Getting shot while turkey hunting..

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No_Name : *[Removed from match for Friendly Fire]*

13thBear : Lots of good old M-1 helmets and Kevlar stuff available on line, guys! Looks like you need it where you hunt!

Non Mirage Truth Vision : His friends look like they want to keep hunting regardless of what just happened.

mer meh : All I see are trees. Are there people somewhere in this video?

Aymen Aymen : Plot twist: turkey hires a hitman to revenge his fallen comrades

Ray Mack : The number of people saying it wasn't the shooter's fault is frightening.

DeEchoVibe : ya think?

JBudkeENT : Bro wtf is this a joke. All I saw was floating guns

skull fucker : Shoot first look what it is later? Fck off.

TurkeyForLive_XD :b : DONT KILL MY FAMILY DUDE!!!!!

tubie 13 : When you shoot a bush in fortnite and you hit some one

Owen Simpson : *"Friendly fire will not be tolerated!"*

Kevin Webster : Whomever did the shooting would be at gun point. Friend or not.

xKarma _ : Turkey: *Scopes in Rifle scope* “Not today suckers.”

Guilmon470 : When your turkey call's too good. XD

Kafu Lester : lmao, i sold the turkey that gun for only $25

Teo P : Early settlers hunted turkeys with muskets and 17th century clothing. These guys look like they're fighting the Talibans...

K Digiacomo : To the commenters... Turkey hunt in Orange? Why even bother leaving the house? People on YouTube always think they know everything! **Disclaimer, I've never once been Turkey hunting, but I know the idea behind it and why hunters dress like this. Goggle it if you don't know... You will never find a video or picture of a real Turkey hunter in Orange.

Matti on Homo : **hitmarker** +100 score

Chumzy99 : This is America

Adolf Hitler : Good thing it wasn’t a .50 cal

Justin Y. : Mission failed, we'll get him next time

MrCerebellum2 : But why the camera pointed at them the whole time? Wouldn’t they want to be filming what they’re aiming at?

Enzo The Baker : *sees guy holding gun* yep, that’s a turkey.

GRN Spring : Plot twist: turkey fired the gun

Matthew Potts : I would have started shooting back that way the person knows that it is deff a human it just shot at.. With me.. The person who shot me in the ass...isnt going home alive. The canera footage is disappearing and that man is getting shot to death and then me and my friends will all have the same story as the guy kept shooting at us we identified ourselves as humans and he kept firing. He said something save the animals and all hunters must die... So we had to put the guy down officer sorry there 7 rounds in his head and 13 in his chest we just wanted to make sure

Tina Ruth Belcher : That guy should be band for teamkilling

SwampySack : the gmo at the meat market doesn't so bad now huh

Ken : Duh.... Let me dress in camouflage and blend in with the environment......"Queue the Three Stooges Theme Music".....LMAO!!!

Jonah Epstein : Wtf. How long was the shooter sitting there for? I never once saw any movement whatsoever from where the shot was fired from.

dannonater : The chances of getting shot while hunting Turkey is less than getting run over crossing the street. Maybe you guys calling for orange should put on an orange hat while walking the streets.

Rondo Cat : Looks like thees must be airsoft players as vell ? Looks like reflex reaction calling the hit and raise the arm just like in a airsoft game when you have gotten hit :)

Austin Swick : Man, the first thing I ever learned about hunting was don't fire unless you're 100% sure of what you're aiming at. Not sure how the shooter even thought he was aimed at a turkey... definitely should not have fired.

Cindy Harper : Always know what is beyond your target. End of story.

Man_from_mars_V2 : Shoot back

BlueStag : all I saw was a fallen tree ...

Schwitz Potazo : 2:05 Is what you're here for.

DeAdsh0tz : *hitmarker* Turkey: mission failed we’ll get em next time

Breen Drummond : I thought you needed to have something bright on. Like I’ve went hunting and we had to have a bright orange hat or belt something that distinguishes that it’s not an animal or bush

Iown291 : This video could be 30 seconds, but you don't know how to edit

russ kka : the animals fired back

II Veathkyn II : Skip to 2:07 to watch the action.

Beezy : You dont shoot unless you can 100% see your target, surroundings and backdrop.

SuperHurtman : HAHAHA, I want to hunt good looking guys like these to, where do I sign up?

PISSED OFF PATRIOT : This is why you're supposed to wear an orange vest, because theirs always some idiot out their who's trigger happy and not paying attention.

James M. : *Mission Failed*

caleb velazquez : I bet it was a vegan

When you read this I have stolen your iq points : Illusion 100

Chase Berry : Should have immediately returned fire, your squad would have definitely squashed that solo.

Bud Mowdy : I hit him with a gold sniper and only did 10!?!? No but for real hope the guy is ok.