TOYS R US HAUL (Going Out Of Business) + Babies R Us + Target

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Kathryn Mueller : ugh im so sad theyre going out of business, kids these days wont get to experience walking down so many halls of toys!!

TheJunkin Chick : OMG! I have been getting on my husband about making the bed every day since he is the last one to get out of bed! LOL He's been getting better at it... Awesome haul! New subbie.

Katie LeeAnne : awww thank you much!!! My twins say that exact same thing!!!!!

Glenda Beauty : Omg! Love the diaper bag!!! Reminded me I need to head over to ToyRus before they close for good! The shirt are to die for! So cute! 😍Love this! Just subbed, can’t wait to work together some time in the near future! Also, your baby girl is so beautiful!

Home Clean Home : I love the little night light 😊

Sweet Simple Life : Your daughter talking about the clothes and saying 'cute' is precious! Ours closed down a few weeks ago, I didn't see any great deals either. Hoping we can support one another, new subscriber!

The Mehlgohzuh's : Love coco can’t wait to see the fiesta 💕

Home Clean Home : I was so sad when they closed we got a few thing from toys r us and from babies r us we got two boosters seats for 50 dollars which is a great deal. I subbed too thank you for checking my channel out 😊

eyascapes : Great haul! Thanks for sharing!! Subbed and hope u sub back!

Dyan Florence Fink : Awwww such a cute babyyyy!

Dusty Riggin : Crib bumpers make me far to scared to ever use one but it's cute