Major Brian Shul, USAF (Ret.) SR-71 Blackbird 'Speed Check'

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Ictpilot Ictpilot : Heard the story decades ago when 41000 ft was a stretch for Learjets. A pilot came on center frequency and asked for flight level 600 (60,000 ft). The controller thought it was an airline pilot messing with him and said "Hey if you can get there, you can have it." Then the pilot said "Roger decending to 600." Total silence. Then everybody realized it was an SR71.

SV Wingman : I'm a former Navy pilot and even I love that story. There was no equal to the Blackbird.

Ron Merkus : Know what would be funny if the space shuttle was entering and they called out a ground speed!!!!

Kabuki Kitsune : What he leaves out: "At that moment, you know a Navy pilot died inside..."

say jack13 : People on here really don't understand how high 89,000ft is. Your looking over the curvature of the earth.

mach 6 : "The king of speed lived, the Navy had been flamed and a crew had been formed that day." Lol 😂😂

Kevin O : ISS to LA center, you got a ground speed for us? LA center to ISS, we've got you at 15,000 knots, that's one five zero zero zero across the ground :D

Him Bike : SR-71 skin is made out of titanium. My bicycle is made out of titanium. Yes I’m 12

Micah Philson : This is just like when someone from the ISS called in to Car Talk. "This is John from Houston. I drive a government vehicle, and twice, it's done this weird thing. It starts shaking for about 2 minutes, then runs smooth for about 6 1/2 minutes, and at that point, engine dies." (later) "Where are you calling from?" "I'm, uh, about 200 miles north of Hawaii." "How fast are you going?" "Oh, about 17,500 mph!"

Nia the Gulf Gypsy : The Blackbird is and always will be, the most beautiful bird I've ever seen. Respect and appreciation to all those fly those birds and all those who keep them safe and in the air!!

a grace : that's some of the funniest shit ever!! I would trade my left nut for ride in the blackbird!!

MrTeckhead93 : This is by far my favorite aviation video on YouTube.

Danny Rice : That's 2292.353 miles per hour for anyone asking. That's amazing and I came here from other videos to tell others so.

Life with a BlueTick Coonhound : This Story is the best story I have ever heard. I thought there was no humor left in the military. That it was driven out during basic training.

Stanley Denning : From Moscow Idaho to Joplin Missouri is 1,833 miles. It took me three days to make the trpin a car . About 64 hours. In a SR71. 55 minutes. Wow !

Beemerboy324 : An SR 71 driver doing stand-up. I definitely had never thought I would see that. Fun story.

FPVREVIEWS : that's mach 2.987 nice.

Crazystuffyousee : The "true" speed of the SR-71 has never been revealed. To claim only Mach 3 for this plane is a joke..... Even his little round about "training" exercise calculates to well over 2000 mph as they maneuvered over the western states. Freaking AWESOME.

Al s : Top speed for my Dad was 237 MPH B17 WWII

Monty Leverett : My JROTC Col got buzzed by the SR71 once, after he got the letter saying it was de-classified, he said, and I quote "I really hate debriefings."

BTK : What’s up Doc? You making a right turn in Albuquerque?... lol

Cole McLeod : Brian Shul's impersonation of air traffic controllers is dead-on. Great comic talent.

Ryan Harris : plane "fast?" "fast" Plane "Fast?" "Fast" PLANE "FAST?" "FAST" *PLANE "fast?" "fast"*

Derek Frankovich : The navy must die lol

John Hennessy : Funny, 98% of the audience looked like guilty Cessna 150 pilots...

Psittac20 : Every now and then, when I need a solid smile on my face, I look for this story. It's a good one

Shawna Graham : Omg !!!!! Finally a face to the voice!!!!!!

Fred Ferd : Well, technically, the fastest winged vehicle of all time was the Space Shuttle when it was coming down hill from orbit. I think it hit something like Mach 29 or so.

Lankster Price : 2000 mph... must have been on one jet and limping around..... lmao ..

