, and then go across the street where there is an elementary school. I go into the playground, and in the distance I see two wagging tails at the far corner. “Drawder! Chipper! C’mon!” I shouted, and decided to play “chase me” by running the other way. It’s been said that bassets were used for hunting, but I can’t for the life of me understand how that would be possible - I found out that day. I made the fatal mistake of turning around to look, and all I saw was flapping. Flapping skin. Flapping ears. Flapping jowls Flapping tongue and that galumphing gait. I collapsed on the ground, laughing. I think that’s how their prey must have felt at that point. One look at that dog and it rolls over - yelling, “I GIVE UP!!” We had company one night, and I decided to play the “chase me” game with Drawder. Now, the way the house was set up is through the front door you enter the living room. In the middle on the other side is a hallway, which leads to the bathroom, the bedroom and to the side – the kitchen. To the left on that same side is an opening to the kitchen as well. I don’t think dogs like linoleum – to them it’s like being on ice. Some dogs are smart enough that when they get to a linoleum floor they stop in their tracks, look up at their master and say, “Uh, no.” But not Drawder. He would chase me around the living room and into the kitchen, where I hear the familiar CLICKETY – CLICKETY sound and watch as he slides backwards through the back door. So we’re playing our foolish game, and I run down the hallway into the kitchen – with Drawder barking at my heels. Instead of chasing me as before, he woofs into the kitchen, and then runs to the other side to cut me off – I’m not aware he’s done this. When I come out of the other entrance, I look down and see our galumphing hero bearing down on me at full speed. “AAAAH!” I exclaim, pirouetting a 180 and desperately running back into the kitchen, with the CLICKETY – CLICKETY sound at my heels.

Doomsday : father i require petting chop chop

MiSt 526 : "Why are you recording instead of petting" - Basset

Hannah Renay : I've set this as my ring tone.....makes me laugh every time , people stare at me in public if I get a call, like what's that!!!😐😕 ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Avocadog the Great : sounds like an old freezer

Lisa Baltzer : No dog is more loving than a basset. My first one Rappunzel would lift my arm and put her sweet little head in my lap. I loved her with all my heart. I miss my "Bonehead"!

laura durnin : Ahhh my bessie does that everytime anyone stops petting her .... She will kick you or nudge with her nose aswell ... Sooo cute 😘

Callum Ross : Sounds like a 2-stroke engine

Adrian Kasa : Give him one thousand kisses

psilver : so much like my basset 😄 No amount of attention is ever enough

Jemverson Perez : I love dogs like that ☺

Guy Lewis : Best dogs in the world.

Silas Nelson : Must have Basset Hound now!

Carl Williams : Keith the basset has a new video

Rebecca hamster : Millie my basset does that to but only when I try and move her.

TXMEDRGR : I recognize some of those Basset sounds. What a beautiful dog.

Cristian Calvillo : that sounds like my father when he snores

Kevin McGuire : If you scratch lightly inside their ears, you will eventually hear the most contented sigh.

Juli Riedel Designs : Mine does the same thing too!!! He'll actually nudge you with his nose to get your attention!

Jay Alexander : I love watching this video, look at that face; he's such a hound dog.

Roobulator : My Bassett used to go "crazy dog" on a periodical basis. (Run around like a crazy dog)

messymason1984 : My basset does the exact same thing, then I do it... kinda like a game. 😁

alwellus : Ours did that when he wanted a treat or we ignored him

Pat McGaw : Mines do the same, gotta love them

Tina Mädchen : Greetings from Germany to Grumpy :))))))) from Hilde and Otto, the Bassets of the North So cuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee Grumpy :))))))))

rustanL : I’m amazed at the amount of empty black space on the left and right of the video. How did you do that?

Aubin Norwood : ha! mine is the same way. best dogs.

April Stodghill : Mine does the same thing!! It's so cute!

Brian In Fingal : Dog: "Gimme attention, gimme attention, gimme attenti- ah screw it, I'll just go back to licking myself."

Kelsey Bordeaux : Heh my Basset Lulu does that when she wants to play or wrestle with me.

Alison Jane Gibbons : What an adorable Basset. I pop by now n then to watch this video when I need cheering up. Always works. Thanks for posting. X

Jay Jones : he not grumpy he want scratchy.

Pika FC/Samuel Russell : lol 😅

Cliff Yablonski : For God sake grab him and hug him and bury your face against his. That's all he wants.

7clippers : That sound is the sound my Aussie cattle dog makes while sleeping just before going into what I call his dingo howl. Oddly enough I find it to be soothing

atom : hes so droopy

Гуле : I’ve watched this video over 100 times