Getting shot while turkey hunting

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Roderick Lauer : Thanks for watching. The plan is to be putting out more hunting videos so feel free to subscribe and follow along this year. Turkey season starts in April so we will be back at it! Here is a link to a 10 point I was able to harvest in 2017

xKarma _ : Turkey: *Scopes in Rifle scope* “Not today suckers.”

MMA King : That guy thought he was hunting a turkey when really that turkey was hunting him good shot turkey lol😂

Jake Hiscock : do an update vid on the wound mate

Alfonso Antunez : I would have sniped the fukker! Total accident i seen wings moving so i shot!

Fred Michaud : hey Bob look, a turkey wearing camo..ohh nice Paul lets bag him..its fucking rare

Eddie Fox : This is why you wear orange

Bubba D : SO many people here dont understand turkey hunting

Rey Salazar : better be lucky it wasnt a 12 guage lol

Austin Swick : Man, the first thing I ever learned about hunting was don't fire unless you're 100% sure of what you're aiming at. Not sure how the shooter even thought he was aimed at a turkey... definitely should not have fired.

bluepowerwagon : cut out the first 2 minutes and add 2 minutes on the end so we can see what happens!

forrest electra : that is messed recognition people!!!!

INFLUENTIAL MEDIA : How bad was the wound? And be safe out there bud👍🏼

John Burgess : I think you guys take your hunting and camo too damn seriously. I've never had a problem getting a turkey without being camo'd up. smell and movement is always a problem, if you ain't moving and they can't smell you, you aren't a threat and they ignore you. what I'm saying is, take it easy rambo, you ain't hunting ISIS, it's a turkey.

steve jobs : So the hunter becomes the hunted

Its Always Jake : this just makes me cringe people with full camo hunting Turkey's looool.

Female Species Never Cares Honest Love : 2:10

EliteDavid Horne : It takes a special kind of idiot to accidentally shoot another person.

Jordi C : all this camouflage and expensive equipment for hunting turkeys?.

Brent Jacoby : its there own fault should of been wearing orange in a bind

I'm a Thug : 2:08 Look on the left side of his head the guy who got hit you can see the smoke from the gun.

Brulaffe : I hope you're ok

redrum 223 : wear a little bit of orange.

is it safe to use nair on my asshole? : I was hunted once. I'd just came back from Nam. I was hitching through Oregon and some cop started harassing me. Next thing you know, I had a whole army of cops chasing me through the woods! I had to take 'em all out--it was a bloodbath!

Ice Age : Wear Orange. There a reason why they make orange hunting hats.

Michael Palmer : that is crazy, there are truly some dumb people out there.

ARGOS CENTURIAN : do you really need to hide from a stupid turkey 😂😂😂

35DeerHunter : First off I want to say I hope the person who was shot is ok.. Second whoever pulled the trigger was dumb first thing in hunting 101 never shoot at something you don't know what you are shooting at and this is why. target should be out in the clear so you know exactly what your shooting. Maybe hunters orange should be warm during all firearms season

Cian Banville Smith : Omg that looked so sore

Kennedy's Locksport : I would of beat that dude with his own gun!!!!! Accident or not that man should never be allowed to own a gun let alone a hunting license.

DrRence : Karma strikes when needed

Son of a Diddly : Video starts at 2:08 I don't normally post that, but it's literally 2 minutes 8 seconds of 3 guys sitting by log.

David McCracken : Be glad it wasn't deer hunting.He would've shot you in the head!

NRAman 1776 : Soooooo....he’s shooting at a fallen tree that sounds like a turkey from the backside????

billyburgerboi : 2:08

Evan Liebl : dude on the left looks like hes tweaking out

Silvin : You can see the pellet hit the floor when he got shot, also the wind in the ghillie suit.

Callsign Dagger : What if he shot a kid or what if he hit that guy in the head what if he died are you going to say you thought he was a turkey because hes a really big turkey then

alfred meade : good for the turkey ah ha

Mr Google : i only shoot Turkey's who wear camo baseball hats...MERIKA

RedHead Animations : 2:09 your welcome

Matvall : You just pulled a Cheney.

Артем Коробчук : Это фиаско братан.

Depro Nine : Now you know the turkey feels.

Livereater00 : the guy that shot into the group was just tryn' to fill his 'hunter tag'... looks like he was successful. realistically, i'd come up shooting into the air so the guy doesn't 'now accidentally shoot at a wounded turkey'. how 'bout the guy that just keeps recording like this happens everytime they go turkey hunting? also, an average shotgun turkey kill is around 25-35 yards... the guy that shot was probably 60+ yards away.

cookie69420 : to all those saying it's there fault for not wearing orange . if it isn't a law y should they you never pull the trigger if your not sure if your target

Go to Be pro 2 : Just to let people know who have never hunted or no nothing about hunting you don’t have to wear orange for every animal you hunt!

Alice Bonnet : I like the part where the guy gets shot.

LTDanno360 : welcome to public hunting grownd

Matt D : 😂😂😂😂