MikeVonDoom : 2000 knots are close to 3704 km/h which is a mind blowing speed!!! =o

Rick Shaw : As it is decommissioned, When can I buy one? I would have no problem getting hauled off in a truck in the middle of the night just for flight hours...

Chris Ahola : I think all the blackbird pilots tell that same story. But it's still funny.

Symion : This is absolute gold. Makes me laugh every time.

PVH : Never gets old!

H : captain america is badass until the space shuttle calls in and crushes his geriatric nuts

alan bauman : Actually - This is a true story - its not urban legend - I know because I WAS THAT HORNET PILOT! I was having fun - after hearing the first two aircraft ask for a ground speed check - I had previously caught a glimpse of the Habu on radar a few seconds before at Mach 2.9 and 72,000ft - and Vc (closure) of 2200Knts I figured he was probably up some special frequency but I figured I could entice him into a ground speed check if I asked for one first - so I did. Sure enough - he did. So even though he kicked my ass airspeed wise - I was able to get him to do what I wanted. No - I don't remember the final comment "closer to 2,000" so that might have been some embellishment. I also remember noting that he was in and out of my LAR (launch acceptability region) that there was no possible way of sticking him with a forward quarter missile. I used to see them on radar now and then as they transited the R2508 complex over the Owens valley usually on their way to tank. We always new it was the SR because of their engines. Very impressive aircraft - I shed a tear when they retired them!

Music And Coffee : The SR-71 was a badass for real. If you can get your hands on Shul’s book “Sled Driver” do it, it’s amazing.

Laluna : Cute story, but couldn't happen as described. I used to be a controller at Los Angeles Center in the 90's, and worked Aspen SR-71's (and later under the NASA callsign when they flew them out of Edwards AFB). They could hear ATC but not other aircraft, because civilian aircraft are on VHF frequencies, military on UHF, and anybody above 60,000 feet (like the SR-71's) were on a separate, center-wide UHF frequency so they wouldn't have to switch frequencies constantly. So the SR-71 and F-18 pilots couldn't have heard those other aircraft requesting groundspeed, or heard each other for that matter. Secondly, our consoles at the time (the old M-1 and HOST computer) clamped the speed display at 990 knots even if they were above that. It would have been possible to measure the distance between target jumps and multiply by 300 (the radar updated every 12 seconds), but 1842 isn't an even multiple of that, so I don't know how any controller could have come up with that specific number. Thirdly, speeds and altitudes they flew at were classified. The pilots certainly knew that because both they and ATC were given altitude code letters that changed frequently, in case you needed to assign them a specific altitude above 60,000. The speed on our flight strips also showed "SC" (speed classified) instead of their actual speed. I can't imagine any SR-71 pilot -- the elite of the elite -- asking ATC to transmit classified information in the open. Sorry to be "that guy." I'm guessing what actually happened was he heard ATC giving a groundspeed readout to a civilian aircraft, and thought wouldn't it be neat if I could do the same. Over the years it became an actual memory. -kabekew (reddit)

Scuba Steve : This is a great American story Love it every time I hear it 👍

blech71 : Even though I'm a NAVAIR guy this is the best story ever!

Bunkshizzle : Never gets old !

Aerofan : The question fast did they fly on operation Eldorado Canyon; the Libya mission?

thecman26 : This guy is amazing!

Clint : This is my new favorite story. It had me bawling i was laughing so hard!!! that guy is a great story teller...but with subject matter like that i guess its pretty hard not to be...

agt155 : Would have been the ultimate story if a Space Shuttle pilot just happened to be overhead.

sleuf : Brilliant

John Reynolds : The black bird is indeed an amazing aircraft. Even more amazing is the fact that the aircraft was designed entirely by hand. They did not have computer aided design in the days the aircraft was built. You definitely have to respect the engineers who designed such an amazing machine and had to calculate everything manually.

Chris Ufkes : I have heard this a few times and it still makes me laugh. :D

Edward Cabaniss : I cannot listen to this story too often!!! I die laughing every time I hear it (daily).

Be Lieve : The 139 thumbs down clicks are by Navy pilots.