The sound that connects Stravinsky to Bruno Mars

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Vox : The '80s were a golden age of musical experimentation. Watch the Earworm episode on how a recording accident led to one of the decade's most iconic sounds:

xWood4000 : These music explanations are great.

afro curly girl : Earworm is my favorite show on Vox. This was amazing, thank you.

Lashan : So weirdly proud that an instrument made by an Australian literally defined the sound of the 80s. We've invented some good stuff hey?

thoyo : So we just not gonna mention that Ashley from Fresh Prince is at 5:17?

KAZUO : Lets not forget the most iconic song of them all, Crank Dat Soulja Boy

Retsam : ... and it was even used in Pokemon Music :D

Sophia Neilsson : This makes my inner music student overwhelmingly happy

Emilio Doménech : Best show on YouTube. And I'm not that into music anyway, but this is SO good.

xisumavoid : Ive also heard the orchestral hits referred to as a "stab" in music production, primarily when its not an actual orchestra but a loud sound with fast attack and short decay! Great video btw, fascinating! well presented :-)

Mark Hatlestad : Fun fact: Stravinsky was born when Brahms was writing symphonies, and died after the Beetles broke up. Thanks for the excellent video!

Cris Blyth : Last night I had some young musicians visiting my studio. I started by showing them this fantastic video - They were intrigued and had their eyes glued. When it got to the Fairlight part they were amazed that this machine existed way before they were born. As they watched, I started removing the dust covers of my equipment.. and the real moment was when I uncovered my CMI and drew their attention with an 'ahem...'. They freaked out.. it was a classic moment. THEN I showed them a floppy disk with the ORCH sample on it... it was indeed a priceless moment. Thank you so much for this great video.

VARIOUS : Aye, the best Vox series is back! Great stuff as always, I love learning all this history behind stuff I've been hearing for ages but never really gave any thought to.

Tony Lancer : Probably the orchestral hit was most used in the late 80s with New Jack Swing and Hip-Hop. That is orchestral hit heaven right there.

spelunkerd : Watching Vox is always an eye opening experience. Just like the Bourne movies, there is visual punch, with remarkably short clips, constantly entertaining, in your face. Of course with this one you're talking about music, another dimension. When I think back on the thousands of hours I spent in the classroom, I realize that the old teaching format can never compete....

C. S. Parker : NWA was talking about the Fab Five Freddy "ahh" sound. Not the orchestra hit. Listen to the damn song.

Stand Against the Cartels, End Drug Prohibition : The story could have gone back further as Stravinski wasn't doing anything new with his Orchestra Hit. Earlier composers were using the technique to create high intensity. Verdi's Requiem Dies irae for one which was first performed in 1874. Someone with a thorough background in classical music would add a lot to this story. It's neat to hear that the guy who first sampled an Orchestra Hit described it as "a complete accident" and just happened to have that record nearby. Like a lot of history, a coincidence set it off from there. Everything's a remix.

Doug Perry : More 80s music tech to make a Earworm vid out of: the Yamaha DX-7 synth. That electric piano patch was used to death on every R&B, soft rock, and rock power Ballard in the 80s. Even the Doogie Howssr MD theme song was written with that patch.

pernus : I've played the firebird multiple times. damn it is so hard to play!!!

Viswanath Aditham : Is this what Ross Geller used to find his "Sound"?

Keiv Brown : Stravinsky "New Jack Swing" Thanks you!

TheAnthraxBiology : Comparing Stravinsky to a sort of one hit wonder is hilariously off base. The Firebird Suite isn't even his most well known piece, The Rite of Spring is and his arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner are both more famous! (Which were both composed later)

Daniel Shifron : The Russians hacked pop culture!

willcwhite : So have Stravinsky's heirs or the creators of the original recording seen a financial windfall from the use of this sample? Or nah?

Abby Goodman : Omg the moment I heard the hit I knew it was the Firebird, I played it in orchestra and I would hear that first note of the infernal dance a million times a day.

Kawsaki : I’m so glad somebody else is talking about the “Orchestra Hit”. I definitely heard it on many songs from my childhood and vividly remember it in the theme song for the show “In Living Color”! I’ve also heard it annoyed the heck out of people by the late 80s lol. Man, Vox! I love how you guys tell history! Kudos 😀

firefoxpie2 : 5:18 that Ashely from Fresh Prince!

inund8 : Maybe you could do a video on why I hate bruno Mars so much

Suleiman Mustafa : Next video should be how a protégé of Grandmaster Flash, the Grand Wizard Theodore, created 'scratching' - the sound made when the record is rubbed back and forth. He discovered the technique by accident as he stopped the record with his hand to hear what his mother was shouting out to him.

winds : Kate Bush legend

Николай Артемов : лайк, кто перешел со страницы Сергея Мезенцева)

MelinaLovesBass : Why would you reference Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite a bunch of times and not even include it on your orchestra hit playlist? Everyone should listen to the original “orchestral hit” and see why it is such a truly great work of art.

Rafa Rodhes : Thank you for educating us on music. I love these 💖💖💖

Isaac Barba : I didn’t know Bruno Mars produced his own music...

The Someawesome : YES EARWORM IS BACK!! Best thing on Vox. Keep them coming!!

moumous : these music videos are awesome!!!!!

Khalil Ls : Cool interesting

Jairo Cuadra : Best series on YouTube.

Abe Gonzalez : But Stravinski is better...

Rafael Santos : Haha they were basically doing what every child does when he gets to touch a synth or electric keyboard :p

Bezalel the Creative : Vox made my conversations with people a lot more interesting.

maja : I can never unhear this now

CalpolMeister : This is by far and away the best episode of Earworm I've ever had the pleasure of watching

Aoedele Sophia : This is what music is, it transcends all genres. A simple note created years and hours of enjoyment. It's a thing of beauty.

Kathy Mok : love it, love the explanation too, geez music is timeless

Tommy Kavounidis : For those wondering Bruno didn't use a CMI for his orchestra hit sample his sounds more like a Korg orchestra hit sample.

Tuck3r : This like the "Amen Break" of sampler sounds.

vesteel : The OG Orch Hit was right at the start of Beethoven's 3rd Symphony

aishwarya rawat : *who knew Stravinsky was so lit*

LARAUJO : I am the Globglogabgalab...