Getting shot while turkey hunting..

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skull fucker : Shoot first look what it is later? Fck off.

amorton94 : The man that shot him should automatically have his hunting privileges revoked for life. You don't just shoot at shit without identifying it and knowing 100% what you're shooting at.

Benjamin Farrington : someone gets shot and no one offers help? wtf.

pccalcio : Did he done dieded ?

Matti on Mies : **hitmarker** +100 score

Enzo The Baker : *sees guy holding gun* yep, that’s a turkey.

faded gam3r : 2:10 here u go

Daniella A : When the turkey shoot back

Heated Gaming : You don’t wear orange while Turkey hunting. For all the “experts” commenting this. It’s funny how they say it’s their fault for not wearing orange, even though the person who wrote that has never been Turkey hunting. Please at least do research before throwing out random statements.

xKarma _ : Turkey: *Scopes in Rifle scope* “Not today suckers.”

Mark Contini : Homie took a turkey load in the ass. XD

Mary Rastyapena : Now he knows his camo game is strong af.

MrBiggysmalls87 : 2:09 thank me later.

Oscar D. : First thing I thought when I saw the title was: "Oh shit, the Turkeys have armed themselves!!"

Cryptic Hex : Lucky it was a 22. Round

HipsterBot : I didnt see the 3rd guy lol i thought it was a knee

ultimate pro gamer : COD Black Ops 4 confirmed.

Mountain Her : That's why I don't hunt

caleb velazquez : I bet it was a vegan

DR DEMIR : I like to hunt hunters

VarvasNukka : This is why you should always have medical supplies with you when hunting.

OverwatchTheater : Karma works in mysterious ways...

Alexis Hernandez : Orange you supposed to be wearing orange when hunting?

Austin Swick : Man, the first thing I ever learned about hunting was don't fire unless you're 100% sure of what you're aiming at. Not sure how the shooter even thought he was aimed at a turkey... definitely should not have fired.

Ivan Casanova : And at the end they have a whole gun fight with each other BANG!!!BANG!!!

TurkeyForLive_XD :b : DONT KILL MY FAMILY DUDE!!!!!

Kasper Fox : Why didnt you shoot back...

ray hanes : That was Big Herc back there...he was trying to bust those cheeks 😈

DeAdsh0tz : *hitmarker* Turkey: mission failed we’ll get em next time

Vejrup : Noobs

The_Taken_Names : It coming right for us!

MrCerebellum2 : But why the camera pointed at them the whole time? Wouldn’t they want to be filming what they’re aiming at?

Dominic Baughman : This is why we wear safety vests.

Rephix : Why are you guys not wearing orange? Even if it's private property you have to keep in mind that people like to trespass and if you grant others access to land they may hunt without giving the owner a heads up. No matter where you are if you're in a wooded area wear orange. I have no words for the shooter that was just stupid but in reality it's everyone's fault not just the shooter.

Bimmer Won : Most animals are colorblind anyways so as long as you’re not moving you’ll be hard for animals to spot. Also if you slather yourself in meat juice you can attract bears and wolves to yourself to hunt making finding them a lot easier. Just don’t fall asleep though. Moral of the story, you might look cooler in camo but you’re a lot safer with an orange vest.

Ralph Church : Makes you feel safe hunting huh? Shoot him back. Or as we say in the military. Shoot first so they can't shoot back.

Finnigan Holmes : You could see them behind you

Tabatha Creedence : They never returned fire :(

Adrian Curiale : Good I hate hunters

Daniel H : Perfect example why you wear the hunter orange...

Ca7e. : U have to be visible to other hunters lol

Ryan Rodler : Whle when you turkey hunt your dressed in all camafluge and not moving so there for you blend in with your surondings. There could of been a turkey right in front of him but he thinks that he is shooting in to a dead tree so then when he shoot the man he was blending in with the tree so its just another danger of hunting

bluepowerwagon : cut out the first 2 minutes and add 2 minutes on the end so we can see what happens!

windy : 2:00 you're welcome

Tyler P : If someone ever shot me while I was hunting I’ll probably shot back I don’t care if it wasn’t on purpose someone is dying so they better be a good shot.

Cameron Slater : Orange? No? Well that's why you got shot.

hardcore hunter : Hopefully you were on public land if i were you i would have killed someone i bought 195 acres and built our home id kill someone hunting land let alone shooting me or even my decoys lol im fortunate owning what i do. hope you healed well

Adam Curtis : Got hit....friends just stand there and watch....

Gregory Champy : Hunter orange.....problem solved.

K Digiacomo : To the commenters... Turkey hunt in Orange? Why even bother leaving the house? People on YouTube always think they know everything! **Disclaimer, I've never once been Turkey hunting, but I know the idea behind it and why hunters dress like this. Goggle it if you don't know... You will never find a video or picture of a real Turkey hunter in Orange.